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Spring Developer
5 years of experience

4 years in the professional field of Java Java Web Developer using Spring Framework for  over 3 years  Experienced in Multi-tiered architecture us. . .

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Mid-level Spring Developer
5 years of experience

Experienced Software and Application Developer using Java and J2EE technology. Handled different projects domains including telecommunications, ban. . .

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Don A.

Junior Spring Developer
1 year of experience

A dedicated Junior Java developer with around 2 years of experience in software development, with a strong technical background who has the ability to. . .

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Senior Spring Developer
7 years of experience

An IT specialist with almost 7 years of experience in software development, with a strong technical background who has the ability to work with minimu. . .

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View David's CV


Spring Developer
5 years of experience

4 years in the professional field of Java Java Web Developer using Spring Framework for  over 3 years  Experienced in Multi-tiered architecture us. . .

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Hire Developers

How to Hire the Best Spring Developer

When hiring Spring developers, employers must first know what to look for to find the right developer, such as the right technical skills to look for. To help you know what essential abilities and technical skills to look for, here is a comprehensive guide when you want to hire the best Spring developers.


But first, let us know more about the Spring framework. Built on the Java platform, Spring is an open source application framework and inversion of control container. It is a framework for dependency injection, which is a pattern that enables developers to build decoupled systems.


It can be applied to any Java application, but it also includes web application extensions that can be used on the Java EE (Enterprise Edition) platform. Spring does not have any specific programming model and has become quite popular with the Java community as an addition, or replacement of the EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) model.


The framework provides the following features for backend developers:


MVC web development

Spring uses the Model-View-Controller model when building web applications. This allows developers to separate web development into three areas that help to easily design and develop web applications. This feature allows Spring developers to produce robust web applications with minimal difficulty.


Easy integration

It is compatible with various major Java technologies such as Hibernate, JDBC, and Java EE, among many others. Spring also works with a range of middleware and databases such as Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, and SQL Server, among others.


Aspect-oriented programming

This is a different kind of programming thinking that include isolating cross-cutting functionality into certain “aspects.” instead of repeating code throughout your web application when handling aspects whenever they are needed, aspect-oriented programming allows developers to reuse these aspects.


Testing support

Spring provides great testing support using tools such as JUnit and mocking utilities such as Mockito. As a result, it is suitable for cutting edge development methodologies such as Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) and Test Driven Development (TDD). When you hire a good Spring developer, he or she can enhance the integrity of your entire code base using this efficient feature.


Because of these useful features, Spring is named as one of the top two Java frameworks just a bit behind Java Server Faces (JSF).

Why should you hire a Spring developer?

For businesses, hiring skilled Spring developers can help your business create various web applications according to your business needs. Most enterprises hire a Spring developer due to the framework’s various capabilities. These include:


Available tech talents

Because of the framework’s popularity among businesses, there have been more and more developers who take the time to learn the framework. As a result, there has been a significant increase in Spring developers which in turn allows businesses to find available talent.


Open source

The framework’s open source and flexible nature makes it a cost-effective solution for many businesses. Aside from this, being an open source platform allows skilled Spring developers to extend the core Spring framework and to leverage the customisations as well. In addition, because of its growing community and contributors, businesses and developers are assured of the framework’s longevity.


Core Java

Spring removes the complexities of using copyrighted Java extensions and enables developers and businesses to seamlessly work using Java and its related technologies.


Enterprise technology compatibility

Because of its compatibility with other Java technologies, businesses can easily pair Spring with other existing tools or stacks. This is especially useful for integrating the Spring web development for large businesses with a big existing tech infrastructure.

What technical skills should you look for when hiring Spring developers?

When hiring Spring developers, businesses must be keen to thoroughly evaluate a candidates’ knowledge and expertise in Java and the Spring framework. Aside from finishing a degree in Computer Science, Software Development, IT or other related tech degrees, here are must-have Spring developer skills that you should look for:

  • Knowledge of the latest version and features of the Spring framework such as the Spring MVC, Spring batch, Spring Cloud, Spring Security, and Spring Integration
  • Experience working with relational databases such as Oracle and DB2
  • Experience in handling web UI development and knows how to work with the following languages: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Angular, Bootstrap, jQuery, and Node.js, among others
  • Experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS such as SQS, PCF, and Docker, among others)
  • Strong understanding of the Agile software development process
  • Excellent communication skills


Take note that the qualifications above are basic recommended technical skills you should look for. These may still change depending on your project requirements.

How much is the usual rate for Spring developers?

How much would it cost to hire Spring developers? Here’s a comparison of the different rates for Spring developers based on different Western countries. The following rates are according to figures from ITJobsWatch, ZipRecruiter, Neuvoo, and PayScale.


  Average Spring Developer Annual Salary Average Spring Developer Hourly Rate
United Kingdom GBP 57,500 GBP 35.61
United States USD 117,087 USD 56
Canada CAD 125,000 CAD 64.10
Australia AUS 78,838 AUS 60


These expensive rates for local Spring developers have made business prefer to hire offshore Spring developers instead. By hiring Spring developers offshore, businesses can save more on costs while still improving their company’s growth. However, as with any partnership, the key to a successful outsourcing experience if to find the right outsourcing partner.


