Featured UK Startup: Quorso

Founded in 2016, Quorso is an ingenious tech startup with one mission: to “improve your business performance, effortlessly.” Their easy-to-use platform analyses data to empower companies to rapidly improve their business performance and profitability.  


Company name: Quorso
Founders: Julian Mills, Daniel Slowe
Based in: London, Kiev, NYC
Launched: 2016

Q: What problem/s do you seek to solve or help? 

Julian: Performance improvement in most businesses relies heavily on disconnected, manual processes, making it inefficient, unquantifiable, and a much harder work than it needs to be. 


Opportunities are hard to identify, let alone translate into focused actions. Actions taken are hard to record and track in a measurable way. Successes are hard to accurately pinpoint and scale up. And the more complex the business, the more time and energy are being wasted on all fronts. 


Q: In simple terms, what does your start-up do? 

Julian: Quorso solves this problem by consolidating the entire performance improvement process in a single tool.

First, it merges disparate data sources and runs a fine-grained variance analysis on every line item in the business in order to surface improvement opportunities.


Then, Quorso prioritises and assigns each opportunity to the person directly responsible for acting on it, and helps them determine and document the action they will take through collaborative, turnkey SMART plans. 


As actions are taken, Quorso tracks and measures the impact, calculating the exact performance improvement associated with each plan. 


Finally, as effective actions are identified over time, Quorso learns what works and scales up success through the creation of a company playbook. 


Q: Are you funded and how?

Julian: $8M raised to date. Investors include many of the world's most experienced businessmen (e.g., four Fortune 100 Global CEOs/Chairs, senior partners at leading PE firms, former Head of Goldman Sachs). Initially bootstrapped and funded by founders.

Q: What were you doing before you started Quorso?

Julian: I spent 15 years at McKinsey & Company, where I was a Partner and leader in the Travel, Transport, and Infrastructure practices, with a particular focus on performance turnarounds and growth. I also founded and co-chaired the Global Infrastructure Initiative with Madeleine Albright, a gathering of the world’s most influential infrastructure leaders. I hold degrees from Oxford and Stanford Universities. And I grew up on a remote Scottish island surrounded by sheep.


Q: What inspired you to start Quorso?

Julian: I wanted to build a software platform to tackle one of the biggest and most ubiquitous business problems in the world—performance improvement, driven by continuous human progress. 


The data needed to identify performance improvement opportunities has become infinitely richer, more abundant and more accessible in recent years. However, until it is converted into truly measurable action that is then scaled up over time, it is just a lot of wasted energy with no real—let alone repeatable—impact. 


Quorso combines the power of rapid and sophisticated computational algorithms with the ease of clean and intuitive UI and mobile-first experience design to augment the existing exhausting performance improvement process and make it efficient, effective, and effortless.


Q: What are your goals over the next five years? Where do you see yourself and Quorso? 

Julian: I want to change how businesses are run. I want businesses of all shapes and sizes to be using Quorso to take intelligent, measurable actions, learning which ones work and automatically scaling them up. I want continuous performance improvement to become easy, efficient, and effortless—handled all in one place, in the Quorso platform. 


More tangibly, in five years from now, I want:

  • Quorso to be truly a global SaaS business with 300+ employees, having offices across NA, EMEA, and Asia-Pac 
  • Clients around the world leveraging Quorso daily to grow their businesses
  • A slew of product enhancements that will make Quorso even more rapid to deploy and impactful to use.  


Images courtesy of Quorso. To learn more, visit the Quorso website.



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