hi5 API Developer Armino


Mid-level hi5 API Developer
6 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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He is known for delivering quality results, multi-tasking and meeting requirement even before deadlines. Armino loves to share and discuss new ideas. He seeks to be a part of a team which values excellency as he does.

Work Experience

Web Developer
September 2014 - May 2019
  • Maintain internal finance website
  • Handle Yii and Yii2 Framework product data
  • Maintain multiple websites for the company account
  • Handle the ribs system and back end coding
  • Handle the back end of an online billing system
  • Maintain individual system module for product computation
  • Utilise code refactor for Yii 1 & 2; PHP - open source
  • Handle module part of multiple agency branches using .NET C# Visual Studio
Web Designer and Developer
September 2012 - August 2014
  • Maintain websites internally
  • Handle Magento product data or load sheet upload CSV
  • Maintained website for the company account
  • Handle the Graphics clement.com and back end coding
  • Handle Back end of clement which is DRUPAL CMS
  • Handle Design Layout for corporate identity
  • Handle a top calibre design website for company client
  • Software use Adobe Photoshop 7 and CS- CS4, Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX
  • Handle product web load sheet or product data uploading and pricing
  • Handle product uploading
  • Update and create code for email blast using ASP.NET C#
  • Update current websites
  • Add and update code for the online application system in ASP.NET and C#
  • Handle website projects in Magento
  • Manage newly added website creation in Magento
  • Agile Scrum methodology practitioner

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Central Colleges of the Philippines
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