VB.NET Developer Brent Ethan

Brent Ethan

Junior VB.NET Developer
3 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Brent Ethan is a passionate Software Developer with 3 years’ experience in the industry. He is proficient in web development using .Net technologies (C#, ASP, VB.Net), as well as in application development using MVC patterns. His experiences have trained him to perform well in developing systems in industries such as financial, warehousing, and healthcare. 

Personality-wise, Brent is a quick learned and a team player. He is able to organise, prioritise, work under extreme pressure, and establish good working relationships with clients and customers. He gives importance to accuracy and the quality of his output.

Work Experience

Junior Programmer
August 2017 - Present


  • Assist in the analysis and design process

  • Code and create the components of the system application

  • Create new applications that will be used by the company

  • Lead the initial testing of the system application

  • Troubleshoot and debug the errors found during the testing and implementation

  • Train the end user to work with the system applications



  • Cellphone Load System

A system that receives the load request from the store’s POS and forwards them to its respective Telco. The sending of the request will be based on the requested load from POS as well as the communication that is used by the Telco.

This project uses SOAP and REST to communicate with the system based on the API specifications set by the Telco. The system returns the result of the load request on the POS so that the POS will create a sales record if the transaction is successful.


  • Data Processing System

A system that processes the records that is sent by the POS and sends it to its respective system on which the record is maintained. Normally, it process sales records, stores item ledger, stores purchase order, and sends them to ERP for viewing of reports and to Warehouse system for processing of ordered stocks. It also holds encrypted records that are queued for processing and for sending to POS for record updates.


  • Customer Relations Management System

A system that focuses on managing customer records that are sent by the store’s POS. These records will be used as a reference by other systems. Also, it holds the records of loyalty card memberships and transactions. Aside from holding records, it has also a ticketing system for software and hardware support of the stores and also of the main office. 


  • Inventory System

A system that focuses on the inventory transaction of the company whether it is for incoming, outgoing, adjustments, or movement of all of the stocks of the company for inventory tracking purposes. Also, it comes with inventory reports that will help the user monitor the inventory of the company. Its main focus is the entire inventory of the assets of the company.


  • Technologies: PHP, .NET, VB.NET, ASP, C#

System Technical Support/Technical Assistant
June 2016 - August 2017


  • Help in updating the store’s POS Structure
  • Help in testing the system application
  • Help in troubleshooting and debugging the errors found during the testing and implementation
  • Do phone and remote support to stores who encounter system problems and bugs
  • Document the user manual and prepare slides for user presentation of the system application
  • Assist in training end user to work with the system applications
  • Visit the different branches to do installation of initial data and conduct refresher course for the POS System
  • Technologies: POS System

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Polytechnic University of the Philippines
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