Relying on the local pool of Zend developers today especially in countries like the UK, Australia, and US can be expensive and limiting. The shortage of tech talent in these countries makes the case for IT outsourcing in resolving the staffing needs of companies. Hiring offshore Zend developers can boost your business growth and bottomline. With a huge business processing outsourcing industry and an ever-increasing pool of IT talent, the Philippines emerges as one of best offshoring destinations for big brand companies.

If you need a dedicated Zend developer or want to build an offshore development team quickly, Cloud Employee is here to help. We connect you to the best IT talent and Zend developers in the Philippines. Begin by sending us your staffing requirements. Our team then headhunts locally and gives you a shortlist of candidate CVs. You pick from the list those you want for video interviews and technical testing. Our custom-recruitment process ensure that the Zend developer you hire with us fit your requirements. Plus, you don't pay any recruitment fees.

Our services doesn't stop there. When you let with Cloud Employee take care of your IT staffing needs, you get a lot more. We make sure that your dedicated Zend developer is fully equipped to get work done - hardware, software, fast internet connection, and IT support. They report to you on your business hours from our Philippine-based offices, working full-time on your projects, using the tools and standards you set - making them effectively a full member of your in-house team, just as if they are in your office.

Our After Care Team is on-site to provide you and your offshore Zend developer full day-to-day support, monitoring their attendance, as well as facilitating regular performance reviews. We make sure that our work environment and culture enhances team productivity and employee retention. Everything else - permits and licensing, payroll, taxes, insurances, HR and general admin - we handle, so you can concentrate on your business and direct management of your offshore development team.

With the prevalence of websites in the whole world wide web today using PHP, it is not surprising the abundance of PHP frameworks. With 64 million installations, Zend Framework can be your best bet in providing a user-friendly and easy to maintain framework for your PHP-based systems. Open-source and with a large active community, the Zend framework is particularly useful for data analytics, easy to learn, customizable, and easy to integrate with other PHP libraries.

Whether you need a Zend website, custom CMS, develop a portal, customise or design a Zend framework theme, do integration services, or need maintenance and support for Zend-built sites or platforms, having the services of an offshore Zend developer is handy. A dedicated Zend developer with Cloud Employee can help you with these development solutions and more.

With Cloud Employee, you can hire Zend developers who are also skilled in PHP, MySQL, Symfony, and other related technologies.  

Why Hire Offshore Zend Developers with Cloud Employee

  • Access to the best tech talent in the Philippines
  • End-to-end Client Control from custom-recruitment to direct developer management
  • 100% Dedicated Developers working at the same time-zone
  • Full Client Support with our After Care Team
  • Savings of up to 65% or more



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