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Release Engineer
8 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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ITIL V3 certified professional and a DevOps Engineer with 8 years of experience in IT industry in different business domain such as security, life insurance and transport. Proficient in using Java and Python in software development. Provide well crafted and innovative customized software solutions to support and empower business services. Provide training opportunities to students and experienced developers. Conduct technical interviews, provide feedback and recommendations for prospective applicants. Active member and contributor to DZone.

With 8 years experience in Linux, 4 years with Windows, 4 years with Python, 4 years with Git and Bash and over 1 year with AWS and Docker.

Work Experience

Solutions Analyst
January 2017 - Present

Project 1: Transport Information System (TIS)

  • Manage and organize tasks and make sure that the deliverables are met on time
  • Coordinate with counterpart Solutions Analyst regarding the business requirements
  • Coordinate with HK Architect for system optimization and library creation
  • Act as a mentor to junior developer
  • Ensure that the ticket is well groomed before assigning it to developers
  • Develop functionality based on business requirements
  • Create functionality and UAT documents
  • Execute functionality testing based on created documents

Project 2: 

  • Assigned to QA role
  • Create and execute test cases for Functionality and UAT
  • Developed QA automation tool using selenium and java
  • Coordinated with developer regarding code quality and functionality
  • Technologies: Java (Core), Oracle, Nexus, Spring Webflow, Primefaces, Selenium, VirtualBox, SVN, Redmine, Eclipse
IT Specialist
May 2016 - January 2017
  • Responsible for application development and maintenance
  • Performed system release testing
  • Technical interviewer (Java Core, OOP, RESTful WebService)
  • Instructor to the aspiring IBMer and JAVA practitioner within the account
  • Member of Capability Team for skills enhancement
  • Technologies: Java (Core), WAS, Eclipse, JavaScript, SmartBear
DevOps Engineer
December 2013 - May 2016
  • Designs and develops computer software solutions to support GRID Application Control services.
  • Accomplishes testing and deployment of computer software used in day-to-day operations.
  • Applies principles and techniques of Object Oriented Programming working on Agile DevOps Methodologies.
  • Ensures that Application Control services are delivered effectively and efficiently
  • Applies technical skills in processing and analyzing good ware content
  • Fulfills customer or user requests within the given timeline
  • Meets business objectives and team targets defined by Service Level Objectives
  • Manages service incidents or problems and enhances end-to-end processes
  • Performs project management or employee-driven initiatives that will address concerns on increasing productivity, efficiency, and operational excellence
  • Performs Research and Development to new technologies that will help the operation and system achieve desired results and requirements
  • Conduct training to our team
  • Mentor junior engineers
  • Help manage infrastructure in our staging and production environment.
Systems Development Engineer
February 2011 - November 2013
  • Build and develop standalone tools to be used by engineers in the current operation.
  • Build and develop POC backend module and integrate new technology to enhance performance, reliability, efficiency and anticipate future needs that would adapt in the new trending technology.
  • Optimize process by creating backend automation for bulk data processing.
  • Perform unit testing to ensure full functionality.
  • Perform Research and Development to the current or possible technologies that could help build, maintain and implement during development process.
  • Technologies: Java, SMTP, JSON, Linux (CentOS), Python, Prolog, MySQL, MQ, NetBeans, VMWare

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Adamson University
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