2017: End of Year Look Back for Cloud Employee

It’s that time of year again, when we take a look back at what has been achieved over the last 12 months. It’s been a year that has brought some huge changes in the IT space and sets us up for some huge advancements over 2018.


At Cloud Employee we embrace innovation and always look for ways to enhance our service model. Over the last year we have supported many clients in scaling their existing workforce with a flexible, efficient and cost effective model, one that we hope to expand and improve on moving into 2018.


Since our inception our model has adapted and grown to help meet the needs of our customers, providing more value through a wider offering. As such we are now working with clients providing full business process outsourcing, covering a full spectrum of job categories and responsibilities, allowing clients to focus on the important tasks and grow their respective business. 2018 will be an exciting year as we look to expand our offices, operations and customers!

Tech world updates

Technically the world moves so fast, and this past year was no different. Here are some of the updates in the tech world:

  • Rails 5.1 was released on April 27, 2017, introducing JavaScript integration changes.
  • Android has officially taken over the lion’s share of the worlds mobile market, at 64% to 32% of iOS. A huge change from 5 years ago where they only held 21% against 61% of iOS.
  • Wearables is a market that continues to grow, going far beyond smartwatches and fitness trackers.
  • Bitcoin riding spectacular highs this year.

All these changes mean that our recruitment team continues to work hard to make sure we always have the the best and most suited talent with us as we support our clients throughout their journey so a big well done to them.

How Cloud Employee has changed

Over the past few months Cloud Employee has gone out of its way to help our clients continue to find and hire the best developers that the Philippines has to offer. We have also leveraged the high level of support staff available here who can help you with any part of your business.

Aside from providing software, web, and mobile developers to tech firms and startups, our services now include:

  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Service
  • Admin Assistance
  • Content Writing
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Data Entry


Or even more complex work like:

  • IT Support
  • Human Resources Management
  • Project Management


As your all-around IT outsourcing partner, Cloud Employee can give you end-to-end service for your outsourcing needs.

Size doesn't matter

Over the past 4 years Cloud Employee has helped hundreds of SMEs boost their business and continue to grow. We have always been proud of that as that's exactly who we were when we started out. Our aim has always been to be a reliable IT outsourcing partner for any business, no matter what your setup is or how much support you need.


Where we have developed over the last few months is that we have now begun to work with some larger teams as well. We have new clients looking for that premier partner that can not only fill the need of 1 or 2 developers but can manage 8 or 10 or even 20 staff members.


We have a top quality line up of management staff and our new office location has space for team expansion. This means that for larger teams you can have your own dedicated office and support network. With us as your outsourcing partner, you can scale your team with the speed and flexibility that you envision for your business.

The Cloud Employee Foosball World Cup

Cloud Employee held its inaugural Foosball World Cup last November, and what a success it was. An action-packed month where friendships were formed, teamwork pushed to the next level, and rivalries rose from every corner of the office. Games were grueling, tense and rowdy at times, but always fun.


The group stages gave everyone a chance to hone their skills and set their formations so that once the knockout stages began everyone was at their best. The quarter finals were exciting with many games coming right down to the last goal.


The South Korean Team with Ryan of Sagan Marketing and Jasmine of Loyalty Logistix lived up to the underdogs title and defeating the Bosnian team with Roi and our IT Manager Rudy.


The Russian team with our European Account Manager Lars and Nathan proved too good for the Australian pairing of Kuya Dada of Security and Adrian.


The Welsh team of Jayson and Jace gave their Mexican opponents Sales Director Andy and Clarence very little goal scoring opportunities and stormed home.


And in the last quarter final game, pre-tournament favourites Ivory Coast with Erwin and Rap from Accounting truly lived up to their name, showing the Honduran pairing of Kelly and Michael no mercy as they cruised to a big win.


The semi-final matches were tight affairs. Lars and Nathan of Russia beat Jasmin and Ryans South Korea and Erwin and Rap’s Ivory Coast were too strong for Wales.


As a prelude to the final, we had one of our visiting clients, James of CleanLink Software and his team take stage for a challenge match. Lots of fun with a couple of his team showing some good skills.


In the 3rd place playoff we had Jasmin and Ryan of South Korea take on Jayson and Jace of Wales, with the South Korean team taking the glory for the day. Great effort over the competition by both teams though.


For the main event we saw everyone's hot favourite, Ivory Coast take on surprise package Russia. It was certainly a match worthy of the final - with hard defense, end to end attacks, and some stunning goals. In the end it was the team from Ivory Coast that took the title. Well done to Erwin who represented his client very well and to Rap for making his team proud.



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A big THANK YOU from Cloud Employee 

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our clients for allowing us to become part of your organisation this past year. We exist only to help you grow and evolve. I have enjoyed all our conversations and ideas generated this year and I look forward to getting to know you that little bit more next year again.


We at Cloud Employee are extremely lucky. We have an awesome group of clients and support a wide variety of businesses from all over the globe. Our developers are always proud when they talk about you their client, and that's credit to you for how you make them feel. So from all of us here at Cloud Employee, a huge THANK YOU for 2017 and we look forward to continuing the relationship through 2018!




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