Top 5 Things That Make Cloud Employee's Offices a Perfect Workspace

Research shows that the environment impacts the way people grow, and a company that prioritizes the development of its employees should know the importance of “room for growth.” We give you the top 5 elements every office needs:

Synergetic use of space, color, and lighting


CE 6789 Office

CE 6789 office - inner

The number one productivity-buster is a grey cubicle. Offices shouldn’t look like cramp warehouses with bad lighting.  A particular study showed that dim light settings help foster creativity as it affords “freedom from constraints.” Whereas brighter spaces are best for analyzing and evaluating ideas, as opposed to generating them.


Breathable space and less clutter has always been the best friend of productivity. It’s important that your own space is marked by your own sense of order.

Cutting-edge Technology


CE 6789 office - work in session

CE 6789 office - workstations

It’s a no-brainer. Technology is the arsenal behind every company’s victory, besides its highly-competent staff and a tech support team that’s always ready-at-hand. It’s the 21st century and we need to upgrade faster than internet speed!

Thoughtful Design


CE 6789 office - pantry

CE 6789 office - lounge

Color is also known to control mental performance. Playing with greens and blues provokes exploration and red is associated with anger and danger.

Furniture is also known to affect people’s disposition. Curvy and rounded furniture appeals to the senses and stimulates feelings of pleasure.

This means that the way the space is designed and conceptualized makes a subtle but powerful impact on people and the way they socialize. Happy and satisfied employees are known to be more successful.



CE Zeta office - working in the Thinkbox

CE Zeta office - Thinkbox

CE Zeta office - pantry and lounge

An underestimated phenomenon is the effect of plants in the general well-being and productivity of people. Studies have recurringly shown that having flora around the office can boost creativity by 15%. The plants’ stress-reducing quality is not something to shrug off. That’s why 2017’s color of the year according to Pantone is “greenery.” Because it was meant to instill hope and to revitalize.

A bit of Play at Work


CE office perk - free massage

This last bit boils down to how much the company gives importance to its people. There’s no need for big recreation rooms in the likes of Richie Rich’s indoor playground or a jacuzzi in the middle of the office bathroom. Merely recognizing the stress from work that can be alleviated by a better environment is already a mark of a compassionate company that every person with aspirations needs in able to go beyond what’s expected of them.


(But we hear that a certain company has a parlor room in the works where developers and staff can get free massages and haircuts or hairstyling!) ;)

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