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Find your dedicated Unity3D Developers offshore in two weeks

Cloud Employee is the UK’s leading outsourcing provider of the best Unity3D Developers offshore. We connect companies like yours to the Philippines’ massive developer community so you can handpick the Unity3D expert you want on your team conveniently fast.

When it comes to remote mobile app and web development, more than a hundred start-ups and tech firms choose Cloud Employee for a fast, innovative, and hassle-free offshoring experience.

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Unity3D Developer Jannah View Jannah's CV


Junior Unity3D Developer
2 years of experience

A Junior Game Developer with strong academic background and experience in developing mobile games / applications for various platforms (iOS, Android, . . .

View Jannah's CV
Unity3D Developer Reinier View Reinier's CV


Senior Unity3D Developer
8 years of experience

Reinier is a full stack developer with more than 8 years of experience in project initiation up to project maintenance and closing, working with inter. . .

View Reinier's CV
Unity3D Developer Leah View Leah's CV


Mid-level Unity3D Developer
6 years of experience

Leah is a dynamic and energetic mobile game developer experienced in both iOS and Android development. He is also knowledgeable in system-based progra. . .

View Leah's CV
Unity3D Developer Emerson View Emerson's CV


Senior Unity3D Developer
8 years of experience

Experienced mobile game programmer and developer in both iOS and Android devices (Language used: Unity3D, C#) Computer literate, proficient i. . .

View Emerson's CV
View Jannah's CV


Junior Unity3D Developers
2 years of experience

A Junior Game Developer with strong academic background and experience in developing mobile games / applications for various platforms (iOS, Android, . . .

View Jannah's CV

Hire Developers

What is the usual rate for Unity developers?

The cost of your game development project will vary greatly depending on how complex your game is, how long the project development will be, and what level of expertise you need. Nevertheless, there are guides on cost estimates readily available on the internet which you can use for reference.


To give you an idea, here is a table comparing the annual salaries and hourly rates of Unity3D developers from four countries: the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia. These figures are gathered from Nuevoo and PayScale.


     Average Unity Developer Annual Salary       Average Unity Developer Hourly Rate   
   United Kingdom    GBP 30,745 GBP 15.10
   United States USD 110,000 USD 56.91
   Canada CAD 58,284 CAD 20.76
   Australia AUD 57,931 AUD 29.28

Although hiring locally is the conventional way to find developers, many companies from startups to large tech firms are now opting for a more cost and time-efficient alternative to address their IT staffing needs—through partnering with IT outsourcing providers.


With Cloud Employee as your IT outsourcing partner, we provide you with a smart alternative to hiring Unity3D developers, who then becomes a crucial factor in growing your business. We offer these services at competitive industry rates, so you are sure to find the best game developers while saving on overhead costs. Know more about offshore developer rates in this blog.

What interview techniques should you use to hire the best Unity developer?

Before you start your interviews, it is crucial to keep in mind that your goal is not to merely ask difficult challenges or give difficult problems to solve; rather, your goal is to be able to know your candidates and their capabilities within a limited time. With this, it is recommended that you employ different techniques throughout the whole interview process.


Aside from asking the basic questions, you can ask them to describe in detail their most recent project. This helps you know not only a candidate’s expertise and experience, but also their communication skills and how well they are able to explain technical concepts.


Throughout your interviews, also watch out for their non-verbal cues such as their hand gestures, posture, and eye contact. Especially if you are looking for a lead Unity3D developer, you will need a developer who can confidently communicate.


Further, make sure to include technical tests in your screening process. You can do this through conducting online programming tests, or tasking your candidate to write a sample code for different situations.


To give you an idea, here are some sample challenges you can give to your potential Unity3D developers:

Q: Describe what Unity is.

A: Unity3D is a multi-platform game engine with features such as 3D objects, physics, animation, scripting, lighting, and more. It is mainly used to build vivid and engaging scenes and environments and adding special effects, animation, etc.


Q: Describe what vertex shader and pixel shader is.

A: In Unity, vertex shader is a script that runs for each vertex of the mesh. This allows developers to apply transformation matrixes to control the vertex’s location in the 3D space and how it is projected.


