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Hank L.

Xamarin Developer
12 years of experience

Hank Liam is passionate about his work, especially when it comes to  Windows Application and Xamarin. He has over 10 years of professional experience . . .

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View William's CV

William A.

Junior Xamarin Developer
4 years of experience

William Aaden is a results-driven Software Engineer who thinks of creative solutions. He has an eye for design and is adept at troubleshooting any pro. . .

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View Dilan's CV

Dilan N.

Mid-level Xamarin Developer
7 years of experience

Dilan Noad s very knowledgeable and approachable developer with over 7 years of experience in software development. He has the ability to be organized. . .

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Senior Xamarin Developer
12 years of experience

He is an exceptional Windows Application and Xamarin Developer with 12 years of experience. He has spent the past 3 years working full-time at Cloud E. . .

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View Dilan's CV

Dilan N.

Mid-level Xamarin Developer
7 years of experience

Dilan Noad s very knowledgeable and approachable developer with over 7 years of experience in software development. He has the ability to be organized. . .

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Hire the Best Xamarin Developers

Being informed before making an important decision, such as choosing the best offshore Xamarin developers, is simply a practical thing to do. As such it’s important to consider key points and have a more in-depth understanding of what is Xamarin before you start the process of recruiting the best offshore Xamarin developer into your development team.


What is Xamarin? Xamarin is a type of cross-platform development technology, where developers can build the native user interface for the iOS, Android and Windows phone. Fun fact, the name Xamarin was inspired from the Tamarin monkey where the first letter was just replaced with a different letter.


A little history about Xamarin, it’s a Microsoft-owned software company that was founded in May 2011. The engineers that created Xamarin were also part of the creation of Mono—now Xamarin Android but formerly Mono for Android—and Xamarin.iOS, formerly MonoTouch. Both are cross-platform implementations of the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and Common Language Specification, also called Microsoft .NET.


Xamarin has a C# shared codebase, meaning developers can use Xamarin tools to write native Android, iOS, and Windows apps with user interfaces and share code across multiple platforms, part of these are Windows and macOS.


Another important thing to note is that Xamarin is unique because it helps in offering a single language that includes C#—which is a major convenience for developers because they don’t have to learn a new coding language—and also offers class library and runtime. These types work across all three aforementioned mobile platforms. Xamarin also provides all the flexibility to write the core logic using C# and also provides the malleability to design the native user interface for each of the platforms.


The role of a skilled Xamarin developer is important. They help realise the ideas of their clients into dynamic applications on the three mobile platforms—Android, iOS and Windows phone—with the use of its cross-platform features.

Why should you hire a Xamarin Developer?

Technology has significantly evolved and in turn, also revolutionised how people live their everyday lives. With these advances, convenience is still a big deciding factor for development. Xamarin exhibits some of these development aspects that make it convenient for its developers.


Here are some benefits businesses that employ the best and knowledgeable Xamarin developers stand to gain in the process of adding them to their next mobile application project.


Time Efficient

Xamarin developers are able to utilise reusable code which they can recycle for the development of mobile applications across a plethora of platforms. Since the coding is based on C# language and .NET libraries, your Xamarin development team can reuse a great portion of the codes for creating apps. Essentially, this saves a big amount of time and effort for the developers and gives an edge for businesses in the highly competitive industry of mobile application development.


Familiar and Convenient

C# is a complex and refined programming language but it is also general-purpose and type-friendly. Because of its object-oriented coding, it is considered a type-safe feature that Xamarin developers utilise often when developing mobile apps as this allows them to bypass any possible type-specific errors and easily troubleshoot.


Cost Efficient

Xamarin is considered appealing to businesses because of its modern app development practices, one of these is its rapid mobile application development (RMAD) capability. Developers maximise on Xamarin’s cross-platform and this essentially speed up the process without sacrificing on costs. Expert Xamarin developers are both agile and mindful about being cost-effective making them business-friendly to anyone that utilise their services.

How much is the usual rate for Xamarin developers?

Portrayed below is a comparative illustration of the average annual and hourly local rates of Xamarin developers from four different countries. All information about annual and hourly rates are based on Neuvoo.


