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Senior Front-End Developer
7 years of experience

He is a rock star Front End developer who loves to create elegant, optimized & functional websites. He has a passion for user-centred design &. . .

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Front-End Developer
3 years of experience

Genine has a year and a half experience focusing on Front End development. She has experience in migrating PHP to AngularJS; creating new pages and re. . .

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Junior Front-End Developer
2 years of experience

Liann is a hungry talent who is eager to prove himself in the programming field. He started his career recently and with the experience and training h. . .

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Mid-level Front-End Developer
6 years of experience

He is a result-oriented web developer offering extensive experience in design and layout for over 4 years purely in front-end development. Having been. . .

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View Bilbo's CV


Senior Front-End Developer
7 years of experience

He is a rock star Front End developer who loves to create elegant, optimized & functional websites. He has a passion for user-centred design &. . .

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How to Hire the Best Front End Developers

When it comes to developing your website, it is important to invest in the right tools and manpower to create an online platform fit for your business. As you embark on finding the right front end developer to help build your IT project, it is important to educate yourself on what front end developers do and how they can help develop your IT-based project.


What do such developers do? Essentially, they develop websites using web technologies, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, bringing websites or application design to life. The front end developer is essential to web development as they’re the ones who produce and enable users to see and interact with the website or application.


In order to produce a successful website or application, it is important to hire highly skilled front end developers who have a deep understanding of how web or app development works. The following information will help you understand and deliberate what you need for your IT development project.

Why should you hire a front end developer?

It is highly encouraged to hire a front end developer for your IT development project, as the techniques and tools used to build a website or application continuously changes. One has to be kept updated and take action in an efficient manner. Hiring a skilled front end developer will be highly beneficial for you and your business, as they provide the right expertise to your development needs.


As such, when you hire a front end developer, this means you hire someone who:


Creates a responsive and visually appealing interface.

A front end developer is responsible for implementing visual elements that users see and interact within a site. They also make sure that the interface of your IT development project is user-friendly and visually appealing to its users.


Monitors and updates web developments.

A front end developer is essential in your team as he or she needs to constantly be aware of the new developments of the field. Simply put it, a skilled front end developer ensures that your website is not behind the latest technologies and trends.


Ensures consistent performance.

Websites are now accessed in different devices from laptops, smartphones to tablets, front end developers also make sure that the user experience is always consistent and responsive across these devices. A front end developer considers different aspects such as various browsers, operating systems, and screen sizes when it comes to creating the site, ensuring that content displays correctly.

What are the technical skills of a front end developer?

When hiring a front end developer, it is important to assess their credentials to see if they are fit to produce the work that you need. A degree in any IT related field would not suffice. It is suggested to look into their technical skills, to deliberate whether they’re proficient in the right programming technologies for your development project.


The essential programming technologies that a front end developer must possess are HTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript and HTTP/URL. They must also have the ability to run the designed website or application in a web browser, headless browser, WebView or compiled input in a native runtime environment.


Other technical skills that a front end developer could possess are as follows:

  • Content Management Systems (aka CMS)
  • Node.js
  • Cross-Browser Testing
  • Cross-Platform Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Cross-Device Testing
  • Accessibility / WAI-ARIA
  • Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO)
  • Interaction or User Interface Design
  • User Experience
  • Usability
  • E-commerce Systems
  • Portal Systems
  • Wireframing

How much is the usual rate for front end developers?

In order to get an idea, it helps to look at how much it would cost to hire locally, here’s a comparison showing a front end developer’s average annual salary and hourly rate from four different Western countries. All salaries and hourly rates come from Neuvoo and PayScale.


  Average Front End Developer Annual Salary Average Front End Developer Hourly Rate
United Kingdom GBP 29,677 GBP 22.50
United States USD 102,595 USD 52.61
Canada CAD 90,000 CAD 46.15
Australia AUD 70,750 AUD 34.54

To save up to 65%, many companies today have found offshoring to be a better alternative to hiring qualified front end developers at competitive industry rates.


A great offshoring service provider, Cloud Employee has connected numerous startups and big tech firms from Western countries such as the UK, Australia, Canada and the United States to highly skilled IT developers that match their IT needs. With Cloud Employee, hiring the best offshore front end developers are made faster, safer and more cost-effective.


Know more about developer offshore rates in this helpful guide on offshore developer rates from different popular outsourcing destinations.

What interview techniques should you use to hire the best front end developers?

Although one can tell a lot from looking at a developer’s credentials, it shouldn’t be the final step to your hiring process. It is also important to make sure that you and your potential front end developer must be on the same page all throughout the development of your project.


To further assess your potential front end developer it is highly encouraged to take interviews and conduct technical tests. As such, it’s best to look at recommended interview techniques and questions that employers can ask or apply to determine the best front end developer.


