When it comes to hiring tech talent we believe you should be able to tap not only your local options but also the best the world has to offer.  With advanced communication technology today and productivity techniques, great working relationships through collaborative remote work is not unheard of.  Cloud Employee connects you with skilled software developers in the Philippines.

Why hire software developers in the Philippines

The Philippines, specifically Manila, is one of the world’s top outsourcing destinations

Tholons, an international advisory firm for global outsourcing, has consistently cited Manila, Philippines as among the top outsourcing destinations in league with leaders in outsourcing like India, China, Brazil, and Mexico. Worldwide recognition of the Philippines as an outsourcing hub goes back close to a decade ago, when UK’s National Outsourcing Association proclaimed the country as world’s best BPO destination three times.

130,000 IT and Tech graduates every year

The Philippines graduates over 130,000+ graduates in engineering, tech, and IT programs every year from internationally recognised universities.

Fluent English skills

The Philippines is among the top 5 largest English speaking countries where over 90% of the population speaks and understands English. The country also scored high on the EF English Proficiency Index (6th Edition) ranking 13th out of 72 countries, just behind Malaysia and even ahead of Switzerland.

Why hire software developers with Cloud Employee?

Access to the best tech talent in the Philippines

With our recruitment team’s massive database of IT professionals, you can access the tech talent based on your requirements at zero recruitment costs.

100% Dedicated Developer working in your timezone

Once you hire your dedicated developer with Cloud Employee, they work for you full-time and in your time-zone - a fully integrated member of your in-house team.

End-to-end Client Control

From hiring to managing your project and developer resource, you’re in control. No third party gets in the way. It’s your tools, your processes, and your standards.

Full Client and Developer Support

Our team of Western Account Managers and Community Director will support you all the way: from sourcing, screening, and interviewing your developer candidates to setting up their workspace, IT support, HR concerns, and performance reviews of your developer.

Savings of up to 65% or more

£425 | Average Developer Day rate in UK   

£135 | Average Cloud Employee Day rate in the PH

£75,000 | Average Client Annual Savings

How it works with Cloud Employee

Tell us what you need

You provide your Account Manager with your staffing requirements (essential skills, programming languages, years of experience, etc) and budget. We customise a local search for candidates that best fit your requirements.

Interview the best developers

We provide you with a shortlist of pre-screened candidate CVs and portfolios to review. You select who you want to interview and do technical test/s with. Let us know how you want to hold your interview (Skype/phone/other platforms), your availability, and how you would like to test your candidates.

Hire your ideal candidate

You select the best candidate to join your team. The typical turnaround time for our clients to find their dedicated developer is within 2-4 weeks. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, there’s no obligation to move forward.

Start working

Once you hire your dedicated Cloud Employee developer, they become a full-time member of your team. They report directly to you 8 hours a day, 5 days a week - working on your timezone just like your in-house team.

You focus on growing your business and working with your dedicated developer or development team, while we:

  • Provide client support with our After Care team to help with work setup, IT support, and regular performance reviews of your developer
  • Handle general admin tasks like HR, payroll, and taxes for your team
  • Build a great working environment and culture for your team retention

Learn why our model works better than IT Outsourcing

How It Works

Tell us what you need

Interview the best developers

Hire your ideal candidate

Start Working

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