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Richard Newman

Senior WordPress Developer
13 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Richard has more than two decades of extensive experience in software engineering, project management, website and mobile applications development, blockchain technologies & IoT solutions. His latest role was a lead software engineer and IT manager for a local Japanese startup technology firm involved in blockchain integration development, AWS cloud and server management as well web & mobile app development.

Technical Skills

  • PHP
  • CodeIgniter
  • Laravel
  • Joomla / Drupal
  • Wordpress
  • C# / ASP.NET
  • MVC 5
  • AWS
  • IBM Bluemix
  • TypeScript
  • Javascript / TypeScript
  • NodeJS
  • NestJS
  • Loopback
  • Microsoft Azure
  • ReactJS/React Native
  • Hybrid Mobile App Development
  • ActionScript
  • Coldfusion
  • Blockchain technology integrations and dApps development.
  • IoT Solutions
  • Agile / Scrum
  • MySQL
  • Linux OS Platform
  • iOS / Android Platform


Work Experience

Project Manager / Senior Software Engineer
September 2018 - March 2020

Leading the company’s blockchain network development as well as creating web services and server setup for clients such as Token News JP / Token News Philippines leading the company’s web and cloud server management, desktop and mobile applications development.

Responsible for website, web services and payment setup of ICOs such as angelium.net, ecoprotech.io, aizenholdings.io and various mobile and blockchain technologies.

Technology stack used includes cloud servers: AWS, Vultr and Azure; Web, backend and mobile frameworks: PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, NodeJS, Typescript, ReactJS, React Native, Loopback, Fuse Open, C#, ASP.NET.

IT Manager / Senior Software Developer
March 2014 - September 2018
  • Provides PHP backend, Web service and API integration.
  • Support and development for company’s CMS portals in Laravel, HubSpot and WordPress.
  • Involved in system's analysis, architecture & design planning.
  • Ground up Flex / AS3 application and module development.
  • Compatibility and proper system integration of developed streaming and recorded apps.
  • Handles streaming WOWZA streaming server setup, configuration, plugin & module development and server maintenance.
  • Develop streaming solutions for desktop, console and mobile platforms.
  • Manages the team’s individual KPI by doing monthly, quarterly and annual performance analysis and appraisals
  • Performs annual department SWOT analysis to identify any internal and external weakness and threats to the department’s productivity as well as encourage team growth by providing training requirements.
Development Manager / Lead Software Developer (C# & PHP)
June 2012 - February 2014

Development, project management, systems architect and lead product resource person for the planning, design and development of a multi-touch, information kiosks, tourist & passenger management system for Dubai Metro’s Integrated Passenger Management System product for this startup company.

Designed the system and managed the team in developing both PHP, Codeigniter, C# (WCF & WPF) and Flash versions with ASP.NET and Coldfusion backend services.

System Features: 

  • Google maps Integration
  • 10-points multi-touch gesture capability for the kiosk gallery (Images and Video)
  • Pinch / Zoom; Rotate
  • Drag
  • Interactive map with way finder feature
Senior Development Manager / Lead Software Developer
June 2012 - November 2012
  • Project management
  • C#, .NET, PHP, Android / IOS development & management
  • Managing sprint meetings and scrum calls.
  • Handles development of the company's internal mobile app project.
Senior Flex Developer
June 2010 - January 2012


Specializes in outsourced software development and design on various platforms including web and mobile.

  • development and maintenance of Englishcentral’s Adobe Flex application
  • Implementation of new technologies and providing innovation to the application's performance and functionality
  • Ensure back-end compatibility
Senior Software Developer
January 2009 - February 2010


  • Ground up Flex / AS3 application and module development
  • Ensure compatibility and proper system integration of developed module.
  • Provide codes for C#, PHP and Java module compatibility.
  • Provides support and product contribution - http://www.xsplit.com.
  • Develop streaming solutions for desktop, console and mobile platforms.
  • Conduct trainings and workshops for employee skills enhancements.
C#, ASP.NET / PHP / Web Applications Developer
June 2003 - January 2005

California Essay Writer (CEW 1.0) is a system using artificial intelligence to assess and grade written and phone-in essays done by ESL students. The software was developed in C#/ASP.NET with the following features and capabilities: grammar and spell checker; sentence parser; semantics evaluation; vocabulary; word usage and slang word evaluations.

The system was released 2007 as CEW 2.0 and used by Pomona Unified School District with additional modules and improvements.

Web Applications Programmer / Server Administrator
April 2003 - February 2004

Ground up database and web applications development of local web-based hotel reservation system. A product intended to consolidate web-based reservations in Dubai.


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