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Mid-level Django Developer
4 years of experience

With more than 4 years of Professional experience in development. Highly motivated person looking to continue and learn more about web development. Wh. . .

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Senior Django Developer
10 years of experience

Phillip has 10 years of experience in IT Industry. Extensive experience in enterprise software development life-cycle and agile practices. In-depth kn. . .

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Django Developer
2 years of experience

A result-oriented professional engineer with almost 2 years of experience as Python Developer. Abilities in studying state of the art development t. . .

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Junior Django Developer
3 years of experience

Technical and highly motivated Python Developer capable of working independently and in a team with equal enthusiasm with 3 years of professional ex. . .

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Django Developer
2 years of experience

A result-oriented professional engineer with almost 2 years of experience as Python Developer. Abilities in studying state of the art development t. . .

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How to Hire the Best Django Developers

Before hiring Django developers, it’s best for employers and recruiters to gain a good understanding of the Django framework, the benefits of hiring a Django developer, and how to hire the best Django developers in the highly competitive tech landscape.


Django is a high-level Python-based free and open-source web framework that supports rapid development and a clean and practical design. It follows the MVT (Model-View-Template) architecture and has a cross-platform operating system. Built by the non-profit Django Software Foundation, Django’s goal is to ease the hassles of creating complex and data-driven websites, encouraging the need for reusability, less code, rapid development, low coupling, and non-repetition.


Django is one of the most popular web application development tools of 2018. In fact, 76% of web developers from all over the world name it as one of the top Python frameworks, and it’s also used by well-known companies such as Google, YouTube, Instagram, Dropbox and The Guardian.


Like Python, Django aims to follow the “batteries included” philosophy. This means that Django provides a wide array of functionalities and features, including multi-site and multi-language support, free API, URL, MVC layout, easy database migrations, and HTTP libraries and templating libraries, among many others.


The web framework also has the best reputation in terms of security compared to other frameworks. Aside from hiding a website’s source code and providing developers with techniques to create secure websites, Django can also protect websites against XSS and CSRF attacks, SQL injections, and more.


Other functionalities include tools to generate Google sitemaps and an optional interface to set user permissions, allowing administrators to easily create, update, and delete users.


Overall, Django’s highly-customisable framework and well-written and thoroughly-explained documentation make it one of the most preferred and most used back-end technologies by web developers.

Why should you hire a Django developer?

Rapid Development

Django helps developers quickly execute applications from conception to completion. One of its goals is to simplify the developer’s work by using the principles of rapid development. This means developers can reuse existing code without having to start from scratch. In turn, it cuts down on the time it takes to get the project to the market.


Fully loaded

Django includes extra features that can take care of common web development tasks such as content administration, user authentication, sitemaps, and RSS feeds, among many others.



The framework lists security as a high priority. It is equipped with security features that help developers avoid security mistakes such as cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery and clickjacking, and SQL injection, among others. In addition, Django’s user authentication system enables a secure way to manage user accounts and passwords.



Django is also known for its quick and flexible scalability. Because it can meet even the heaviest traffic demands, the framework is used by the busiest websites on the internet such as Instagram, Pinterest, and even NASA.



From social networks to content management system to scientific computing platforms, Django has been used by companies and organisations to build various web platforms. The framework’s flexibility allows developers to create projects of any size and capacity. In addition, Django is cross-platform, meaning a project can be done on a PC, Mac, or Linux. It also works on most major databases allowing a project to use one or more suitable databases.

What kind of projects can a Django developer work on?

Due to its great flexibility, organisations and businesses can quickly and easily create various websites, web applications, features, and more. When you hire a Django developer, here are some of the types of projects your developer can do:

  • Built-in custom CRM systems
  • Financial platforms that can analyse and calculate estimated results based on data, risk tolerance, and the probability of achieving goals
  • Any platform for facilitating communication between two parties (e.g. business and consumer)
  • B2B CRM systems for communication among businesses
  • Heavy traffic websites such as shopping or booking platforms
  • Android and iOS mobile apps supporting web applications
  • Document management systems
  • And more


For companies or organisations that choose to create projects on more than one framework, Django developers can also develop separate features such as:

  • Data analysis tools
  • System for sending notifications or alerts to users
  • Algorithm-based generators
  • Interfaces for investment funds
  • Photo-based verification systems
  • Other features facilitating online marketplace, CRM and B2B platforms, booking systems, and more.

What technical skills should you look for when hiring Django developers?

