Cloud Employee employs a client-oriented business model which efficiently helps startups and businesses from the UK, the US, and all over the world solve their hiring needs. We’re all about connecting our partners to the best developers in the Philippines as well as creating lasting relationships.  

Unlike other offshore providers, Cloud Employee goes beyond providing cost-effective solutions to our partner’s needs. We make a conscious effort to be with you every step of the way.  

Among our numerous clients is Bobby from Loyalty Logistix who has been with us for three years and counting. Here’s what he has to say on partnering with Cloud Employee.

“Our Cloud Employee Account Manager was there to handle each of our individual concerns as we raised them. Since taking on our Cloud Employees, our ability to deliver product has greatly improved. We now have a fantastic team of 5 with their very own Loyalty Logistix branded office.”

Bobby Williams, Chairman, Loyalty Logistix


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