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Perl Developer
5 years of experience

Experienced with .NET Development using ASP.NET and C# Familiarity with multi-threading Knowledgeable in using web development tools (Visual Studi. . .

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Senior Perl Developer
10 years of experience

Over a years of Professional experience in PHP, She has also a years of experience in using OOP and done many projects using Symfony, Laravel, Yii, . . .

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Mid-level Perl Developer
5 years of experience

More than a years of professional work in Software Development Life Cycle using .NET framework. Experienced in developing windows applications, web ap. . .

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Junior Perl Developer
2 years of experience

Solutions-driven programmer with a commended performance in modular and object-oriented programming. Well-versed in all phases of the software develop. . .

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Perl Developer
5 years of experience

Experienced with .NET Development using ASP.NET and C# Familiarity with multi-threading Knowledgeable in using web development tools (Visual Studi. . .

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How to Hire the Best Perl Developers

Employees and recruiters seeking IT support from skilled Perl developers for their business’ development project must educate themselves on what Perl is and what they can gain from the programming language. Startups to big tech firms looking into hiring a Perl developer should go through certain procedures to find the best Perl developer for their development project. The following information aims to guide businesses to find a Perl developer that can be an effective extension of their in-house development team.


What is Perl? Perl is a family of programming languages, with Perl 5 being its latest version running in over 100 platforms ranging from portables to mainframes. Perl 5 is used in both rapid prototyping as well as in large scale development projects. With the use of Perl’s programming language, developers are able to create apps and codes.


With over 30 years of development, Perl 5 offers new features that have turned it to be a highly functioning, feature-rich programming language. The following are Perl 5’s latest features:

  • Perl 5 is used for mission-critical projects in both the public and private sectors.
  • It has the ability to support object-oriented, procedural and functional programming.
  • The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) has over 25,000 open source modules making the language and its functions easily extendable.
  • Perl possesses powerful tools used for processing text that make it ideal for working with HTML, XML and other mark-up and natural languages.
  • Supports Unicode version 6
  • Third-party databases like Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL, MySQL and many others are supported in Perl’s database integration interface (DBI).
  • Perl 5 has a C and C++ library interface through XS or SWIG.
  • Perl is embeddable into other systems such as web servers and database servers.


With Perl’s impressive features for development projects, you and your business can gain a lot using its powerful language in your business development ventures. To ensure the success of your development project, hiring a skilled Perl developer is highly beneficial.

Why should you hire a Perl developer?

When planning on developing a tech project, it is highly important to have an expert to guide and assist you through the whole process in your development project. Perl developers write code and create apps using the Perl programming language. When you hire a Perl developer, you can easily utilise this powerful language, as a skilled Perl developer knows the ins and outs of the web development language. He or she will ensure that you will be getting the most out of what Perl as a development programming language has to offer.


With a Perl developer your development project the Perl programming language is used in:

  • Common Gateway Interface (CGI) applications
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) development
  • Systems Administration
  • Database Development
  • Network Programming


Here are some of the responsibilities of Perl developers when maintaining software applications:

  • Designing
  • Developing
  • Debugging
  • Testing


Perl developers are more importantly are in charge of collecting and processing data. They are responsible for developing, manipulating and converting databases; as well as providing technical support and recommendations to you as their client.

What technical skills should you look for when hiring Perl developers?

When it comes to hiring a Perl developer, it is important for employers and recruiters to look into the credentials of potential candidates. A developer who is well versed in Perl programming is the number one requirement when hiring. Others should also include a developer who is comfortable with Linux and UNIX operating systems and shell scripting. If your business plans to work on database development, a Perl developer must also have the ability to code in SQL along with an understanding of databases such as Oracle and MySQL.


You can also find Perl developers familiar with other web development languages such as:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby On Rails


By looking at the technical capabilities of a Perl developer, you are able to get a good idea on what kind of work the candidate is able to produce. Their technical skills can also indicate their level of understanding in regards to different web development programming languages. From this, you will be able to choose the best Perl developers from the rest. Although technical skills aren’t the only way to base your decision, it is highly important especially during the initial stages of your hiring process.

What is the usual rate for Perl developers?

To give you an idea of the annual local rates of Perl developers, the table below compares rates from four different countries. All salaries and hourly rates are based on PayScale and ITJobsWatch. 


  Perl Developer Average Annual Salary Perl Developer Average Hourly Rate
United Kingdom GBP 40,000 GBP 43.00
United States USD 83,743 USD 34.29
Canada CAD 68,351 CAD 31.25


To save on costs on projects and services, small to big businesses have found that partnering with IT outsourcing providers is a great alternative.


With Cloud Employee as your IT outsourcing provider, you can benefit from high-quality services that help in growing your business as well as expand your business’ IT solutions. As our client, you will benefit from our competitive industry rates when you hire your dedicated Perl developers with us.

What interview techniques should you use to hire the best Perl developer?

