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I have not worked with anyone from the Philippines before but we found the quality of the candidates and the quality of our staff to be really, really high.

- James Stringer, CleanLink Software

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Build your dedicated Salesforce development team today! Screen candidates and hire talents who meet your standards through our custom-recruitment process.

We have helped over a hundred startups and tech firms build their dedicated development teams with our massive database of expert developers. We assist from recruitment to the management of your dedicated team. 

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Salesforce Developer
5 years of experience

The job is an integral part of a global team to deliver technical solutions for Calculation Automation implementation. I am responsible to set-up new . . .

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Mid-level Salesforce Developer
5 years of experience

Experienced Ruby on Rails developer who is passionate about writing clean, efficient, and accessible code in a functional framework. Committed to the . . .

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Junior Salesforce Developer
3 years of experience

Bean is also a PHP developer for almost 4 years and highly knowledgeable in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, Wordpress and Laravel. The gravity of his . . .

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Senior Salesforce Developer
8 years of experience

Grizz has over 8 years in Java Development and has been exposed in Java 8 for 2 and a half years, same years of experience with Lambda, Stream and Opt. . .

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  • Work with IT professionals who work from our UK-managed modern offices.

  • Oversee the whole process from recruitment to direct management of the outsourced development team.

  • Have a team of dedicated developers who work exclusively on your project and during your preferred hours.

  • Enjoy full client support from the After-Care Team.

  • Save up to 65% compared to hiring locally.

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Software Developer Levels UK Contract Jobs Cloud Employee Monthly Cost Savings
Junior Developer £30 £14 £3,872
Mid Level Developer £45 £17 £4,928
Senior Developer £55 £20 £5,984

Please note that prices are from* and act as a general “guide” negotiated “per developer” on their unique programming language expertise, years of experience and individual salary requirements.

Below you will find out our UK IT Pricing Guide and a collection of customers' experience with Cloud Employee.

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Junior Developer
Mid Level Developer
Senior Developer
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Hire Salesforce Developers and Certified Professionals To Upscale Your Salesforce Capabilities.


Customers are the life force of any business. It only makes sense to keep improving on ways to manage and serve them if you want to remain in business. That said, if you've been trying to improve sales and increase the productivity of your business with little or less or no success, It's high time that you leveraged Salesforce development services to achieve your business goals.


When you hire the best Salesforce developer from Cloud Employee, you can save time, energy, and significant financial resources.


What Is Salesforce?


Salesforce is a cloud computing, Software as a service (SaaS) company, founded by Marc Benioff, the company's chief executive officer, and chairman. Essentially, Salesforce connects a business and its customers. It does this by providing a streamlined and automated approach to companies making it easy to connect with a target audience and even business partners.


With a team of certified Salesforce developers from Cloud Employee and CRM tools, you'll keep your business running smoothly and achieve sales targets efficiently. Whether you aim at selling a product, promoting a service, or even organizing/managing an online community, you'll get the help you need to keep track of all your clients' information and correspondence, ensuring that you are on top of your operation at all times.


Here is a list of some of the things you'll achieve with the Salesforce CRM solution. 


  • Effectively Manage contacts 
  • Keeping track of your sales leads 
  • Generating reports 
  • Set up and personalize email marketing campaigns 
  • Manage social engagements 
  • Manage your e-Commerce operation
  • Maintain all records of correspondence with customers and potential clients 
  • Integrate with third-party software 



The company's current headquarters is located in San Francisco and is hard to miss as it's one of the tallest buildings in the city. It'll interest you to know the service has been in the business for many years with revenues of around 13 billion dollars and is traded on the New York stock exchange. With proven experience in CRM solutions and many happy clients to blow Salesforce's trumpets, its CRM solution is one of its strong areas and one of the reasons you should adopt a salesforce developer.


Salesforce is not only helping millions of businesses, but the service is also a leader among firms that provides similar solutions to other companies with a wide range of needs around the world.


Some companies hire Salesforce developers on an hourly or even monthly basis, so whatever terms you wish to adopt the service, our team of developers is always available. Furthermore, you'll appreciate having one of the best hiring models that suit our clients' business requirements not just for providing tailor-fit solutions but also in offering pocket-friendly deals. 


