Why Outsourcing Content Isn't A Bad Idea

Despite the popularity of videos and graphics, content is still king when it comes to reaching out and engaging with a niche audience—and the higher the engagement, the higher the sales. While businesses are fully capable of producing their own content, it takes a professional to create and publish meaningful and compelling content. Outsourcing content can be a great way to get a content marketing expert who can effectively promote your business’ products or services.


Here are some of the reasons your business should outsource its content creation:

You’re on a tight budget

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In Kapost’s 2019 study on content marketing, when expenses between hiring a content marketing team and paying for search campaign were compared, content marketing costs up to 41% less per lead than paid search. This finding proves that producing content is indeed a cost-effective marketing strategy with higher returns.


To make the most out of this marketing tactic, businesses need to hire specialists who can produce quality content to boost their brand and audience engagement effectively. A great option would be hiring skilled content creators remotely.


Outsourcing work is no longer thought to be a business alternative in hiring; it is now a full-fledged strategic tool used by business big or small.

What makes it a strategic business move is mainly due to it being highly cost-efficient. Being able to hire highly-skilled professionals who deliver top-notch work at a much lower rate as compared to hiring locally is a win-win solution.


Your in-house team is understaffed

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If your business is looking to reach out to a broader audience, your content production needs to be bigger. Ultimately, your team would need to expand. When you think about all the content that needs to be handled—from social media posts, email marketing content, website landing pages, and many more—a dedicated team is required.


In a 2019 report by CMI & MarketingProfs, “93% of the most successful B2B content marketers report their organisation is extremely/very committed to content marketing”. The correlation between content and success has become the driving force for businesses to produce more social media content, resulting in an increase of 61% in materials produced in the past year.


When you hire highly-skilled offshore staff to handle your business’ content development, your in-house team’s productivity will significantly increase.

Your in-house team lacks the expertise

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When your current team doesn’t possess the expertise and creativity to produce meaningful content, it might be time to outsource content. According to Economist Group, 71% of B2B marketers say they were turned off by content that sounds like a sales pitch. With such quality, the content produced can’t sell your products or services.


With skilled content creators onboard, you will be able to produce content that is consistent and of quality, and your firm’s products/services will be given a meaningful narrative. What makes the narrative so important is that 54% of marketers use content to build loyalty with their existing clients.


Along with maintaining customer engagement, an outsourced content marketing staff will be able to deliver the following:


Come up with new and relevant content

With a content specialist, your company will be able to produce for your company’s different social media platforms and website. Content specialists can analyse the type of content that would work best for your business, as well as what content would appeal to your niche audience. Such content will be relevant to your business’ brand and reputation.


Effectively boost your company’s customer engagement

Outsourcing content means gaining content producers who have a sound understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). With this valuable skill, they’re able to give your different platforms a more extensive online presence and visibility by analysing and inputting the right keywords and creating optimised content, thus increasing your business’ relevance and ranking on search engines.


Strengthen your business’ credibility with reliable content

The main reason you have to prioritise your business’ content is that it’s the only information that people will read about you online. In this digitised era, before making a final decision, people need to research about a particular service or product on the internet. The information presented online about your business needs to be credible and reliable because it can significantly influence the actions people will take next with regards to your product or service

Professional content creators can produce compelling work backed up by strong research which can, in turn, increase your business’ credibility.


You need to improve and maintain your business’ focus

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Producing content is no easy task; it requires focus and dedication to come out with content that speaks to your targetted audience. As a business leader, it is essential to realise when you’re already stretching your team too thin. Onboarding new remote staff helps out your in-house staff by easing their workload.


In Deloitte’s report, 57% of businesses found that outsourcing work has helped them prioritise their main operations, with 31% finding an improvement in their services. With a lesser pile of tasks, your business’ in-house team will be able to pull more focus on the core responsibilities and functions of the company.


You are struggling to find the right creative talent

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Another reason why outsourcing content isn’t a bad idea is that it enables you to quickly select a highly capable content creator amongst a pool of highly competent candidates. Compared to hiring locally, the process of hiring is made more convenient with the help of outsourcing service providers who can assist you throughout your hiring and recruitment process.


To sum it all up, content creation is important for any business today. With an outsourced team of experts who know how to handle and produce good content, your company will be in good hands.



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