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All Cloud Employee Clients are special and we pride ourselves by going above and beyond to service their needs. We have provided companies with a single dedicated or a team of software developers. Support of our clients starts from the first call and then continues through out the hiring journey. Once you choose your developer you are passed to our after care support team who deal with any day-to- day needs that may arise. We help our clients grow by giving them access to the best IT software developers in the Philippines at affordable prices while giving them full back office support.

Niki Gattrell

Pear Digital, Newcastle

Bobby Williams

Loyalty Logistix

James Stringer

CleanLink Software Ltd

Des Gayle

Altered Gene

Harry Boxall

Safelink Data Rooms

David Naylor


Anthony Wentzel

Freebird Rides

Nick Walker

Pack Smart Ltd

Sergey Sagan

Sagan Marketing

Danielle Thompson

Freebird Rides

Aaron Russell

Rocket Dog Creative

Sarah Bickley


Simon Lewis

Motor Pilot

Pete Ansell


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