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Cloud Employee started out with the goal to bring cost-efficient but great quality work to companies in the UK. As an IT development company that offers offshore services, we outsource IT developers in the Philippines and recruit them according to our clients’ needs. Now, we have clients all over the world, and have branched out from Manila to Cebu.


That’s to say, we’ve been through what you’re just about to go through, and it definitely gets rough! But all you really need is someone who’s got your back so your attention won’t be halved between the big problems and the small but important tasks.


Cloud Employee believes that, even in this competitive world, there is still a sense of community among businesses. We want to tap into this community and answer a need among its newest members. Our purpose has always been to provide better options at a more reasonable price. With our “We’ve Got Your Back” promo, that lets you get Back Office Support at just £399 per employee per month,* we apply our ethos of bringing the best possible option to a new crowd while answering a new need.


We like to try new things. That’s how we got here.


Why not try this promo with us?  


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*subject to terms and conditions and only applicable in UK, Australia, and the US.


Pls note: Our Back Office Support Promo is valid only until October 2017.

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