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Mid-level Yii Developer
3 years of experience

Reubben is a web developer with 4 years of industry experience and an extensive knowledge in Yii, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, Wordpress and Larave. . .

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View Briar's CV


Yii Developer
2 years of experience

Briar has 3 years of experience with expertise in Yii, PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, Javascript and MySQL. She developed and maintained web systems and w. . .

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Junior Yii Developer
2 years of experience

Finley is a web developer with almost two years of industry experience. He is highly skilled and welcomes new challenging roles that allow him to util. . .

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Benjamin R.

Senior Yii Developer
7 years of experience

Benjamin Revel is a web developer with at least seven years of experience under his belt. He has strong analytical skills on conventional and out of t. . .

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View Briar's CV


Yii Developer
2 years of experience

Briar has 3 years of experience with expertise in Yii, PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, Javascript and MySQL. She developed and maintained web systems and w. . .

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How to Hire the Best Yii Developers

Yii (pronounced as “Yee”) is a high performance open-source MVC PHP web application framework that is also object-oriented and component-based. The term means “simple and evolutionary” in the Chinese language. Yii can also refer to the acronym for “Yes It Is”.


Since it is a generic web programming framework, Yii can be used to create various kinds of web applications using PHP. Due to the framework’s component-based architecture and sophisticated caching support, Yii allows businesses to develop a range of large-scale applications such as content management systems (CMS), portals, e-commerce projects, RESTful web services, and forums, among many others.


The latest version for the platform is Yii 2.0 which requires PHP 5.4.0 or higher. This version also runs best with the current version of PHP 7.

Why should you hire a Yii developer?

When you hire Yii developers, you can easily and flexibly develop all kinds of PHP-based web applications for you business. In using the platform, your business can experience the following advantages:

The framework is highly extensible
Yii can easily be customised to suit your business’ needs as most of its components are extensible.  


Yii promotes testing
The framework is integrated with Codeception, a PHP testing framework that streamlines the testing process for an application.


It simplifies security
Yii already comes with a security feature that helps Yii developers to easily and securely create web applications.


Yii reduces the application development time
The framework presents tools that help cut down on repetitive tasks and instead provide features that allows for more time on customising an application.

What technical skills should you look for when hiring Yii developers?

When companies hire Yii developers, they must know how to assess their candidates accordingly. This means looking at a developer’s technical expertise and ideal soft skills. Aside from having a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Development, IT, or other related fields, here are basic technical skills to look for when hiring Yii developers:

  • Solid background and experience in PHP programming and the Yii framework
  • Basic knowledge of object-oriented programming (OOP)
  • Knowledgeable of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, Mongo, Apache, Ajax, and jQuery
  • Good familiarity with UI/UX design
  • Experience developing different web applications (e.g. CMS, portal, forum) depending on the project requirement.


Take note that these technical requirements may still vary depending on your project requirements.

How much is the usual rate for Yii Developers?

How much should you pay when hiring Yii developers? Below is a quick comparison of the average annual salary and hourly rate from four major countries that outsource the most. All salaries and hourly rates come from IT Jobs Watch, and PayScale.


  Average Yii Developer Annual Salary Average Yii Developer Hourly Rate
United Kingdom GBP 45,000 GBP 41.52
United States USD 62,625 USD 24.59
Canada CAD 60,337 CAD 38
Australia AUD 60,684 AUD 30


The rates above are generally expensive for businesses, especially for startups or small companies. To notably minimise costs with recruitment and operations, startups to large tech firms in the UK, the US and abroad prefer to outsource their software development. Remember that the key to a great outsourcing experience is to partner with a reliable offshore IT provider.


At Cloud Employee, we provide various companies with an effective and affordable solution to expand their business without the impending risks and high costs. As such, we provide competitive industry rates when you hire offshore Yii developers, thus making IT outsourcing more accessible and convenient to businesses that need offshore software developers in the UK, the US, Australia and abroad.


To learn more about IT offshore rates, here’s a recommended article about offshore developer rates from the world’s most popular outsourcing regions.

What interview techniques should you use to hire the best Yii developers?

After scouting Yii developers for hire, it is important to remember that the interview process is meant to carefully evaluate a candidate’s skills in a short amount of time. The interview should not intimidate candidates with difficult questions or tasks. As such, here are a few recommended interview methods and questions that can be applied or asked to hire Yii developers.


Ask candidates to describe their recent project’s structure
Ask the developers to discuss and describe the most recent project they have finished. If needed, the candidates may also illustrate their project using a sheet of paper or a whiteboard. Make sure to prepare a pen and paper beforehand just in case the candidates might need it. With this, employers can identify these good qualities:


First, you can tell if a Yii developer indeed possesses a solid background of web application development and the Yii framework. In addition, recruiters can identify what other necessary skills a candidate may have that is not stated on their CV. Having the candidates describe their project will show employers how involved and committed a developer was during a project.


Second, you can identify if a developer has the necessary ability to effectively communicate a technical concept. Can the technical concepts and processes discussed be easily understood by a non-technical person? In addition, try to check on the developer’s non-verbal cues, such as good eye contact.


Looking for necessary soft skills such as leadership and confidence are also good traits to note down. When hiring for a lead developer position, employers must look for a developer with the ability to clearly discuss and simplify technicalities to a non-IT person.


Conduct technical tests
When businesses hire Yii developers, many would think that technical testing is a usual part of the recruitment process. Unfortunately, technical tests are often not incorporated in the recruitment process when hiring developers.


