VoIP Engineer Ian Patrick

Ian Patrick

Junior VoIP Engineer
2 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Technology professional with experience managing enterprise application of system information and other systems application. Expert in gathering, analyzing and defining business and functional requirements; creating system application, trend charts and other decision-making tools and designing/re-engineering processes, workflows and technology solutions

Work Experience

System Administrator
January 2017 - Present
  • Ingress servers purchased from the vendor.
  • Mount the servers to respective region (UAT/DEV/PROD and BRC)
  • Setup OS depends on the business requirements
  • Apply group policy as recommend for the security of the servers 
  • Apply lockdown and enroll to qualys appliance for the vulnerability (VA/MBSS) 
  • Install/Update windows and linux patches. 
  • Create kickstart scripts for linux to optimized work days load. 
  • Partition the disk(s) based on the standard partitioning.
  • Migration physical machine to virtual machine
  • Build VMWare and VVCenter to manage the servers 
  • Setup clusters and host to vcenter
  • Apply licenses

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
STI College
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