On the other hand, pixel shader is a script that runs for each fragment after three vertexes are processed in a mesh’s triangle. By using UV / TextureCoords and sample textures, a developer can control the final colour that will be rendered on the screen.


Q: Mention important components of Unity 3D?

A: (Your interviewee can mention any of these Unity 3D components):

Toolbar - Bears several essential manipulation tools for the scene and game windows.

Scene View - Shows a fully rendered 3D preview of the current scene and enables developers and artists to add, edit, and remove GameObjects

Hierarchy - Displays a list of all GameObjects within the current scene view

Project Window - Searches for specific game assets as demanded in complex games

Game View - Allows developers to view the game and make changes to it while playing in real time.


Q: Take a look at the code below. Complete the code in such a way that the GameObject moves steadily towards the target, and that it will stop after reaching 1.0 units of distance (or less).


class Mover : MonoBehaviour
 Vector3 target;
 float speed;
 void Update()


A: See code below:


class Mover : MonoBehaviour
 Vector3 target;
 float speed;

 void Update()
     float distance = Vector3.Distance(target,transform.position);

     // will only move while the distance is bigger than 1.0 units
     if(distance > 1.0f)
       Vector3 dir = target - transform.position;
       dir.Normalize();                                    // normalization is obligatory
       transform.position += dir * speed * Time.deltaTime; // using deltaTime and speed is obligatory

How can Cloud Employee help you?

Here at Cloud Employee, we connect tech firms and startups from the UK, the US, and Australia to the Philippines’ wide pool of skilled Unity3D developers. When you hire offshore Unity3D developers with Cloud Employee, you get full client support, offshore infrastructure, and hassle-free outsourcing experience.


Start finding your Unity3D developer today by sending us your staffing requirements. We conduct sourcing of skilled Unity3D developers who meet your qualifications, and afterwards, we send you a shortlist of candidate CVs. From this list, you handpick the candidates you want to interview or invite for technical testing. Throughout our custom recruitment process, you only hire the talent you want.


The Unity3D developer you hire with Cloud Employee is a dedicated developer. This means that they work exclusively for you at your preferred time zone. They also use your preferred tools and standards, making them an effective extension of your in-house team.


We handle everything else: providing your Unity3D developers with high-spec hardware, software, and high-speed internet connection. We also take care of payroll, taxes, HR, and general admin tasks so you can freely focus on managing your team.


If you’re a game development company struggling to hire locally, outsourcing can be a practical and smart solution. With Cloud Employee you can hire offshore Unity3D developers who are also skilled in UnityScript, Unity C#, Boo, C#, C++, SQLite, mobile game development, as well as Android, iOS, Windows, APNs integration, Maya, Adobe Fuse and Adobe After Effects.

What is the dedicated developer model?

When providing you with outsourced Unity3D developers, Cloud Employee employs a Dedicated Hiring Model. In this model, we help you avoid the risks and extra costs of traditional outsourcing by providing you with what we call “dedicated developers”—developers who work 100% exclusively for you and on your project.


Through this model, you are able to hire offshore Unity3D developers who mirror your working hours and who follow your standards and processes. With this, your outsourced developers you hire with us are seamlessly added to your in-house team.


Because of these features and benefits, our dedicated developer model is considered to be the best engagement model. We’re able to help you scale your team according to your business requirements anytime the need arises. Further, you only pay for the services you avail, this includes the offshore team member’s monthly salary and the outsourcing provider’s fee.



  • Great for long-term projects with a constantly changing scope and undefined specifications
  • Can also accommodate short-term projects with an anticipated budget
  • Gives the client full control of the whole process from recruitment, to the interviews, up to the management of the outsourced Unity3D developer/s
  • As the client, you personally monitor and assess the product quality and the team’s performance
  • Provides the clients with dedicated Unity3D developers who work exclusively for their project, therefore allowing them to focus on its goals and expectations  


Cloud Employee is trusted by more than a hundred startups, SMEs, and blue-chip companies from all over the world to build high-performance offshore Unity3D developers because of our client-oriented services. Our model reduces the risks of miscommunication and other inconveniences as the developers we follow our client’s working hours so that smooth communication is encouraged between parties.


On top of this, we offer our services at competitive industry rates, making us the number one choice for IT staffing needs for many startups and firms. 

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