  Average Xamarin Developer’s Annual Salary Average Xamarin Developer’s Hourly Rate
United Kingdom GBP 40,000 GBP 20
United States USD 110,000 USD 56
Canada CAD 120,000 CAD 61
Australia AUD 112,125 AUD 57


To be more efficient in operation costs and the recruitment process, a lot of new startups and established tech firms are using the services by IT outsourcing providers.


Here at Cloud Employee, we understand the need for businesses to find alternative solutions that effectively reduce costs and time. To make IT outsourcing in the United Kingdom and throughout the globe more accessible, we offer competitive industry rates for hiring the best offshore Xamarin developers in the fastest amount of time possible.


For more information about outsourcing developers for your next software project, here’s a helpful blog about offshore developer rates.


What interview techniques should you use to hire the best Xamarin developers?

When employing the best Xamarin developers, it’s essential to keep in mind the goal of the interview is to evaluate your potential candidate’s skills and understanding within the time of the interview.


Here are some helpful tips for interview questions and techniques that you can apply to determine the best Xamarin developer for you and your tech project.


Design questions aimed at effective evaluation

It’s important to ask the interviewee inquiries that help you evaluate them with fixed criteria in mind. Your questions should help you assess if the candidate meets and hopefully exceed the said criteria. For example, based on their answers, do they present beliefs and culture that aligns with your company’s values and goals and, of course, do they meet the competencies and expectations of the role as a Xamarin developer for your project.


You can easily determine other important points by asking questions. The first is knowing the depth of their knowledge and understanding. It’s encouraged to ask about their previous projects as it’s a surefire way to know their technical skills in practical applications. Another thing to note is how they talk about their recent tech project and how well do the Xamarin candidates explain concepts that aren’t within the wheelhouse of a non-technical person’s perspective.


The second thing to also note is their communication skills. As developers, they are often relegated to the front of the screen, and some work way into the odd hours of the day. This essentially impedes their social skills and are often stereotyped as shy and very quiet.


Regardless of these common stereotypes about developers, the level of their communication skills are still important. It’s encouraged to pay close attention to the non-verbal cues exhibited by the Xamarin candidate throughout the interview. A few things to note would be their tone of voice, body language, their posture, frequency in eye contact and their use of hand gestures. It’s indicative of how comfortable they are interacting and how they handle being the centre of attention.


Their soft skills are still equally important as this helps avoid any foreseeable miscommunication if they are adept with conversing with you and possibly bring up problems that might arise throughout the duration of your tech project.


Conduct technical tests

For any highly technical position, such as a Xamarin developer, it’s strongly encouraged to hold online programming tests for them as these further assess their depth of knowledge, experience, and critical thinking skills through real-time practical application.


By the end of these tests and interviews, choosing your Xamarin candidate who is more qualified than at face value will always be the wisest choice as they should be able to assess any problem that arises, effectively troubleshoot and be communicable when the problem is more complex and requires help.


Here are some sample questions that you can ask your candidates.

Q: What are the programming languages that support Xamarin Development?

A: Xamarin is unique in this space by offering a single language–C#, class library, and runtime that works across all three mobile platforms of iOS, Android, and Windows Phone (Windows Phone’s native language is already C#). Itlso offers xaml support for creating user interface.


Q: What are the disadvantages of Xaml in Xamarin.Forms?


  • XAML cannot contain code. All event handlers must be defined in a code file.
  • XAML cannot contain loops for repetitive processing. However, ListView —can generate multiple children based on the objects in its ItemsSource collection.
  • XAML cannot contain conditional processing. However, a data-binding can reference a code-based binding converter that effectively allows some conditional processing.
  • XAML generally cannot instantiate classes that do not define a parameterless constructor. However there is sometimes a way around this restriction.
  • XAML generally cannot call methods. This restriction can sometimes be overcome.


Q: How many ways can we create Xamarin applications?

A: There are two ways to deliver native iOS, Android, and Windows apps using Xamarin Technology

  • Traditional Xamarin approach: This approach can provide direct access to platform-specific API’s. And we can create platform-specific apps such as using Xamarin.iOS for iOS applications, and using Xamarin.Android for Android applications.
  • Xamarin.forms: This architecture is the same as that of traditional cross-platform apps. The most used method is to implement Portable Libraries or Shared Projects to save the shared code, and then create specific applications for each platform that will consume this shared code.


Q: What is the difference between PCL & Shared Project?


