4 Reasons To Get a Software Development Degree

With the high demand for IT talent worldwide, there are plenty of job opportunities for software developers out there. In addition, with how everything is turning digital, tech is the way to go. For students and those thinking of switching careers, here are the benefits of getting a software development degree.

1. Various Career Prospects

Careers range from software engineer, web developer, mobile developer, system administrator, and even game developer just to name a few. In addition, the degree can be used across industries. You can find software development jobs in retail, healthcare, business, research and development, and in the government among many others. A master’s degree can open doors for high-level positions, and leadership and management opportunities. The various areas and tech languages can help you find an area that fits your interest and strengths.

2. High Employment Rate

What most software development graduates enjoy is that the jobs seek for you. Due to the high demand of tech professionals worldwide, especially in the US and the UK, software development graduates have increased since. According to the 2018 Salary Survey conducted by recruitment firm Robert Walters, the growth of digitalisation and e-commerce resulted in the demand and value for top IT talents with a growing requirement of specific programming languages. According to job search site Monster, positions such as Data Scientist and Software Engineer are a high demand this 2018.

3. Financially Rewarding Career

One of the perks in this line of work is the financial stability. Software degree graduates often get higher base salaries as compared to other graduates. Meanwhile, senior developers earn an average of £48,000 (~$63,910.80) a year in the UK according to Glassdoor. These high rates are due to the high demand for tech professionals, and due to the expertise needed in the position.

4. Overseas Opportunity

The high employment rate can open opportunities overseas. You can enter the global tech industry and maybe even join giant tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple. Some developers also work in outsourcing firms and receive the same overseas opportunities without leaving the country. A career in software development brings generally better opportunities than most degrees.


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