When you hire Django developers, recruiters and employers must evaluate a candidate’s technical skills and the candidate’s capability with the given responsibility. There are plenty of available Django developers for hire, however, only those with the right technical background and experience are best for the position. Aside from a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any related field, a Django developer’s job description or requirements would usually contain the following technical requirements:

  • Good understanding and experience working with Python, C#, Java, and Django
  • Experience with MySQL, SQL and NoSQL database, HTML, ETL (Extract/Expand, Transform, Load)
  • Familiarity with graphical interface creation
  • Familiarity with analytical and reporting tools is a huge plus
  • Strong programming knowledge and experience with object-oriented programming languages
  • Good understanding of web scripts development
  • Understanding of C and C++ for rapid prototyping
  • Knowledge of Unix/Linux development
  • Experience or skills with creating web services using Django, Tornado, or Twisted
  • Knowledge in optimising the performance of information systems
  • Knowledge in developing highly loaded information systems
  • Knowledge of scientific and mathematical calculations programming for creating additional features such as 3D objects and animation effects, and more.


Are there other skills to consider when hiring a Django Developer?

Aside from the technical requirements mentioned above, here are three key ‘soft skills’ that can greatly help employers and recruiters when hiring skilled Django developers.


Good Problem-solving and Analytical Skills

Since the Django framework enables to quickly create websites or features of any scale, Django developers must demonstrate their quick thinking especially in terms of problem-solving and analysis. In addition, since Django developers will most likely develop and/or handle heavy-traffic websites, the need to immediately troubleshoot issues or bugs is a must.


Excellent Communication and Collaboration Skills

As with any developer, strong communication and collaboration skills are necessary to move a project forward especially when working with one’s own team as well as with other internal or external teams. This also includes strong knowledge of technical English.


Willingness to Learn

Working in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, hiring Django developers with an innate desire to learn new skills and technologies and to accept new challenges is a trait an employer should constantly look for.

How much is the usual rate for a Django Developer?

Here’s a quick table comparing a Django developer’s hourly rate and average salary from four different countries. All salaries and hourly rates are based on PayScale, IT Jobs Watch, and Neuvoo.


  Average Django Developer Annual Salary Average Django Developer Hourly Rate
United Kingdom GBP 52,500 GBP 18.70
United States USD 122,500 USD 62.82
Canada CAD 136,500 CAD 70
Australia AUD 65,304 AUD 31.50


To further reduce costs and get savings of up to 65%, many companies opt to hire offshore Django developers instead.


At Cloud Employee, we understand the growing demand for tech talents, thus we make IT outsourcing in the UK and abroad more accessible through our competitive industry rates. With us, hiring the best offshore Django developers in the fastest, safest, and cost-effective way is possible.


To know more about outsourcing your software development, here’s a helpful article on offshore developer rates from different outsourcing regions.

What interview techniques should you use to hire the best Django developers?

When you hire skilled Django developers, remember that the goal of the interview is not to pose challenging tasks, rather it is to measure the candidate’s capabilities within a limited time.


As such, here are some recommended interview techniques and questions that employers can ask or apply to determine the best Django developer.


Ask them to describe the structure of their recent project

Ask the candidates if they could describe their most recent project in detail. Allow them to illustrate their project using a piece of paper or whiteboard, if needed. With this, you can determine two things.


First, employers can instantly confirm the candidate’s expertise about the software development and the Django programming language. This also shows what else a candidate can offer such as good leadership and communication skills. Candidates who can discuss their project in detail show their level of involvement and commitment to the project.


Second, the exercise demonstrates how well a programmer can explain a technical concept.  Rate the presentation based on how easily it can be understood from a non-technical person’s perspective. In addition, check on non-verbal cues such as maintained eye contact and confident hand-gestures to assess the candidate’s softs skills such as confidence and public speaking. If you are looking for a lead Django developer, the ability to communicate technical concepts to a non-IT person is a necessary skill.


Conduct technical tests

Unfortunately, very few companies actually have technical tests during their recruitment process. To fully evaluate what a Django developer can do, conduct online programming tests. These tests can also give you an idea on the candidate’s level of critical thinking. Hire someone who doesn’t only knows how to code, but also knows how to solve.


If you can’t give a test, ask the candidate to show a sample code instead. With two or three sample codes (average 5-10 lines of code), you can already tell whether a developer knows what he or she is doing.


Here are a few sample challenges that you can ask your candidate to code.


