Cloud Employee's business model prides itself on connecting businesses around the world with elite Philippines based software engineers. Outside of providing an awesome office environment and management, we actively foster long-lasting professional relationships. The candidates we headhunt and clients select to join their in-house teams will often become important long-term team members and grow with their respective business.

To further foster these relationships we now offer clients with teams of 3 (Minimum) an expense paid trip to the Philippines. Clean Link's MD James came to the Philippines in November 2017. Watch his short video above to see clips from his trip and hear about his experience working with Cloud Employee.

"On my first day here, when I came to the office it immediately struck me what a happy office it is, everybody seems very content but also very busy. Equipment’s really good and the welfare, the facilities for the staff are excellent. That gives me peace of mind that I know my guys are happy here."

James Stringer, MD, Clean Link



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