Why You Need a Salesforce CRM Solution

It doesn't matter the size of your business, Salesforce CRM has become a force to reckon with in its niche, bringing benefits and success to both small and large scale businesses. No matter how complex your requirements are, we can provide Salesforce developers that will provide the perfect solution for your business needs, including highly customized and advanced Salesforce solutions.


While the service offers a wide range of solutions that has the potential to improve your business, there are factors that will determine the type of service you get and the level of financial commitment. These are:


- Your organization's size


Naturally, this will be measured by the number of users that will be integrated into the solution we will provide. Also, the number of customers and the volume of transactions is a determinant of your organization's size. In summary, the larger your operation or organization, the larger your investment and solution we will provide.


- The business niche you operate in


Another factor that may determine your needs, investment, and what we will offer is your business type or the industry you operate in. All businesses and the industry they operate in can't be the same. It's normal for some businesses to have a more complex sales pipeline than others. What's more, while some businesses may have a relatively large customer base, they may not require a deeper customer engagement requirement compared to another company with a smaller customer base.


- Your organization’s objective


More importantly, why you need us will greatly determine your investment and our level of partnership. If you are only looking at tracking your customers in a cloud-based CRM, the implementation process will attract a relatively lesser investment budget. However, if you are gunning for a robust, more customized customer experience, or to build a more customer-advocate community for your brand, your investment will naturally be more and may take longer implementation time.


Furthermore, if crossing over from a previous CRM solution, integration of Salesforce with other complex applications, and training is part of your needs, your investment budget will equally need to be robust.


- Complexity of organization


If your company structure is a complex one in terms of corporate structure, hierarchy, business process, internal procedures, and so on, it could also determine how long our implementation team will require to implement Salesforce.




What Features Salesforce will offer you

Just before you hire a Salesforce developer, here are some of its most notable features include


- AppExchange:


This feature is how the Salesforce solution empowers a business's functionality among its departments and team. This functionality is made possible by a whopping 5000 ready-to-install Salesforce apps.  


What's more, Salesforce's app store contains hundreds of lightning-ready certified third-party applications, which have been carefully reviewed to integrate well with the Salesforce platform. Finding Lightning-compatible apps on the platform is easy. Simply lookout for the lightning symbol just before the app.


- Lightning Application Builder


Perhaps, the best feature of the Salesforce platform, it allows you to build applications even if you don't have in-depth knowledge of programming. Just click here and there, the feature will allow you to design apps like you are a veteran. This feature is composed of three parts: lightning exchange components, pre-built components (from different Salesforce's partners), and Salesforce custom-made components.


- Collaborative Forecasts


Talk about possibly knowing what the future holds, Salesforce collaborative forecast feature allows you to predict possible sales performance. This way, you can make informed decisions and plan future tasks based on predicted expected revenue from your sales pipeline.


- Marketing Cloud


This feature offers an automated and customized email marketing solution, which will help your business find new market segments and customers that are likely to interact with your products or service.


- Customer Cloud Feature


This Salesforce cloud feature creates an integrated purchasing experience, enabling customers to stress-free order placement. The feature offers personalized options that people who don't fall into the one-size-fits-all category will find useful.


- The Chatter Feature


Salesforce offers this feature for team collaboration in the form of an instant messenger system. Unlike other chat or collaboration software that operate outside company's, Salesforce Chatter is integrated into the company's CRM, making it more communication among teams.


That's not all; the system keeps the memory of all conversations made within the CRM allowing for seamless collaboration between users, sharing of files, release/publish of information, and easy following of users and record on the platform, without having to request for updates from down liners.


- The dashboard


Salesforce can be viewed as a database of important information crucial to day-to-day operations. The dashboard feature aggregates this information into key business metrics and in unique formats like charts, graphs, bar diagrams, tables, pie charts, and more. The dashboard lets you keep an eye on important business info, like;


  • Leads or opportunities that ought to be pursued 
  • Sales figure 
  • New opportunities 
  • Pipeline condition 
  • Time consumed by sales reps to close a deal 
  • Deals that may not fall through within the required SLA


- Salesforce Touch


You'd agree that today's digital solutions come both on the go and in PC mode. Therefore, Salesforce offers users the extended desktop version on mobile devices. This way, users can:


  • Update records in a real-time outside office environment on any compatible mobile device. 
  • The sales team can check for any support cases on their phones before initiating a move to a client’s office.
  • Reps can also post updates after meeting with a client. 
  • Gain access to the dashboard anywhere outside the office premises. 


