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Smart Contract Developer
5 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Equipped with 8 years of work experience in the IT Industry in system analysis and design, application development, testing and support, Corresponds with the higher management for requirement feasibility, timelines, creates the data flow of the given requirements for development and follows the methodologies throughout the development life cycle and can quickly familiarize new technologies.

Focusing on Java Development for 8 years, seven years with SDLC and five years of experience with REST API over HTTPS. He has more than 3 years with Lambdas Streams, Optional and multithreading and experience with Amazon Web Services. He also has experience with frontend development for over 2 years using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.

He is constantly striving to learn new technologies and looking for ways to better himself in this rapidly changing industry in order to stay competitive within the market place.

Work Experience

Senior Java Developer
May 2018 - Present
  • Participate in daily Scrum meetings with fellow teammates
  • Leads a junior development team here in manila composed of 3 people
  • Design and create/modify code for their new/existing clients needs
  • Do production support if needed
  • Shadow Junior developers if needed
  • Document everything that is happening during development or release phase
  • Create High Level Design, Low Level Design, Entity Relationship Diagram
  • Create API documentations for the users.
  • Doing development, code review, QA and support.
  • Technologies: Java, Mockito, JUnit, IntelliJ
Senior Java Developer
February 2016 - March 2018
  • Participate in daily Scrum meetings with fellow teammates
  • Performs code review with peers/team lead considering the performance for long term goal. Does all possible testing on the development environment
  • Create or modify the code to fit their new requirements and Production support role if needed.
  • Collaborate QA/Deployment teams in providing the necessary support and documentation for testing and releases
  • Communicate with the business analysts/stake holders
  • Document every changes for the duration of the sprint
  • Technologies: Java, REST API
Systems Developer – Java
January 2014 - December 2015
  • Participate in daily Scrum meetings
  • Understand the Financial system development – Hedge funds
  • Develop web services and messaging modules for the clients
  • Discuss with fellow teammates on how their accounting works
  • Communicate with onshore on a daily basis for the needs of the business
  • Performs testing on development environment and its deployment
  • Maintain a clean and good back up copy of the system.
  • Technologies: Web Services, JMS, Java

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Central Philippines University
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