Embedded Software Engineer Larry


Senior Embedded Software Engineer
8 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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  • Proficient at working independently, handling simultaneous projects, and meeting deadlines.
  • Proficient in oral and written communication skills, Filipino and English.
  • Quick learner who can easily adapt to new responsibilities.
  • A team-oriented individual possessing leadership and problem solving skills, as well as excellent multi-tasking ability.
  • Possess leadership as well as technical skills.
Work Experience

DevOps Engineer
April 2014 - Present
  • Design, develop, maintain and support high quality in-house software build systems for Enterprise class software
  • Develop scripts to deploy software in automated process
  • Provide design, implementation guidance and tutoring if necessary to other team members in best practices, tool use, and configuration management principles.
  • Management and creation of configuration for internal customers responsible for scheduling and or deployment to Quality Assurance and development integration environments.
  • Management and creation of configuration items for non-production environments to support Software Delivery Life Cycle development for internal customers; responsible for scheduling and deploying to Quality Assurance and development Integration environments.
  • Designing, training and implementing source code control management best practices.
  • Develop and maintain internal release management process.
  • Creation and maintenance of build/release scripts and plans.


Software Toolsmith (DevOps Engineer)
September 2012 - March 2014


  • Develop new custom tasks for build and release pipelines using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS).
  • Setup environments for development and testing.
  • Setup the build definitions and release pipelines.
  • Troubleshooting of builds (could help developers with build problem).
  • Develop PowerShell scripts to build, continue integration and deployment.
  • Migration of existing scripts and processes to new versions.
  • Preparation of release packages.
  • Ordinary maintenance from patching and other troubles on development and testing environments.
  • Installation and configuration of development machines thru VSTS custom task via PowerShell script.
  • Analyzation of system logs and identification of potential issues.
  • System performance tuning. 
Systems Engineer
April 2011 - October 2012
  • Performs testing of repackage application base on account standards and customer needs for Quality Assurance.
  • Member of the application packaging team, the core responsibility will be packaging, integration, deployment, and global-level support of applications for installation on customer’s standardized desktop environment within agreed turnaround times.
  • Investigate and analyzed Legacy application (setup.exe) or vendor MSI for repackaging.
  • Act as technical resource or subject matter expert in packaging technology (Microsoft Software Installer).
  • Build transforms, various scripts and editing custom code/Custom actions to incorporate some functions/commands within the MSI to run under user mode.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
2007 - 2011
Mariano Marcos State University
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