20 Most Entertaining Tweets from Zuckerberg's Hearing

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been in the hot seat this week as he spoke about the Cambridge Analytica scandal and data misuse in a two-day Congressional hearing. The issue sparked when the social media giant admitted that 87 million users have had their personal information misused in a political ad targeting.


While it’s a serious matter, some people took to Twitter their witty jokes and memes. We’ve rounded up some of the best tweets here:


1: This satire:

2: When the Farmville craze isn’t over:

3: Mom’s haircut

4: *drinks water*

5: Wait, what?

6: And this edit too:

7: Possibly the sequel to The Social Network?

8: Also a pitch for its title:

9: When Zuck’s notes were exposed:

10: The friend request:

11: There’s also the “Facebook secretly listens to you” conspiracy:

12: The floppy disk:

13: This question:

14: And someone noticing Zuck's technique:

15: When the Memories feature can remind you of unpleasant experiences:

16: When a user made a rundown of all the events:

17: *cue awkward silence*  

18: Sean Evans’ newest guest on First We Feast:

19: Losing the social media war has its upsides too:

20: And finally, when Jim Carrey decided to join in:


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