  • PCL has an output assembly as DLL while Shared Project has no output assembly.
  • Files inside PCL are treated as part of PCL while in Shared Project, files are treated as part of the referencing project and compiled into that assembly.
  • PCL contains neat and clean platform independent code while Shared Project consists of many #if compiler directives to differentiate code among platforms.
  • PCL is the best approach if good project architecture is the main concern instead of Shared Project.
  • PCL uses the Interfaces and DependencyServices to access platform specific features while Shared Project can assess them directly.
  • PCL has less compile time errors while Shared Project has many chances of compile time errors while switching among platform-specific projects.
  • PCL is used if less platform-specific code is required. Shared Project is used when a lot of platform-specific code is required. However, this is not true all the time. The choice is always on the developer.

How can Cloud Employee help you?

Cloud Employee is a UK-managed IT outsourcing firm that helps you hire the best offshore Xamarin developers in the Philippines. We also take care of the recruitment process, set-up, and support enabling you to focus on managing your business more effectively.


With Cloud Employee, hiring is simple, just send us your recruitment requirements and our dedicated team does a custom search for Xamarin developer as per your specifications. After a meticulous pre-screening, we suggest a shortlist of highly-qualified candidates from which you can personally select the candidates you want to interview and, possibly, invite for technical testing. Through our custom recruitment process, we make sure you hire the best offshore Xamarin developer that is suited for you without paying any hidden recruitment fees.


Your dedicated offshore Xamarin developer works exclusively for you at mirrored working hours. Your offshore Xamarin developers report directly to you making them an effective member of your in-house team.


As your reliable partner, Cloud Employee provides the necessary equipment and support to get the job done. We provide your offshore Xamarin developer with a clean and comfortable designated workspace, with full daily IT support, and fast internet connection. We also handle matters such as HR, general administrative functions, and back-office tasks so you can prioritise on your tech project.


Hiring offshore Xamarin developers with Cloud Employee will help you with custom app development, Xamarin QA testing, cross-platform mobile consulting, and support, and maintenance services. Our UK-managed developers have expertise in  C#, .NET, Xamarin Forms, Xamarin Native, Android, iOS, SQL, MySQL, Visual Studio, and web APIs.

What is the dedicated hiring model?

The Dedicated Hiring Model integrates the dedicated offshore team you choose with your existing in-house development team, basically reducing the chances of any miscommunication or risk in the project’s design and architecture. The business or employer has full control and transparency over the offshore team.


Because of its flexible nature, it’s considered as one of the best engagement models. You can request for tech talents, resources, and types of equipment at any given time corresponding to the requirements of the project. The Dedicated Hiring Model allows the in-house team to scale up or down with ease.



  • Perfect for a long-term project, especially for those with constantly changing project scopes and undefined specifications.
  • Predictable budget despite an indefinite project scope.
  • You will have full access and control over the whole recruitment process, selection of candidates, and management of the offshore team.
  • Product quality can be monitored, assessed and guaranteed.
  • The offshore team gains more in-depth knowledge and understanding of the client’s objectives, goals, standards, and expectations.
  • The offshore team exclusively works for you throughout the project scope.


The Dedicated Hiring Model is perfect for businesses that:

  • Prefer to work with dedicated Drupal developers for their current and upcoming future projects.
  • Prefer to reduce expenses in terms of searching for specific talents, and the recruitment process.
  • Require flexibility in a team’s workload and scalability especially during the project’s development.


At Cloud Employee, your dedicated team of Xamarin developers is dedicated to you and mirrors your preferred working hours. This means that both you and the offshore development team can work together at the same time, and ultimately reduce any miscommunication issues and foreseeable inconveniences. Your offshore Xamarin team can also use your preferred software, tools, and standards, making them a more effective part of your team.


Combining the Dedicated Hiring Model and Cloud Employee’s extensive experience in the IT outsourcing industry, we came up with a business model that is truly unique and effective. This business model has simplified the recruitment process, made working practices more flexible, and bridged the gap between in-house and offshore teams, all for a competitive industry rate. We believe that our business model works better than any of its IT outsourcing competition.



Why Hire Offshore Xamarin Developers With Cloud Employee

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UK Developer

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Cloud Employee Developer

£14 per hour

Clients save on average £60,000 per annum

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