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  • From the very start the quality of service we've received from Cloud Employee is second to none. Two weeks down the line we now have a great relationship with a senior developer. The speed and quality of the work is outstanding and as a small business having the option to upscale with minimal risk has put us in a great position to take on more business.

    Niki Gattrell

  • Our Cloud Employee Account Manager was there to handle each of our individual concerns as we raised them. Since taking on our Cloud Employees, our ability to deliver product has greatly improved. We now have a fantastic team of 5 with their very own Loyalty Logistics branded office.

    Bobby Williams

  • We have successfully released a major version of our main software product during a critical period for us. We have done this with a qualified improvement in the extent and depth of testing, whilst being subjected to an abnormally high workload with the UK and Cloud Employee team working in tandem each day.

    James Stringer

  • Finding reliable programmers with a passion for video games was difficult. Cloud Employee's quality of candidates, customer service, and contract terms are what most attracted me. Having been with them for 18 months now, I would be very happy to recommend them.

    Des Gayle

  • The way the staff are looked after and valued, the availability of Cloud Employee management and their expertise and ability to source staff means that we would be happy to recommend them to other businesses.

    Harry Boxall

  • One of the things Cloud Employee enabled us to do is work quickly to deliver our products to the market, to gain a larger market share, to get new customers, and ultimately to retain our existing customers by the new features. Our team at Cloud Employee is at the top of their game in the industry and the location that they’re in. We’re working with top talent and as a result of that, we get top results.

    David Naylor

  • The main issues we have is getting the IT staff that we need quickly and being able to develop quickly the products and services that we want to make. We’ve had some business and product ideas that we’ve been wanting to make for many years now. With our developers at Cloud Employee, we’ve been able to push those out a lot quicker, a lot sooner. And we’ve been growing our customer base because of that, which is fantastic.

    Paul Baka

  • My biggest pain point was we have to move fast and it takes a lot to hire people. Since Cloud Employee already had some infrastructure finding some candidates was pretty easy. I felt like I interviewed maybe 12 people in 1 or 2 weeks. Which is pretty fast. And all of them were pretty qualified. As far as moving faster, and getting our app and our website like full speed ahead, Cloud Employee has helped us, absolutely. Totally expedited our development which leads in the end to the growth of our business.

    Anthony Wentzel

  • It’s good to hear that Rodel is enjoying the role and agree he is passionate and dedicated to completing tasks. I am really pleased to have him as part of our team. Rodel has clearly demonstrated his technical ability and so far is delivering a great level and quality of work. Have to say, I think all our fears if remote working can deliver are being ebbed away.

    Nick Walker

  • Everything has been fine. Ryan has been doing a great job, I am really grateful to have found him.

    Sergey Sagan

  • Cloud Employee provided our company, Freebird Rides, with quick thinking and diligent developers. The developers were always willing to undertake new tasks and were inspired and excited to implement techniques and technologies that were new to them. Their work was always completed on time and with the utmost care and professionalism. Though we are halfway around the world their communication with us was always clear and easy to understand. We hope to work with Cloud Employee again in the future and would overwhelmingly recommend them to other tech companies.

    Danielle Thompson

  • Aldrien has been lovely to work with, his output has been great, and I'm happy with his pace of work. The IT support helping with setup has been fantastic.

    Aaron Russell

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