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Senior Xamarin Developer
13 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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He is an exceptional Windows Application and Xamarin Developer with 12 years of experience. He has spent the past 3 years working full-time at Cloud Employee’s, working for our clients in Sweden, Canada and in the UK. He has worked with a number of companies internationally working both as a solo developer and part of a larger team.

He is a fast-learner and a hard worker with high ambitions, always striving to improve himself. He has a diverse skill set which allows him to effectively work in multiple areas of the web development field. He is always willing to step outside of his comfort zone to learn new technologies.

His clients have spoken very highly of his work. He has received praise from both Cloud Employee and his clients for going the extra mile in order to meet deadlines and deliver for his clients.

He is one of the best developers we have at Cloud Employee and will be a great addition to your team.

Work Experience

.Net Developer
August 2015 - Present

Project 1:

  • Develop a custom application that will help contractors such as Electrician, Plumbers, House Painter, etc. connect to their customers and wholesalers easily.
  • The application is developed using Xamarin.Forms .NET Standard 2 technology to support multiple mobile platforms such as Android and iOS phones. It also uses MVVM coding pattern to with the bindings and make the code structures cleaner.

Project 2:

  • Develop a video and music streaming application for iOS and Android.
  • The application is developed using Xamarin. Forms PCL and the contents are retrieved from the PocketBeat server using WebAPI which also part of the development.
  • Cross-platform video and music streaming are made possible using an open source Xamarin library called MediaManager.
  • The complicated part of this application is to support a floating miniplayer that sits on the bottom of the application. This feature is not available in Xamarin but using years of knowledge in programming, he made it possible.

Project 3:

  • Further develop, bug fixes, and enhance their Windows Apps client application
  • Technologies: C#, Jira, XAML , Xamarin, IOS, Android, JSON , Xamarin Forms
Freelance Developer
August 2011 - August 2015


  • Programming In visual studios 2013 VB

Help the client making it work. The client agreed to rewrite the application to C# + WPF XAML.

  • WPF Developer with PS Experience

Convert client's Photoshop UI design to WPF. No code behind, just pure XAML in WPF.

  • Simple time lapse viewer

Windows desktop application that has two simple windows. The user will select a folder for each window. The user will then specify the frames per second and press play. Both windows will simultaneously play an animation of each image file in their folder, in alphabetical order.

  • Dynamic Image display slideshow over 4 monitors

A simple application that will take new images that are copied into a landing folder and display them in sequence over 4 screens

The application is written in C# with Windows Forms. The application monitors a specific folder that contains images coming from the internet.

  • Time Ticker for Windows

It’s actually a time management application that doctors can also edit their block times. They can add minutes or hours if a patient took an extra time.

The application is written in C# with Windows Forms and using SQLite to store the doctor information and schedules.

  • Develop a print count application/locking system

Develop a desktop application which links a specific printer to a specific desktop computer.

Also made a custom unique key generator / “Unlock” codes that the client’s customers can buy so they can use the printer again after maxing out their printing usage.

  • Decompile and compile again of C# application

Client is asking to decompile a .NET WPF application, rebuild its source code and make it working for Visual Studio 2013.

Made sure get the correct decompiled code and image resource

Technologies: C#, WPF XAML, JetBrains dotPeek

Applications Developer
November 2007 - July 2011


  • PDF Formula Parser

A batch tool that extracts formulas from PDF files that contains medical formulas and export these extracted formulas, procedures, and notes to back-end MySQL database.

Extraction was heavily written with RegEx and saving to MySQL database is made possible by using MySQL .NET Connector library

  • Formula Importer

Another batch tool that extracts WMF files and formulas from RTF file and then saved in AskSam database.

Wrote RTF reader while developing this application to help analyzing the RTF files and gives an overview of the document pattern.

Used an open source library for reading RTF file and AskSam database libraries.

  • Spiders

Has different modules for crawling, database communication, session-aware web client, automated email, logging, and back-end server indexing. The spiders are fully written in C# with the help of Html Agility Pack library and some RegEx.

Biggest project in the company and highly maintained application.

Wrote different monitoring system to monitor the project.

Technologies: C#.Net 2.0, C#.Net 3.0, RegEx

IT Facilitator
November 2006 - September 2007

Worked as an IT instructor in one of the Institute of Information Technology at Baguio City and have handled computer lessons such as:

  • Computer Programming 101
  • Networking 101
  • Basic C# Programming
  • Animation using Macromedia Flash
  • Basic Web Programming
  • Digital Media Arts
MIT/Web Developer
March 2006 - October 2006
  • Work as a full time MIT and a Web Developer
  • Develop company's basic web page
  • Also handled network cabling, PBX wiring, room access cards and security key management, computer maintenance.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
STI College Baguio
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