Once you have a list of potential candidates, it is now time to narrow down your choice, to help you get to this point in the hiring process, it is highly recommended to use interview techniques. Further interviews and tests are encouraged to ensure that you are hiring the right Perl developer for your development project. Seeing a long list of technical skills on a CV will not suffice as there are other factors that make a good and qualified member of your in-house development team.


As your potential Perl developer will be working far away from your in-house team, it is integral that communication won’t be an issue. During the interview via video call, ask the candidate about their past experiences on development projects, how did they solve problems that they have encountered? How was the outcome of the project? Were their clients or previous employers satisfied with the work they produced? As you interact, take note of how well you can converse with them and if you can see yourself working together. From the video interview, you can get a good grasp of what type of worker and overall person the candidate is. Finding a Perl developer that is able to connect with you and your team is highly important.


After the video interview, a technical skills test will be conducted to examine how proficient the candidates are with the essential programming technologies required for your development project. Here are some suggested questions that could be asked during the technical skills test:


Q: To reduce or avoid errors how do you show warning options in Perl?


The -w Command-line option:

Will present the list if warning messages regarding the code.


Strict pragma:

Forces the user to declare all variables before they can be used using the my() function.


Using the built-in debugger:

Allows the user to scroll through the entire program line by line.


Q: In Perl, what feature provides code reusability? Give an example of the feature.

A: The inheritance feature of Perl provides code reusability. In this feature, the child class can use the methods and property of the parent class.


Package Parent;
Sub foo
print("Inside A::foo\n");
package Child;
@ISA = (Parent);
package main;

Q: Can a binary extension be loaded dynamically?

A: A binary extension can be loaded dynamically if the system that you possess supports that. If it doesn’t, you can find a way through statically compiling the extension.

How can Cloud Employee help you?

With Cloud Employee, you are able to connect with some of the world’s top-notch developers, catering to your IT support needs. As a UK-managed outsourcing company, we help you find and hire offshore Perl developers fast and risk-free.


You can start by sending us the job specifications that you require from a Perl developer. Our recruitment team will then conduct a custom search for skilled and available Perl developers and provide you with a list of pre-screened candidate CVs. From this list, you select the candidates you deem fit to move forward for interviews and technical testing. You only hire the Perl developer you want at no commitments as well as recruitment fees.


Once onboard, your offshore Perl developer will be 100% dedicated to working on your project during your work hours, directly reporting to you, and adhering your standards. This process makes your offshore developer an effective extension of your in-house team.


As your trusted partner, Cloud Employee provides your offshore Perl developer with a clean and comfortable workspace with full IT set-up and support. At the same time, we also take care of HR concerns, payroll, taxes, licensing, and other back-office tasks, allowing you to focus on managing and growing your business.


Offshoring Perl developers streamline internal business applications and processes thus making it cost-efficient. With Cloud Employee, you can hire offshore Perl developers also skilled in these related technologies: PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, and C#.

What is the dedicated developer model?

At Cloud Employee, we practice our dedicated developer model, a flexible business model that helps our clients to seamlessly bring in their dedicated offshore Perl development team into their in-house team. With this business model, developers work 100% exclusively for you which makes working together a lot easier and effectively reduces miscommunication despite being oceans apart.


The dedicated developer model has become considered one of the best engagement models as it is flexible when it comes to the hiring process. Startups and big tech firms can easily find the right IT support, with no hassle. When you move forward with us, you will highly benefit from this model as it enables you to not only request for tech talents but also equipment, and resources that are needed for your project.



  • Provides flexibility to long-term projects that have a continuous changing project scope and undefined specifications
  • Offers a predictable budget even with an indefinite project scope
  • You as the client has full control all throughout the hiring process, selection of candidate and management of your offshore Perl development team
  • Product quality will be monitored and assessed by you
  • The outsourced development team in your team will be dedicated and adhere to your business’ objectives, standards and expectations


All in all, Cloud Employee’s business model is fit for businesses that require the following:

  • A dedicated Perl developer for their development project
  • Seeks to lessen costs on IT support and services
  • Requires the flexibility in terms of scalability during the project’s development


Since your dedicated Perl developer will work exclusively for you during the same time as your in-house team, there are lesser risks of miscommunications and delays. Your offshore Perl developer will also be provided with your preferred tools, software, and standards. As a result, the model enables your offshore Perl developer to seamlessly become an extension of your in-house team despite the geographical distance.


Cloud Employee aims to create a business model that can effectively address the needs of up and coming, fast-paced and dynamic startups today. Our developer business model breaks down the hiring process and has provided flexible work practices, which have successfully connected startups with highly skilled and qualified offshore IT developers at competitive industry rates in a timely and efficient manner. This is what sets Cloud Employee’s apart from the rest, a business model that is dedicated to meeting their client’s need. It is a model that has proven to work  better than traditional IT outsourcing.



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UK Developer

£40 per hour

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Cloud Employee Developer

£14 per hour

Clients save on average £60,000 per annum

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