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Zend Developer Oliver Atticus View Oliver's CV

Oliver A.

Senior Zend Developer
7 years of experience

Oliver Atticus is a software developer with over 7 years of experience in the IT industry. He is proficient in developments using Zend, PHP, Symfony 2. . .

View Oliver's CV
Zend Developer Imogen Rose View Imogen's CV

Imogen R.

Zend Developer
2 years of experience

Imogen has in-depth knowledge and experience as a software engineer. She is dedicated to streamlining processes and efficiently resolving project issu. . .

View Imogen's CV
Zend Developer Ryland View Ryland's CV


Junior Zend Developer
2 years of experience

Ryland is very enthusiastic and passionate about programming. As a web developer, he is knowledgeable and highly adept with Zend, HTML5, CSS3, PHP and. . .

View Ryland's CV
Zend Developer Ophelia View Ophelia's CV


Mid-level Zend Developer
4 years of experience

Ophelia is a web developer with extensive knowledge in Zend, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, Wordpress, MySQL, and Laravel. Aside from her 4 years of industr. . .

View Ophelia's CV
View Imogen's CV

Imogen R.

Zend Developer
2 years of experience

Imogen has in-depth knowledge and experience as a software engineer. She is dedicated to streamlining processes and efficiently resolving project issu. . .

View Imogen's CV

Hire Developers

How to Hire the Best Zend Developers

Hiring Zend developers can be difficult especially with little to no technical background. To be able to make a good hiring decision, it is essential for non-technical hiring managers and employers to have at least a basic understanding of the framework and its related technologies.


Before you make a hiring decision, here are some essential information to help you understand the framework better, and, ultimately, to help you decide what you should look for in your candidates.


Zend Framework is an open-source, object-oriented web application framework that plays a crucial role in PHP development. Commonly referred to as a ‘component’ library because of its loosely coupled components that can be used more or less independently, it is also a favourite MVC framework among web developers; in fact, it has more than 345 million installations.


The framework is principally sponsored by Zend, a Rogue Wave Company, although there are other companies which have contributed components and significant features such as Google, Microsoft, and StrikeIron. These companies have partnered with Zend to provide useful features, interfaces, and other technologies for ZF developers.


Thanks to this partnership, Zend is packed with features such as event manager, service manager, PHP composer, and a modular approach. This has made Zend framework among the popular and trusted technology by various businesses. Zend is able not only to gear up websites for small and medium-sized business; it is also able to boost enterprise web applications.


Some of the top companies using Zend framework are BBC, Allied Beverage, Shaklee, Autotrack, and Cisco WebEx.

Why should you hire a Zend developer?

PHP is widely used by many businesses for different purposes: from web applications to fully-independent services with object-oriented code and supporting several languages. This has created a large community of development services, which, in turn, has made Zend very useful in PHP projects.


Businesses which choose to hire a Zend developer for their web app and website development needs are able to enjoy these benefits:

Improved turnaround time
Web developers who are experienced and skilled in using the Zend framework are able to build complete web applications and websites significantly faster than developers who are not skilled in any robust framework.


With a Zend developer, you save time and finances because you are able to launch your web application much faster. For startups looking to build their MVP (minimally viable product) the soonest possible, hiring Zend developers may very well spell the difference between gaining competitive advantage or losing the game.


Well-structured code
When you hire skilled Zend developers, you get well-structured code. The Zend framework makes efficient and well-structured code more possible compared to building your own code from scratch.


Moreover, having the expertise of a Zend developer makes it faster and easier for you to add your preferred features into your app. Only Zend developers with enough skills and experience are able to integrate functionalities you request into their well-structured code-base while following a logical process.


Avoid technical risks
Hiring Zend developers to build your web applications is the best route to go because you eliminate as much technical risks as possible. You limit the chance of meeting failures throughout the development when you hire Zend developers compared to when hiring alternatives, or worse, doing it yourself.


Through the years, Zend has become one of the most stable PHP software libraries. Using the Zend framework and bringing in experts in the framework makes you less likely to run into bugs in the framework itself compared to when working with a newer, less-well tried framework.


Steep learning curve
Zend actually has a very steep learning curve, so although learning it may sound like an interesting challenge, doing the overall Zend development by yourself, especially if you do not have prior background or if you are not a developer yourself, will be really difficult. This is even more true with complex products.

What kind of projects can a Zend developer work on?

The Zend Framework is used mostly in large-scale web application development (e.g. content management systems, corporate websites, enterprise apps, and even end-to-end eCommerce solutions.


The following applications are developed on top of Zend:

  • Magento – A leading eCommerce software solution packed with plenty of features
  • Open Ticket – An open-source support and ticketing system
  • Humhub – An open-source social networking platform
  • Shopware – A leading open-source eCommerce solution with no boundaries
  • Flarum Core – A simple open-source forum software

What technical skills should you look for when hiring Zend developers?

To find the right PHP developers skilled in Zend, the first thing that employers and hiring managers must look for in their candidates are their technical skills. However, it takes more than just a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any related field to know if a certain candidate possesses the skills required for the project.


Here are the essential technical skills that a Zend developer must have:   


Object-oriented PHP code
Zend makes use of object-oriented PHP code to make the composition of large applications clean and effective. Developers who are familiar with this feature are able to create and organise code which is easy to maintain or refactor in the future.


Database Interoperability with MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL
PHP developers skilled in Zend should be able to integrate your PHP applications with a wide variety of databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and Oracle. This interoperability allows you and your developer to work with other products, systems, or databases with your framework, regardless of any changes you will make in the future.  


Look for Zend developers which are also skilled and experienced in working with modern web app standards, such as the use of logical, attractive URL schemes. This is only one of the many instances where the Zend framework can improve the user experience of an app built with the framework.


Since Zend Framework focuses on modern standards such as the use of REST, along with JSON and other API development, it only makes sense that great Zend developers are sensitive to and knowledgeable in these.

What soft skills should you look for in a Zend developer?

Communication skills
You will need a PHP developer to be skilled not only in the Zend framework and other technologies, but also in written and oral communication. A lot of developers and tech talents are great at what they do, but they often have trouble with basic business communication. This can often slow down the development process or pose communication issues in the long run.


Time and project management skills
Another soft skill to look for when screening your developer candidates is their time and project management skills. As you move forward in the development stage, there will be instances where they will have to juggle multiple tasks. Make sure that they know how to manage their time and their tasks, and that they have good work ethics when it comes to handling pressure and meeting deadlines.  


Self-learning skills and the ability to work independently
Although it is crucial to check if the candidate you are eyeing has the skills you need, it is also equally essential for you to seek if a candidate has self-learning skills and a drive for personal improvement.


Along the way, you might require your Zend developer to learn other technologies. For an efficient performance that yield the best results, you will need a developer who cooperates well within a team, but someone who can work and learn on their own as well.




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