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Senior HTML5 Developer
7 years of experience

Juleson is a leader by nature; he has acquired strong leadership, communication, and technical skills through experience. He loves extending his knowl. . .

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Mid-level HTML5 Developer
4 years of experience

He has a strong technical background and has the ability to work with minimum supervision. Heraldo is passionate about both web and mobile development. . .

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HTML5 Developer
8 years of experience

At the start of his programming career, he has never stopped widening his knowledge and expertise. Through his strong drive, Nolan became more passion. . .

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Junior HTML5 Developer
2 years of experience

He has a strong understanding of the tech industry trends and content management systems. Ionn is skilled in multitasking, has the unique ability to i. . .

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View Heraldo's CV


Mid-level HTML5 Developer
4 years of experience

He has a strong technical background and has the ability to work with minimum supervision. Heraldo is passionate about both web and mobile development. . .

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How to Hire The Best HTML5 Developers

When developing a website, one of the key factors on a webpage’s success is in its presentation. As such, it is highly beneficial to invest wisely on skilled HTML5 developers. At Cloud Employee, we can connect you to top-notch offshore HTML5 developers, as we aim to bridge the gap between startups and the best offshore developers from the Philippines.


What is HTML5? HyperText Markup Language, better known as HTML, is a language that is responsible for the contents within a document from its meaning, and purpose to its structure. In order to produce a responsive and attractive site, your web browser needs to be able to comprehend the document. HTML tags are used to compartmentalise various parts of the document.


HTML5 is the improved version of HTML that aims to create a more efficient and crisper web experience for its users.

What’s new in HTML5?

HTML5 offers a set of new markup tags that has become popularly used to create eye-catching graphics and content on websites.  


The new language markups are:

  • <header> and <footer> tags to help you detach the tops and bottoms of content blocks. This can be used more than once on a single page.
  • <article> tag which recognises specific singular piece of content, e.g., posts on social media
  • <nav> tag specifies which sections should be considered navigational blocks.
  • <section> tag that lets you define a generic section of content; similar to the currently existing <div> tag.
  • <audio> and <video> tags to mark the inclusion of audio or video content.
  • <canvas> tag that lets you draw graphics using a separate scripting language.
  • <embed> tag to embed external content or applications into the page.


Due to the shortcomings of HTML4, the team behind HTML5 worked towards improving the past limitations by these principles:

  • Provide less dependency on plugins to operate
  • Scripting is replaced with markup whenever possible
  • Provides the same browser experience across all devices
  • Development processes can be viewed by the public

Why should you hire an HTML5 developer?

HTML5 has been commonly used among web development professionals, as it has become the preferred language for websites around the world. Through the years, there has been a huge shift to the new language, according to the 2014 World Wide Web Consortium. Famous platforms like YouTube have made the transition from Flash Player to HTML5 video. The technology’s many abilities have been proven to be useful by many online business platforms proving to be the best choice for thriving businesses.


The markup language has created holistic web pages where various types of technologies, such as audio, video, images, texts, and 3D graphics are all hosted. When developing an online business presence, it is important to create a user-friendly interface for your clients. To give your business a better chance at attracting potential customers online, hiring professional HTML5 developers is highly recommended.


Businesses who hire HTML5 developers to work with them can gain the following benefits:

Create the Website that you Envision

HTML5 has syntactic features such as Canva, Drag and Drop, and Video Players, among others. Using these features, your HTML5 developer can help interpret and code the design that you have conceptualised.


Play Rich Animations

When you hire an HTML5 developer, tools such as the Adobe Edge can be fully maximised to help create appealing website designs.   


Add Value to Your Website

Having a seasoned developer handling HTML5 projects will be an invaluable addition to your team when it comes to creating unique web contents and solutions.

What technical skills should you look for when hiring HTML5 developers?

Before hiring HTML5 developers, recruiters and employers must look into the candidate’s portfolio to view their previous projects. Upon reviewing their previous work, you should be able to decide whether the candidate’s technical skills and experience match up to your expectations.


Hiring the right HTML5 developer is an integral part of developing a website for your businesses. To get the best service, employers and recruiters are encouraged to test out the candidate’s proficiency and capabilities when it comes to building a website.


Here are some qualities that a great HTML Developer should have:

1. The ability to build a webpage from scratch

An ideal HTML5 developer must be able to create content from scratch using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The best HTML5 developer must know the basics down to the hardest tasks.


2. The knowledge about browser compatibility issues

In order to have a visually appealing, updated webpage, hiring a developer who knows how to consistently render the site across all browsers.   


3. An extensive understanding of the connection between HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Skilled HTML5 developers need a deep understanding of how HTML, CSS and JavaScript as they work together in order to build the different components that make up the front-end design of a website.


Other skills to look into to find the right candidate are listed below:

What are the HTML5 best practices?

Most websites today, are structured via the HTML markup language. With its many features, web content has been produced in a number of creative ways. Here are some of the best practices of HTML markup language to exercise to create a clean and precise website:

Meaningful Meta Tags
The use of highly descriptive meta tags helps the web page be more relevant to search engine and allows for better user experience.


Heading Elements
To create more engaging content for screen-reading softwares and search engines using <h1> to <h6> elements denotes HTML’s content pecking order.


Strategic Placing of HTML Elements
Positioning the right HTML element at the right place is integral creating an effective and appealing  content structure.


Implementing these highly useful practices during the development process of your business’ website ensures a well structured interface that has been constructed in a deliberately meaningful fashion.

How much is the usual rate for HTML5 Developers?

The table below compares the average annual local rates of HTML5 developers from four different countries. The information below is salaries and hourly rates found on PayScale.


