Pricing Comparison US

Employee cost and oncost
Please note that pricing is a “guide” and is negotiated “per developer” on their unique skills, years of experience and individual salary requirements


Per Hour Rates Monthly Cost Saving
Cloud Employee US Contract Job Rates
Junior Developer $12 $40 $4,740
Mid level Developer $17 $70 $8,904
Senior Developer $23 $130 $17,976

Overall Comparison
Please note that pricing is a “guide” and is negotiated “per developer” on their unique skills, years of experience and individual salary requirements

Junior Developer Mid level Developer Senior Developer

Annual Cost

USA Developer (Employee) Cost / Annum

Salary / Annum $54,500 $68,000 $94,000
Social Security/FICA (6.2% on first 90K) $3,379 $4,216 $5,580
Unemployment/FUTA ~ 6% 7 K) $420 $420 $420
Medicare (1.45%) $818 $1,020 $1,410
Benefits (Insurance/ Health/ Retirement / Paid Leave etc.) $8,315 $10,760 $14,580
Minimum Training & Expenses Cost $1,500 $1,500 $1,500
Recruitment fees (20%) $10,900 $13,600 $18,800
Total Cost Saving / Annum $79,832 $99,516 $136,290
Cloud Employee Cost /Annum $24,192 $34,272 $46,368
Total Cost/Saving $55,640 $65,244 $89,922

Offshore Freelancers vs. Cloud Employee


Offshore Freelancers

Cloud Employee

Offshore Freelancers will typically work from home in a non-professional environment. This atmosphere is often full of distractions and does not deliver the most productive output. Cloud Employee offices are based in the IT hubs of both Manila and Cebu. Our offices are fully Western managed operations with HR, communal areas and a vibrant community of highly skilled people working next to each other.
It can be difficult to ensure that a Foreign Freelancer is working the hours they claim to be. Cloud Employee offices have a biometric ‘clock-in’ system meaning that time keeping is tracked and monitored. We also offer tools we can install on PCs such as Harvest and Hubstaff to help track and monitor day-to-day activity.
Many Freelancers take on work from multiple clients so you never really know how much time they are spending on your project. Your Cloud Employee is a dedicated developer working exclusively for your company.
Freelancers are not always available to work for you which means constantly having to find and build trust with new developers. Cloud Employee offices are open 24/7 and your dedicated developer will work the same office hours as you and be available all day via Skype video and messenger.
Cultural and language barriers. Cloud Employee provides you with an on-site Western manager supervising your offshore operations at all times. Our managers are very experienced in managing Filipinos and will step in at any moment to help you manage a situation if needed.
Insufficient and unreliable home Internet speed that can often be down. Cloud Employee has multiple high-speed Fibre Optic Internet Providers.
Electricity blackouts. Both Cloud Employee offices benefit from backup power generators meaning you never have to worry about your developer being offline.
Data Security is always a concern with home-based Offshore freelancers. Cloud Employee Ltd is a UK company and is liable for any work carried out by its staff.
Freelancers are known to occasionally disappear without warning with no update with regards to where they are in the project or access to their work. They also often claim their computer has broken and they have lost files. Cloud Employee provide all staff with an external hard drive to backup work and use brand new equipment with warranty.
Finding a Freelancer with the necessary skills and experience can be difficult, especially when looking in a foreign country. It is also difficult to tell if they really have the skill they claim to have. Cloud Employee source, pre-screen and does background check candidates for you. We can also arrange technical tests to be taken from our offices. Should you not be satisfied with your developer, Cloud Employee will replace and ensure a smooth handover for no extra cost.
Handing over a project to a stranger and trusting them to complete a project for you is a big risk. Cloud Employee makes it possible for you to manage your employee and their work day-to-day as if they are working in the office next to you.

A few companies currently working with offshore staff in the Philippines

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