Hire the best IT developers in the Philippines

How it Works


Provide us with a Job Description


We recruit talented professionals


Your dedicated staff report to you daily


We manage the operations


Rolling monthly contracts


  1. You provide your Account Manager with your staffing requirements and budget. (Programming languages, years experience etc.) and we customise a local search to actively headhunt you candidates to fit your needs.
  2. We provide you with a short-list of pre-screened candidate CVs and portfolios to review and you select who you would like to progress to video interviews and free technical trials.
  3. You select the perfect candidate to join your team. If we don’t find what you are looking for there is no obligation to move forward.
  4. Your dedicated Cloud Employee becomes a member of your in-house team working the same office hours as you. Your Account Manager is onsite to assist however your developer(s) will report directly to you each day from our offices.
  5. We handle regular performance reviews and all local administration inclusive of licensing, permits, payroll and general HR, and provide vibrant professionally managed offices in the Philippines with the latest hardware, software and multiple high-speed Internet connections.

You can securely grow your offshore team in our offices, benefiting from an established infrastructure, reducing risk and avoiding the large up-front costs or stress.

Hire a team of 3 developers and we will even provide flights and a hotel for you to take a trip to the Philippines and meet your team in person!

What You Get? (Inclusive of our hourly rates)

Zero Recruitment Agency Fees
Hire One Dedicated Developer
Hire a Team of Dedicated Developers
High Spec Office Facilities

Hardware and Software
Western On-Site Supervision
Same Time-Zone Office Hours
Data Protection & Confidentiality