Our Successful Client: CleanLink

CleanLink’s relationship with Cloud Employee began upon finding the right Testing Manager. Since then, their team has grown to a four-member development team. Know more about CleanLink’s journey with Cloud Employee.


CleanLink Software Ltd was founded by Mr. Norman Haines in 1982. It draws from over 16 years of hands-on experience gained from managing a large contract cleaning company. What he has done is to develop the software as a commercial product and then from there, the company has grown and developed mobile products.


CleanLink continues to invest in the latest technologies and has developed two cloud-based web applications, available as a Software as a Service (SaaS).


The CleanLink Software team is UK-based and takes pride in providing industry-leading software coupled with a high standard of customer support.


Why Cloud Employee

As we sat down with James for his video case study testimonial, he discussed the three aspects of what he liked most about working with Cloud Employee.


“Firstly, the quality of the staff, I have not worked with anyone from the Philippines before and we found the quality of the candidates and the quality of our staff is really, really high. We’re really impressed with the way that they quickly learned our business model and the way we work.


Secondly, what’s really good and very convenient for us is their welfare is taken care of, having visited Manila now and seeing the office I know they’re very well looked after.


Last is good infrastructure. It’s really important when you are working remotely with people you have a good internet connection and they’re supported by a good infrastructure that keeps them productive all day.”


What We Do

CleanLink Software Ltd develops and sells business management software, primarily for the contract cleaning sector.


The Cloud Employee team of developers provide support to CleanLink's web applications such as Site Master and Portal, and Mobile applications on iOS and Android.


Cloud Employee helps CleanLink to deliver software products with a high level of integrated management functionality across various areas of their business.


"On my first day here, when I came to the office it immediately struck me what a happy office it is, everybody seems very content but also very busy. Equipment’s really good and the welfare, the facilities for the staff are excellent. That gives me peace of mind that I know my guys are happy here.”

Testimonial from James Stringer, MD, CleanLink



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