For the interview, you can ask the candidate about their previous projects, how they dealt with complications, how they rectified the situation and what the outcome was. As you interview them, you can also assess how well each candidate communicates. You can foretell how well he or she will be able to take instructions and communicate with you. It is highly important to be able to easily interact with your dedicated front end developer, as he or she must understand and adhere to your requirements and specifications throughout the development project.


After the interview, it is also important to conduct a technical test to see how well versed they are in programming technologies such as HTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript and HTTP/URL. These programming technologies are the main technical skills that a front end developer must possess.


Here are some sample questions you can ask during the technical skills test:


Q: How can you clear sides of a floating element?

A: If you clear a slide of an element, floating elements will not be accepted on that side. With 'clear' set to 'left', an element will be moved below any floating element on the left side. clear is used to stop wrap of an element around a floating element.


Q: How can you change the direction of HTML text?

A: Use the BDO (bidirectional override) element of HTML.

<!-- Switch text direction -->
<p><bdo dir="rtl">This text will go right to left.</bdo></p>

Q: Can you apply a CSS rule to a part of an HTML document?

A: Yes, by using "scoped" in the style tag.


Q: What are the differences between visibility hidden and display none?

A: display: none removes the element from the normal layout flow and allow other elements to fill in. visibility: hidden tag is rendered, it takes space in the normal flow but doesn't show it.


Q: In JavaScript, differentiate feature detection, feature inference, and using the UA string


Feature detection directly checks if a feature is applied.

if (Promise) {
 let a = Promise.resolve('hello');

Feature inference checks other properties to infer if a feature is applied.

if (MozSmsMessage) {
 // guess it must be Firefox...

The UA (UserAgent) string is natively exposed to scripts and HTTP header by a browser.

console.log(navigator.userAgent); // "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; ..."

How can Cloud Employee help you?

Cloud Employee helps you solve your tech needs by connecting you to the best developers the Philippines can offer. With a deep pool of IT professionals, Cloud Employee can help you hire offshore front end developers for your business’ development needs.


Our recruitment process is plain and easy, start by simply sending us your IT staffing requirements. Cloud Employee’s main purpose is to ensure that we are able to successfully set you up with the right IT developer. To do so, we provide further screen tests that help you assess and examine the capabilities and attitudes of each and every candidate. Taking these further initiatives during the recruitment process increases your development project’s success exponentially.


After our recruitment team looks for qualified and available local tech talents who fit your needs. We send a list of pre-screened candidates to you, and from this list, you can select those who you want to proceed to the video interviews and free technical trials. Your chosen offshore front end developer then becomes a dedicated member of your team.


Once onboard, your offshore front end developer works exclusively for you during your preferred hours. They also only use the software, hardware, and tools that you require. As well as following and adhering to your business’ working model and specifications. As a result, your dedicated front end developer becomes an extension of your in-house team despite the distance.


As your reliable offshore partner, we provide your offshore front end developer with a clean and comfortable workspace at our modern offices with full IT set-up and support as well as a fun and efficient working environment. Cloud Employee also handles time-consuming tasks such as HR, payroll and other general administrative tasks providing a hassle-free experience for you and your offshore developer.


An experienced front End developer can bring web designs, graphics, videos, and web content to life through codes. With Cloud Employee you can hire offshore front end developers with a broad range of skill sets: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, LESS, SASS, HAML, jQuery, and Adobe Design software, among many others.

What is the Dedicated Hiring Model?

This model enables the outsourcing parties to have control over the hiring process, thus further reducing communication risks.


The model’s flexibility has made the engagement model considered to be the best. At any point of the development project, you are able to request for additional tech talents, equipment and resources for the project’s needs. As a result, scaling team and resources has been made much easier and efficient with the dedicated hiring model.



  • Perfect for long-term projects with flexible project scope and unspecified requirements
  • Good for short-term projects with specified scope.
  • Predictable budget even with undefined project scope and requirements
  • Have full control when hiring front end developers and managing your offshore front end team
  • Clients can monitor, evaluate, and assure product quality throughout the development
  • The offshore team can further understand and incorporate the client’s goals, objectives, quality and expectations
  • The offshore team is dedicated to working exclusively for you


The dedicated hiring model is recommended for businesses that:

  • Would rather work with a dedicated front end developer or team for their project
  • Opt to cut down on expenses in terms of the hiring process
  • Need flexibility in terms of workload and scalability during the project’s development


Integrating both the dedicated hiring model’s structure and Cloud Employee’s 20 years of experience in the IT outsourcing industry, our team offers a business model proven effective and truly unique. Our business model has streamlined the hiring process, allowed working practices to be flexible, and bridged the gap between both teams—all for a competitive industry rate. Tried and tested with over a hundred of our clients, Cloud Employee believes our business model works better than IT outsourcing.



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