Q: How would you concatenate QuerySets into one list?

A: Code the following script:

from itertools import chain
result = list(chain(query_set_1, query_set_2))

Q: What does a basic Django migration file look like?


from django.db import migrations, models

class Migration(migrations.Migration):

   dependencies = [('migrations', '0001_initial')]

   operations = [
       migrations.AddField('Author', 'rating', models.IntegerField(default=0)),

Q: How do you set and unset a session in Django?


Set session in Django:

request.session['key'] = 'value'

Unset session in Django:

del request.session['key']

How can Cloud Employee help you?

Realising the tech talent shortage in the UK, Cloud Employee set out to connect startups and large firms in the UK, the US, and abroad to highly skilled Django developers from the Philippines. Set to disrupt and go above and beyond in the IT outsourcing industry, we provide and support businesses with the tech talent and operational assistance they need. At Cloud Employee, hiring offshore Django developers is made faster, hassle-free, risk-free, and cost-efficient.


To start hiring Django developers with us, simply send us your hiring specifications such as the required programming language, technical skills, industry experience, and any further position details. Upon receiving your requirements, our dedicated recruitment team will scout for skilled Django developers who match your criteria.


Afterwards, we forward a shortlist of candidate CVs and from this list, you personally select the developers whom you want to invite for an interview and technical testing. Based on your screening results, the offshore Django developer who passed and whom you prefer immediately joins your team.


Upon hiring your Django developer, he or she will work directly and exclusively for you during your business hours. Meanwhile, as your reliable IT offshore partner, we take care of your Django developer by providing them with the necessary hardware and software, a high-speed internet connection, and full IT support here at our modern offices.


Aside from these, we also support you and your offshore team by handling all other administrative and back-office tasks such as taxes, HR, and payroll among others. Should problems arise, our After Care team is always available to solve concerns and aid your offshore developer. This gives you and your offshore Django developer the full focus you need in developing your applications and projects.


With Cloud Employee, you can hire Django developers who are also experienced in other related technologies: Python, Django CMS, Flask, wxPython, OpenStack, Buildbot, front-end technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript), Git, AngularJS, Jenkins, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, REST.

What is the dedicated hiring model?

The Dedicated Hiring Model allows in-house teams to seamlessly incorporate with their dedicated offshore developer which further reduces communication risks and allows the offshore Django developer to adopt your project’s infrastructure and methodologies.


Due to the model’s flexibility, it is considered the best engagement model. At any point during the project, in-house teams can request for additional tech talents, equipment and resources according to the current project needs. As such, scaling in terms of team and resources is made easier with the dedicated hiring model.


Aside from this, a business would only need to pay a single sum of money which already includes your offshore Django developer’s monthly salary and the offshore provider’s service fee.



  • Perfect for long-term projects with flexible project scope and unspecified requirements
  • Predictable budget even with undefined project scope and requirements
  • Gain full control when hiring Django developers and managing your offshore Django team
  • Clients can monitor, evaluate, and assure product quality throughout the development
  • The offshore team can further understand and incorporate the client’s goals, objectives, quality and expectations
  • The offshore team is dedicated to working exclusively for you


The dedicated hiring model is recommended for businesses that:

  • Would rather work with a dedicated Django developer or team for their project
  • Opt to cut down on expenses in terms of the hiring process
  • Need flexibility in terms of workload and scalability during the project’s development

At Cloud Employee, your dedicated Django developer works exclusively for you during your preferred time zone. This allows both in-house and offshore developers to seamlessly work together, thus minimising any miscommunication and inconvenience. To further make your offshore developer an effective extension of your in-house team, we ensure that your offshore Django developer can also use your preferred software, hardware, and other technical specifications.


Integrating both the dedicated hiring model’s structure and Cloud Employee’s 20 years of experience in the IT outsourcing industry, our team offers a business model proven effective and truly unique. Our business model has streamlined the hiring process, allowed working practices to be flexible, and bridged the gap between both teams—all for a competitive industry rate. Tried and tested with over a hundred of our clients, Cloud Employee believes our business model works better than IT outsourcing.



Why Hire Offshore Django Developers With Cloud Employee

  • Access to the best tech talent in the Philippines
  • End-to-end Client Control from custom-recruitment to direct developer management
  • 100% Dedicated Developers working at the same time-zone
  • Full Client Support with our After Care Team
  • Savings of up to 65% or more

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Cloud Employee Developer

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