To thoroughly screen developers, a technical test must always be conducted. A company may opt to create their own technical test according to their standards or to use a free or paid online coding test to conveniently analyse how a developer works. When you hire the best Yii developers, you should hire developers who are not only knowledgeable and well-experienced, but who are also critical thinkers.


If a technical test is not possible, employers may ask the candidate to code 2-3 sample codes (around 5-10 lines of code), instead. This should be enough to give employers an insight into the developer’s knowledge of the Yii framework.


Here is a quick sample test that you can ask your Yii developer candidate to write.

Q: You are about to create a “Hello world” page in the application. Declare the say action in the existing SiteController.


namespace app\controllers;
use yii\web\Controller;
class SiteController extends Controller
// ...existing code...
public function actionSay($message = 'Hello')
return $this->render('say', ['message' => $message]);

Q: Create a Status.php in /hello/models/Status.php. You can use the Git repository for this exercise. Make sure to code a status message, and permissions field for posting publicly or privately.


namespace app\models;
use yii\base\Model;

class Status extends Model

public $text;
public $permissions;

public function rules()
return [
[['text','permissions'], 'required'],

public function getPermissions() {
return array (self::PERMISSIONS_PRIVATE=>'Private',self::PERMISSIONS_PUBLIC=>'Public');

public function getPermissionsLabel($permissions) {
if ($permissions==self::PERMISSIONS_PUBLIC) {
return 'Public';
} else {
return 'Private';

How can Cloud Employee help you?

Cloud Employee, a UK-managed IT offshore company, connects various small to large companies across the globe to expert offshore developers for software, mobile, and web applications.


As the UK’s leading IT offshore provider, we help firms easily grow their team and their business as a whole, without the added risks and high costs. When you hire offshore Yii developers from Cloud Employee, you can significantly reduce and manage cost, time and workload.


To start hiring your dedicated offshore Yii developer, you may send us your staffing requirements. This may include your required programming languages or frameworks, length of experience, and other technical expertise that you need.


Our dedicated team will then scout our large pool of tech talents for Yii developers who meet your requirements. After this, we then provide you with a shortlist of candidates whom we have already initially screened based on your standards. From this list, you can personally select the Yii developers whom you would like to move forward to the online interview and technical test. No commitment will be made until you have found your ideal offshore Yii developer.


Upon onboarding your offshore Yii developer, he or she will directly work with you and your in-house team during the same work hours from our modern offices. Your offshore Yii developer will also follow and apply the guidelines and standards to ensure that communication and collaboration are seamless for both sides.


As your offshore partner, Cloud Employee also supports your offshore Yii developer by providing all their technical needs such as the necessary operating system, programmes, and equipment, among others.


In addition, we also provide day-to-day full technical support which includes high-speed internet access and standby technical personnel to fix or to accommodate any technical problems that you and your offshore developer might encounter. This further allows you and your offshore developer to establish a seamless workflow.


Aside from recruitment, hiring, and technical support, Cloud Employee proves to be a unique and reliable IT offshore partner by going beyond the usual services of most IT offshore companies. Our dedicated staff also ensures that all necessary back-office support, such as filing taxes, human resources, licenses, and payroll, are taken cared of. We handle all the time-consuming and repetitive tasks, so you can fully focus on managing your offshore team and expanding your startup.


Developing, supporting, and maintaining PHP-powered systems using the Yii framework would require the expertise of a Yii developer. With Cloud Employee you can hire offshore Yii developers with a broad range of skill sets such as: PHP, PHPUnit testing, PHP Debugbar, MySQL, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, MVC, REST, Smarty.

What is the dedicated hiring model?

For businesses that plan to outsource their software development, the dedicated hiring model proves to be an efficient and effective system allowing an in-house and offshore team to work together. As a result, issues in terms of communication and remote work are minimised. In addition, this model allows an offshore Yii developer to become an extension of a business’ in-house team.


Because of these benefits, the dedicated hiring model is regarded as one of the best outsourcing models for companies who prefer to work with an offshore developer or team. In addition, one of the model’s lesser-known benefits is that businesses can flexibly add or reduce the number of offshore developers they need at any time during a project’s development. The practicality of this arrangement allows startups to easily grow their offshore development team.



  • The best model for long-term projects without details scope and requirements.
  • Ideal for projects with no clear budget details.
  • Preferable for managers or business owners who would like to directly work with their offshore developer.
  • Monitoring the offshore developer or team’s progress and the product’s quality is much easier.
  • The offshore Yii developer has a better knowledge of an in-house team’s goals and expectations, thus further making them an effective extension of an in-house development team.
  • The offshore developer only works for you.


The dedicated hiring model is highly suitable for startups or teams that:

  • Need to directly communicate and collaborate with a dedicated offshore Yii developer
  • Need to save on hiring and operations costs
  • Need to flexibly scale offshore developers during project development


Combining the dedicated hiring model’s effectiveness and flexibility and Cloud Employee’s 20 years of expertise in the IT offshore industry, our dedicated team offers a business model founded on efficiency, flexibility, and reduced risk and cost.


Cloud Employee’s dedicated developer model has been modified to effectively streamline the time-consuming and difficult hiring process, to improve working practices, and to bridge the gap between highly-skilled offshore developers and innovative companies—all for a competitive industry rate. As such, Cloud Employee is confident that our business model works better than any other IT outsourcing models.



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UK Developer

£40 per hour

AVG Cost

Cloud Employee Developer

£14 per hour

Clients save on average £60,000 per annum

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