  Average HTML5 Developer Annual Salary Average HTML5 Developer Hourly Rate
United Kingdom GBP 24,915 GBP 16
United States USD 58,520 USD 21
Canada CAD 59,711 CAD 23
Australia AUD 60,482 AUD 25


To save on expenses on projects and services, small to big businesses you can opt for IT outsourcing providers.


Here at Cloud Employee, we provide high-quality services to help businesses grow and expand their solutions. Our clients benefit from our competitive industry rates for hiring the best offshore HTML5 developers as soon as possible.


To get a better understanding on outsourcing your website development, here’s a helpful blog on offshore developer rates from different outsourcing regions.

What interview techniques should you use to hire the best HTML5 developers?

When it comes to hiring HTML5 developers do keep in mind that the number of tech programs that the developer has under his/her arsenal isn’t all that matters. It is best to look at the candidate’s previous projects and whether they are able to interpret the website that you have envisioned.


Ask the candidate about their previous projects
It is highly beneficial to get a good understanding of a candidate’s creativity and vision when it comes to design. Ask them to provide samples of previous designs executed to assess their level of skill and creativity.


As you interview the candidate, examine how well he/she communicates. A potential candidate must be able to clearly understand what the client wants, and possess the ability to produce the expected work. Communication plays a major role in how well your web page comes out.


Conduct technical tests
It is encouraged to conduct technical tests to further examine the capabilities of the HTML5 developer. For a successful hiring process, here are a curated set of interview questions and techniques that can help you find the best HTML5 candidate for you. These questions will help evaluate the candidate’s knowledge and skills regarding HTML5.


Q: What are the main development goals of the newest version of HTML?

A: HTML5 aims to take over HTML4, XHTML and the HTML DOM Level.  

-Produces rich content without relying on additional plugins.

-Creates a cleaner web page structure due to better semantic support, with new structural element tags.

- Produces more consistent cross-browser behaviour as well as, simplifies backward compatibility with documents that were written to older standards, due to a stricter parsing standard that simplifies error handling,

-Provides advanced cross platform support, consistently running on all forms of devices (i.e., Smartphones, laptops, Tablets, etc.)

These questions help assess the candidate’s depth of knowledge regarding the new advancements of HTML5 can offer.


Q: In HTML, how many types of heading are there?

A: There are six types of headings in an HTML, defined with <h1> to <h6> tags. Each type of heading tag displays different text size from another. With the <h1> as the largest heading tag and the <h6> as the smallest.

  1. <h1>Heading no. 1</h1>    
  2. <h2>Heading no. 2</h2>    
  3. <h3>Heading no. 3</h3>    
  4. <h4>Heading no. 4</h4>    
  5. <h5>Heading no. 5</h5>    
  6. <h6>Heading no. 6</h6>

Q: How do you place a comment in an HTML code?

A: To insert a comment in an HTML code, it should begin with “<!-”and ends with “->”

  An example:  

<!-- Great work-->

How can Cloud Employee help you?

Cloud Employee, the fastest-growing UK-managed IT offshore partner in the UK and abroad, supports startups and large businesses across all industries to grow their operations and explore new possibilities. We help connect businesses in the UK, US and across the globe to highly qualified IT professionals from the Philippines. Here at Cloud Employee, recruiting offshore HTML5 developers has been made easy and accessible.


To start recruiting HTML5 developers with Cloud Employees, send us your staffing requirement which includes your required technical skills, knowledge, number of experience and other important qualifications that you are looking for in a candidate. We then process a custom search for qualified and  available HTML5 developers whose credentials match with your requirements. A shortlist of candidate CVs are then sent over to you. With the list given, you are able to personally pick the developer that you wish to interview and invite for technical testing. At no fees, you have the power to choose the HTML5 developers that you want.


As your trusted outsourcing partner, we provide care for your HTML5 developer or team for you. Giving the hardware and software according to your specific requirements, along with high-speed internet connection here at our modern offices.  We also take care of all of the administrative paperwork and back-office tasks, including payroll, taxes, HR and general admin. Let us do the work, so you can focus on developing your project and expanding your business.


An experienced offshore HTML5 developer can help create and develop a variety of websites and apps. With Cloud Employee, you can hire offshore HTML5 developers with a broad range of skill sets including: CSS3, JavaScript, DOM, AJAX, JSON, XML, jQuery, Bootstrap, Chrome Dev Tools, WordPress.

What is the dedicated hiring model?

The Dedicated Hiring Model is a hiring model we employ here at Cloud Employee to help you avoid the risks and extra costs of traditional outsourcing. Through this model, the dedicated offshore HTML5 developer or team you hire is seamlessly added to your in-house team by our excellent onboarding process and cultural training. It is known to be the best engagement model that gives your team the flexibility in accordance with your business requirements, efficiently.


In one single payment, you have already covered the offshore team member’s monthly salary along with the outsourcing provider’s fee.



  • Provides support for long-term projects with an ever-changing scope and undefined specifications
  • A predictable budget can be given despite having an indefinite project scope
  • You have the power throughout the whole project, from recruitment and interviews to managing your outsourced HTML5 developer/team
  • Product quality can be personally monitored and assessed
  • The HTML5 developer works exclusively for you, having a focused understanding of your project's demands, objectives and standards  


The dedicated hiring model is most suited for the following businesses:

  • Those who prefer to work with a dedicated HTML5 developer for their project and not freelancers
  • Those who are seeking to lessen hiring and recruitment expenses
  • Those who seek out flexibility during the development process


Cloud Employee has been entrusted by over a hundred startups and SMEs from all over the world for their HTML5 development needs. Our developers follow your time zones, being able to work simultaneously to further reduce any miscommunications and other complications. Your hired offshore HTML5 developer becomes an efficient extension of your business’ in-house team.



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Cloud Employee Developer

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