Rise of Augmented Reality in Entertainment Development Industries

Augmented reality (AR) apps are merging the digital visual content into the user’s real-world environment. AR is making a tremendous impact not only on the Software development industries but also in the entertainment industries as well. AR has been effectively helping the entertainment industry in PR and marketing initiatives for motion pictures, television, and other media promotional campaigns. AR included printed graphics and real-life object recognition where the software identifies a unique symbol via cell phone camera or webcam.


An augmented reality company “Magic Leap” received $542 million from Google for recently released a video. AR field represents near-limitless boundaries for creativity and value user experience. There are many experiments with augmented reality that are going one, AR allows users to explore locations using mobile devices and explore tourist destinations, play games that AR to place game interfaces directly onto real-life surfaces, or as critical navigation. AR provides immersive experience Augmented reality app and hardware allows film and TV shows to become more immersive and dream of imitating. AR can be used to bring entirely off the screen and display story into the real world for the first time. There are many physical outdoor games that can be benefited from augmented reality by creating virtual opponents to practice against it and enhance enjoyment activities. AR has recently gained popularity in eSports in all parts of the globe.

AR in Games

Among the most trending implementations currently, we can see is a mobile application using Augmented Reality. Augmented reality in-game that integrates game visual and audio content with the user’s environment in real-time. Generally, AR uses the existing environment and creates a playing field within it. AR-based games you can play on devices like Smartphones, tablets, and portable gaming systems. AR games build an environment from user surrounding, for example, in-game character climbing from table to sofas on virtual bridges. By expanding the field of play, AR provides the user with a real-world experience and making their game more interesting.


AR in Music

Augmented reality interacts between real and virtual worlds; music is about the balance of real experiences. AR adding new dimensions on a stage show that can be taken to another level. AR helps you to review or rating individual songs' performance on the spot. Rock festival can use AR as an event guide at different locations at the event via the stages themselves, can really help the fan to navigate.


AR on TV

Augmented reality is adding some experiments on television like enhancing a TV show. AR help you in live sports that you can imagine watching a live sports match and seeing all relevant stats and data around the TV screen. Augmented reality-based TV gives you to access data and news feed of matches.



Augmented reality is among the fastest growing trends in the entertainment industry. AR can improve brand recognition to sell more tickets because it allows brands to transport users to the world and characters they have created. AR can be used in the entertainment industry as part of marketing and advertising efforts. The projections of the entertainment industry hit almost $4.5 billion by 2030. Face filters are the most popular and effective forms of AR. If you want to enhance your business, try to hire a programmer who knows how to create AR for your website. 



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Author Bio:

Kapil Panchal – Digital Marketing Manager
He is working as a Digital Marketing Manager in a reputable Entertainment Software Development Company.

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