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Senior Evernote Developer
9 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Liam has been working in the IT industry since five years ago and currently treading a ROR Developer career. He's a startup enthusiast with an engineer and entrepreneur mindset. In his earlier professional experience, he worked as a System Developer/Software Engineer for two years before he shifted career to System/Core Application Support. Presently, he is a Ruby on Rails Developer. He is flexible enough to do other necessary work or tasks to be able to help our company grow and prosper.

He is always striving to be part of the success of the company and his goal is to help minimize cost and maximize profit. He also love meeting new people and learning new things, especially in Technology aspect. 

Work Experience

Ruby on Rails Developer
October 2015 - Present
  • Currently working with Admin Dashboard and API using Ruby on Rails
  • Working with Admin Dashboard Panel
  • Report Data (PDF, CSV and XML)
  • Send Report Data via Mandril API
  • Working with API for Android Mobile App
  • Working with RaspberryPi 3 setup as Mobile App Server
  • Working with additional features and client requests on Admin Panel Dashboard
  • Technologies: Ruby-on-Rails, PHP, MySQL, Bitbucket, Heroku Deployment
Network and System Support Engineer
August 2013 - September 2015
  • Provides Customer Support on System Error or Downtime.
  • Provides Network Support (Incidents, Troubleshooting using Wireshark).
  • Ensures Network connections from TouchFire Systems​ to Japan exchanges (TFX, OSE, TOCOM​)
  • Ensures each TouchFire Applications is connected to each clients.
  • Investigates issues or incident if there are network and system disconnections.
  • Performs Database Support (CRUD data) on transaction data (Orders, Configurations, Connection) on MSSQL Server 2012 Database
  • Provides Windows Server 2008 / 2012 support and maintenance.
  • Performs configurations on Virtual machines (HyperV) e.g. map network drives, configures IP address of each NIC(multiple NICS), routes, firewall rules (ports inbound and outbound)
  • Technologies: Windows Server 2008, MSSQL
Associate Core Application Support
June 2012 - July 2013
  • Responsible for performing sanity checks of all partnered sites
  • Task to monitor Processes / Services status of production environment and escalate if there are issues found
  • Task to monitor Web Servers and escalate if there are issues found
  • Task to monitor Server Disk Usage and Server instance of all sites
  • Creates and handles ticket request and incidents using CA Service Desk Manager ​up to resolution
  • Tasked to generate CA Service Desk Manager​ Ticket requests and incident reports
  • Tasked to monitor site/application performance using CA Instroscope​ and escalate if there are issues found
  • Responsible for monitoring status, apis, and callbacks of the following major carrier
  • Tasked to generate Tracfone​ Business Health check report
  • Technologies: Windows Server 2008, MSSQL
System Engineer
April 2011 - May 2012
  • Added features on existing Web Application using PHP PRADO
  • Was able to setup SMTP Server using CentOS6.0
  • Performed Unit and functional testing on existing Web application
  • Technologies: JAVA, C#.Net Framework, CentOS, Apache, PHP technologies

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Major in Computer Networks
2007 - 2011
University of San Carlos
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