As the UK’s reliable outsourcing providers, Cloud Employee offers businesses across industries a convenient, risk-free and cost-effective outsourcing solution. With us, hiring offshore Spring developers has become more accessible due to our affordable industry offshore rates.


To know more about how much it is to hire Spring developers offshore, here’s a comprehensive guide about offshore developer rates for every popular outsourcing destinations.

What interview techniques should you use to hire the best Spring developer?

After receiving applications from candidates, the next important step to hiring Spring developers is to thoroughly test their technical abilities. To hire the best Spring developers, here are two interview methods that you can try. 


Have the Spring developers describe their recent project

Ask the candidates to illustrate how their latest project was developed. With this question, employers can determine these two aspects:

1) Employers can identify if a candidate really does have the technical skills in their CV. In short, do they really walk the talk? Can the Spring developer candidate showcase his or her expertise by explaining key aspects of Spring development? Allowing them to discuss their project in detail will also give employers an idea of into how involved they are with the project.


2) Employers can also determine if a candidate possesses excellent communication skills. As with any kind of developer, a good Spring developer must have strong communication skills in order to effectively work with a team and with other members of the project. During the presentation, check if they can communicate their thoughts and explain technical concepts clearly. This would be an important ability to look for especially if you are looking to hire senior Spring developers who will lead your team.


Conduct technical exams

Unfortunately, not a lot of companies still do not implement technical exams when hiring developers. This comes as a surprise given that employers are assessing technical skills. When hiring Spring developers, it always recommended conducting a technical test before hiring developers. With technical exams, employers can gain valuable insight into a Spring developer’s true abilities. In turn, companies can significantly save on hiring costs and prevent the business from losing more costs over a bad hire.


For conducting technical exams, businesses may utilise a free or paid online programming test. If you want to hire the best Spring developers, assess not only a person’s knowledge and ability in Spring development but also their capability to solve issues.


If it’s not possible for your company to use an online technical exam, you may prepare your own exam according to your technical needs. To give you an idea of preparing for a Spring developers technical test, here are sample questions and answers you may see for reference.


Q: How do you add a bean to a Spring application? Write the code.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<bean id="foo"/>
<bean id="bar"/>

Q: In Spring MVC, explain when does one need the @ResponseBody annotation and write a sample code.

A: The annotation can be placed on a method to indicate that the return type should be written directly to the HTTP response body rather than being interpreted as a view name or placed in a Model.


For example:

@RequestMapping(path = "/hello", method = RequestMethod.PUT)
public String helloWorld() {
 return "Hello World";

How can Cloud Employee help you?

Cloud Employee is a UK-managed IT outsourcing company linking businesses and firms to the best Spring developers in the Philippines with our client-focused business model. We help you hire offshore Spring developers without the risks and common pitfalls of traditional outsourcing.


To start hiring Spring developers, simply let us know the skills and expertise you need. Our team conducts local sourcing of skilled and available developers following the requirements you provided, and we get back to you with a shortlist of candidate CVs. You personally handpick the Spring developers you want to invite for a video interview or free technical testing. As your reliable IT outsourcing partner, we make sure you hire only the Spring developer you want.


Once hired, you now have a dedicate Spring developer or development team working 100% exclusively on your project. They report directly to you and work on the same time zone as you as if part of your in-house team.


While you work, we take care of your offshore Spring developers for you. We provide them with the necessary equipment, fast internet connection, and IT support at our modern offices in the country. We also handle HR tasks, payroll, taxes, and general administrative functions so you can concentrate on managing your team.


Hire offshore Spring developers with Cloud Employee today! Our Spring developers are also experts in Spring MVC, Java, Java EE, Java SE, J2EE, JSP, JVM, JDBC, Struts, Hibernate, and other related technologies.

What is the dedicated hiring model?

Best for companies who would like to outsource their Spring development, the dedicated hiring model is a flexible outsourcing model that enables outsourcing parties to have close control over the hiring process. As a result, it can effectively lessen problems in communication experienced when outsourcing.


Aside from this, its other main advantage is its flexible nature. Companies who outsource Spring developers using this model can easily scale their business or in-house at any time during a project. As a result, companies now have freedom over long-running contracts.



  • Highly recommended for long-term projects with indefinite details, and for short-term projects with complete details.
  • Costs can be approximated despite no definite scope and requirements.
  • Ideal for companies who prefer direct contact with their offshore Spring developer.
  • Enables businesses to closely monitor their offshore Spring developer’s project progress and product quality.
  • The offshore Spring developer becomes an extension of your in-house team as they exclusively work under your company, rules, standards, and goals.


Combining the advantages of the dedicated hiring model and Cloud Employee’s 20 years of IT outsourcing knowledge and experience, our dedicated team offers companies of various sizes across the globe with a low-risk, hassle-free, and cost-effective alternative to hiring developers.


Cloud Employee’s dedicated developer model has been modified to flexibly adapt to the IT needs of growing teams and businesses. Our model has reduced the tedious recruitment process, allowed better working practices, and bridged the tech talent gap—all for a cost-effective industry rate. Indeed, Cloud Employee takes pride in the fact that our business model greatly helps businesses with their tech hiring needs.



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