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Mid-level Ubuntu Developer
0 year experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Heath is an experienced developer who is a highly motivated person looking to continue and learn more about web development. He is experienced in Python, Flask, and Celery. And he is knowledgeable with PHP, Java, Javascript, React, Yii and Spring Framework. He is also a keen communicator with honed interpersonal, problem-solving and negotiation abilities.

Work Experience

Full-stack Developer
  • Creates reusable microservices with Docker and AWS, and designing and developing simple and intuitive APIs using python, flask and celery.
  • Coordinate with a fully functional development team of API, Web, Mobile, QA  devs, who are open to communication, for the flawless execution of projects,  opportunities for growth and learning for each and every one of the group. 
  • Working closely with product owners in order to create and refine necessary product specifications technical design, and analysis. 
  • Development, testing, and support provide leadership, guidance and direction for less experienced developers.
  • Conduct code review of programs written by peers. Perform unit tests, system integration, QA and regression testing. 
  • Research & Development for the updates and enhancement of the product with the goal of optimizing the application for maximum speed and scalability. 
  • Ensures that all projects are delivered on time and within scope.  

Bachelor of Science Major in Computer Science
Technological University of the Philippines
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