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See EMSL's review of their experience in building their team of developers offshore with Cloud Employee.


EMSL Testimonial

Company: EMSL 
Cloud Employee team: 
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We've loved working Cloud Employee. They have a great set up and we know they are looking after our valuable team members. The price is right, the quality of staff is excellent and the customer care is second to none. We certainly recommend you give them a try!

Neil has greatly helped us to progress two major PHP-based projects - one involving a web-based app and an API and the other involving a web-based app. He diligently completes requested work, and makes suggestions on how to solve specific code-related problems. As well has having a solid PHP skillset, he is capable with frontend changes and JavaScript as needed. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

- Matt Skeggs, Managing Director, EMSL

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