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Hire Administration Staff in the Philippines

Build your offshore admin staff in the Philippines. Custom-recruited virtual assistants, photo editors, content writers, data entry & lead generation staff.

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Cloud Employee originally is best known for providing companies with high quality dedicated developers. Over the years, a number of our clients asked us if we could provide the same quality service for their back office administration roles. We tested this service with a select few clients, running it with exactly the same processes as our successful IT arm. Needless to say, our clients started to grow and require more people covering a variety of roles from Data Entry, Administration Support, and Lead Generation. The success of the model led Cloud Employee to open a new division dedicated to Back Office and Administration roles using its highly successful Dedicated Employee model.

This new division of Cloud Employee allows companies to grow their Administration and Lead Generation team based in our fully managed offices in the Philippines. Our model enables you to have complete control of the hiring process, where you make the final decision on hiring staff just the same as if you were hiring for your local team.

How it Works

We also provide optional extra services including campaign creation, supervision and support from experienced managers for a small monthly cost.

Services Offered

Our Administration Staff can provide full support for your back office needs, from document creation to any process driven tasks.

Data Entry Staff

who can provide a number of different services from updating your CRM, adding records, survey forms, to website content creation.

Photo Editors

who can curate, retouch, resize, and edit your photos - transforming them to professional quality images fit for online publishing.

Research and Lead Generation Staff

who can help you create databases of prospective clients, through to email marketing.

Virtual Assistant Staff

who can perform administrative tasks from admin support, appointment setting, online booking, presentation creation, and document processing.

Content Writer and Editors

who can do content creation and editing - from website copy, blog and news articles, to social media posts, product descriptions, and landing page content.

Reason for Outsourcing Administration Roles

Outsourcing used to only be a practice of big businesses, enabling them the ability to build large work forces whilst saving on costs. As the world shrinks due to the Internet, the demand for outsourcing services that cater to smaller companies grows. Local job markets have decreased in skilled labor, with many employees not wanting to do the process driven tasks. Small businesses have more competition than ever and are constantly looking to reduce operating costs while moving their business forward.

Cloud Employee's Dedicated Outsourcing model allows them to do just that by providing access to a much larger talent pool. The Cloud Employee solution offers full support to clients, including dedicated account managers to advise and support you streamline your processes, and get the best results out of outsourcing your administration roles.

Benefits of Outsourcing your Administration Roles with Cloud Employee

Reduce Staff Costs

You will make significant savings on salary costs, as well as the extra taxes and responsibility that come with hiring for these positions locally.

Improve Quality

You will have access to a highly skilled dedicated employee or team with fluent English. Due to the lower salary requirements, you will be able to recruit a much higher qualified person for much less, giving you a competitive edge when hiring an offshore administration employee.

Reduction in Fixed Cost

As your offshore administration roles are based in Cloud Employee's offices in the Philippines, you do not have to worry about extra cost for space or equipment, utilities, and general running costs.

Focus on your Business

Your time is better spent focusing on the growth of your business and not the headache of small administration tasks. Our method gives you the time to focus on exactly that.

Spread your Risk

With our flexible contract you can scale your team up and down as and when you need with just 30 days notice.

Client Reviews


  • "On hearing about Cloud Employee shortly after their inception I followed the company knowing that in the future that hiring remote developers was something we were interested in looking at. Right from the beginning the support from Cloud was great, from getting job ads out there, filtering CVs and facilitation the interviews. Since we hired Aleks nearly a year ago he has been an asset to the team and the ongoing support to both him and us has been great. We're yet to be able to visit the offices but from what Aleks tells us it's a really nice environment to be working in and there are some great perks! We're looking forward to the point where we are ready for our next hire!"

    Simon Lewis, Motor Pilot
  • "Having looked around, Cloud Employee stood out as having a different attitude and we both wanted the same thing: to develop and retain a great team. Cloud Employee engage with our staff on a regular basis and the management ensures that any staff concerns are addressed promptly. Using Cloud Employee has largely removed our developer recruitment problems and saves us a significant amount of time and money in the process. We'll continue to use them – having technical resource available that doesn't cost the earth enables us to take on projects that we might otherwise think twice about. The relationship works because our interests are aligned and they're able to deal with us openly and honestly."

    Neil Acworth, IT Governance

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