- Salesforce Community


This Salesforce cloud feature creates an integrated purchasing experience, enabling customers to stress-free order placement. The feature offers personalized options that people who don't fall into the one-size-fits-all category will find useful.




How to Hire a Salesforce Developers

As it is, there are numerous Salesforce consultants out there. While this is good news for you since you'd likely need their services, choosing the ones that'll work for your business needs may be challenging.


To make things easier, the following are tips to guide your choice when it comes to employing the idea of a Salesforce developer or consultant that'll best fit your business needs.  


  • Establish your business requirements. 
  • What’s your budget for the Salesforce CRM solution?
  • How important is quality to your project? 
  • Do you have any experience working with Salesforce developers? 
  • Are you equipped to assess the technical skills of Salesforce developers?
  • Are you hiring Salesforce developers for a full-time, part-time, or contract basis? What’s more, do you want them to work in-house or remotely? 
  • The years of experience of the Salesforce developers you want to hire. 



Where to Hire a Salesforce Developer

Thousands of businesses depend on the service Salesforce offers, and as such, these businesses have dedicated Salesforce developers and even administrators to help maintain their platforms and service cloud. Why?


Due to the business-critical nature of Salesforce, its integration and development are key to other SaaS (software as a service) solutions that many businesses utilize. Examples include Microsoft Office, Pardot, Docusign, Dropbox, and many more. Therefore, you'll need Salesforce developers/consultants to best organize your Salesforce system and cloud.


Here at Cloud Employee, we assist both developers looking for work and companies looking to hire dedicated offshore developers across many technologies.




Working With Our Salesforce Developers


Here's a simple breakdown of how our Salesforce developers work with clients.  


- Salesforce Consulting


Once you decide to adopt a Salesforce solution, you’ll be partnering with one of our brilliant Salesforce developers/consultants. They have years of experience in various domains and business industries. Therefore, our Salesforce developers will listen to you and understand what your business needs are. They will also learn and understand your business model before delivering to you the best suggestion/recommendation.  


- Salesforce Integration


Our developers will help you integrate and align your system with the Salesforce solution. They are knowledgeable on various kinds of operating systems, so seamless and secured integration with the Salesforce platform will be guaranteed. What's more, the integration will be based on your business requirements.


- Salesforce Implementation


After integration, getting the best outcomes from Salesforce is the goal. Therefore, our Salesforce developers will help you get your desired outcome by ensuring your day-to-day business operation works with the platform. Our developers have a specialty in implementation service, so you don't have to worry about getting your needs met.


- Salesforce Migration


Perhaps you are already on a different CRM solution, we also have experts that specialize in the migration of the current system onto new Salesforce platforms. These teams are made up of professionals with integrity, so you don't have to worry about data security compromise. Even if you want to migrate to a third-party system, our developers are well-equipped to facilitate the move.


- Salesforce Customization


In this line of business, customers request different types of customization based on their customer type and other business needs. Therefore, our developers offer a wide range of Salesforce custom services to help improve your customer experience and ultimately grow your business. They can add custom records, objects, including elements that’ll make your solution more functional and powerful.


- Salesforce App Development


A professional developer can also create custom applications for clients' Salesforce systems based on the business needs. These apps are designed by our experienced developers and are highly customizable, bug-free, and rich in features that integrate well with the latest technologies that'll promote efficiency in your business process.


- Salesforce Cloud Services


Whether it's sales cloud, marketing cloud, service cloud, e-commerce cloud, and other essential services, a developer can provide a comprehensive range of Salesforce cloud services for business. We can supply a dedicated Salesforce cloud service expert to help your business with the best cloud solution.


- Support and Maintenance


We expect that your experience with our installed Salesforce solution will be itch-free. However, our team of developers offers Salesforce support and maintenance service whenever the need arises.


Talk to us, learn more about how Cloud Employee works, or see our Developer Pricing Guide.


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How many hours do you want the developer to dedicate to working with you?

What skillsets are you looking to hire?

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