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Senior Fortran Developer
8 years experience

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A multi-skilled IT professional with 8 years of combined experience in the areas of Software Development & Support and Systems Administration. He is experienced in developing applications using various technologies including Java, Microsoft and Oracle tools.

Work Experience

System Analyst / Developer / IT Consultant (Team Lead)
July 2016 - Present
  • Developed a program that is used to monitor daily work progress of IT Consultants in a daily basis. Used
    jasper report for the report generation. Technology is built on J2EE EJB-STRUTS framework. Which also
    best described the application to be a multi-tier app.
  • Lotus Notes mail migration.
  • Set up new mail box in preparation for mail migration.
  • Arranged international calls.
  • To assist clients in migrating their Lotus notes mailboxes if possible.
  • Assisted clients remotely across the VPN.
  • Attended to internal troubles that the user may have.
  • Fixed errors caused by viruses (persistent viruses cause the PC to be reformatted).
  • Analyzed software and Hardware problems.
  • Assisted new Engineers until they are familiar with the process.
  • Technologies: Java, J2EE (EJB-Struts), JavaScript, HTML/JSP, MySQL, JBOSS, Eclipse.
System Administrator
June 2014 - June 2016
  • Assigned as a Systems Administrator to client companies.
  • Supported client either by phone or on site. Administration of windows Active Directory and Lotus Notes
  • Administration of Norton Anti-virus and Windows 2003 Server.
  • Maintenance of Windows 2003 Server and Lotus notes mail Server.
  • Maintenance of Backup and other storage related problem.
  • Created and administered user profiles.
  • Made sure that connection is always at its peak.
  • Created and configured cable connections.
  • Checked for intruders and viruses
  • Client On-call for any computer related projects/problem.
  • Provided assistance for client-end user and SE on-call. Internal support (R&D).
  • Provided research that needs immediate attention.
  • Troubleshooting and repairing of printers and monitors and other hardware devices.
  • Overlooking on trainees and stay-in Service Engineers.
  • Attended client calls from software to hardware as a S.E.
  • Isolation of printer from low-end to high-end such as (deskjet to lazerjet machines).
  • Isolation of laptop from hardware to software.


System Administrator / Analyst / Software Developer
April 2012 - May 2014
  • Administration and maintenance of Windows 2003 Server.
  • Administration and maintenance of Linux 5/5.5 Enterprise Server.
  • Maintenance of VMware4.0 on Windows.
  • Administered both Linux and Windows virtual server.
  • Configured datastores and virtual load capacity of VMware.
  • Maintenance of CA ARCserv Backup and other storage related problem.
  • Full proof network by attending to Nessus scans and alert
  • Created tender specs for coming and future development projects. Database analysis of database and
    table structure for the application use.
  • Technology analysis of which the application will use.
  • Created a diagram of the system flow of the application development.
  • Analysis of current improvement on applications installed.
  • Developed the NUS Library online payment system using Java2EE technology
  • Technologies: J2EE
Software Consultant/Software Engineer
March 2010 - March 2012

Bulk Payment, Realtime

  • Development of Bank Bulk Payment Transactions and Implementation of Realtime Module for Bank

ACH/Bank Reports

  • Created Jasper Reports and Implementation.

Bulk Payment

  • Created data preparation Class to be used for Bulk Payment Load Testing.
  • Implementation of data preparation and Load/Stress Testing.
  • Helped in Application fine tuning Real Time.
  • Supported/Fixed Bugs for Realtime module.
  • Technologies: Oracle 11, Spring Tool Suite, Oracle Developer tools , iReport 4.0

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
2014 - 2010
San Pedro College of Business Administration
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