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Senior SharePoint Developer
15 years of experience

Has more than 10 years of experience on Web Development (Front End and Back End) Experienced development from conceptualization and design to testi. . .

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SharePoint Developer
7 years of experience

Earl has over 7 years of experience in Software Development and 2 years as Instructor. Proficient in development using C#, ASP.Net MVC and WebAPI, Azu. . .

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Junior SharePoint Developer
7 years of experience

An IT professional with solid .NET development experience both with web and desktop applications development. Has  more than 2 years of DevOps experie. . .

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Mid-level SharePoint Developer
8 years of experience

Has more than 5 years working experience with .NET Development using ASP.NET and C# Familiarity with multi-threading Knowledgeable in using web de. . .

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View Spears's CV


Mid-level SharePoint Developer
8 years of experience

Has more than 5 years working experience with .NET Development using ASP.NET and C# Familiarity with multi-threading Knowledgeable in using web de. . .

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How to Hire the Best SharePoint Developers

Before you hire SharePoint developers, it is crucial for employers or recruiters to know more about the kind of developer that you are looking for. This comprehensive guide for hiring SharePoint developers will answer all the questions that you might have or that you should ask in order to hire the best SharePoint developers.


Let’s start off with the question: What is SharePoint? Released in 2001, SharePoint is a collaborative online platform that is used as a document storage and management system and that can be integrated with Microsoft Office.


The platform consists of various editions which have different functions. These are:

  • SharePoint Server
  • SharePoint Enterprise
  • SharePoint Standard
  • SharePoint Online


While it is primarily used for storing and managing documents, SharePoint can still be highly customisable depending on your business needs. In fact, it contains a variety of capabilities. These include:

  • Enterprise content and document management
  • Collaborative software
  • Intranet and social network
  • File hosting service
  • Custom web apps


Because of the platform’s possibilities, more and more businesses have adopted SharePoint. In fact, according to Microsoft, SharePoint has now around 190 million users across 200,000 organisations.

Why should you hire a SharePoint developer?

When you hire SharePoint developers, your business can create various business functions from a content and document management system to custom web applications, depending on your current business tech needs. SharePoint’s features have enabled small to large companies to better use data while effectively reducing costs and without sacrificing quality. Hiring a SharePoint developer would allow the following advantages to your business:

Centralised Administration

SharePoint’s Central Administration console allows managers or developers to effectively maintain over the whole platform. With this consolidated feature, one can run backups and restorations, access app management features, upgrade the platform, and configure various other features, among many others.



SharePoint provides tools that help keep everyone up to date and connected. As a result, increased collaboration also increases the team’s productivity and results.



With SharePoint, businesses or development teams have the choice to keep and use existing features or build their own applications and components according to their needs. As such, your team will always have access to the tools they need to effectively and efficiently get their job done. In addition, admin can also customise the platform to align it with your business’ branding.


Site consolidation

Managers or developers can easily consolidate all internet, extranet, or intranet sites under one platform. This enables companies to reduce the overall costs that come with each site. In addition, this enables companies to have a more efficient way of accessing each site.


Aside from this, SharePoint also seamlessly integrates with other technologies such as MS Office, MS Unified Communications, and MS Exchange Server.



SharePoint offers organisations data protection and security best practices from online risks, threats, and unauthorised use. In addition, companies or teams can trust that their documents and data are safe and secure in SharePoint’s cloud.

What technical skills should you look for when hiring SharePoint developers?

When hiring SharePoint developers, a good assessment of a candidate is important to ensure that you only hire and work with the developer who does the job well. Aside from a certification or degree in Computer Science, Software Development, IT, or other related IT degrees, here are must-have SharePoint developer skills that you should look for:

Knowledgeable in SharePoint’s platform and features

This is the most important aspect you should look for when hiring SharePoint developers. Hire someone who knows and has experience using Window-specific tools and features such as:

  • SharePoint Object Model (OM)
  • SharePoint Designer
  • InfoPath
  • PowerShell
  • Visio
  • Visual Studio
  • Business Connectivity Services
  • SharePoint ribbon,
  • User Store
  • and Windows Workflow Foundation, among many others


Adept in various programming languages

Since SharePoint uses .NET, this should be your ideal candidate’s primary programming language. Other programming languages and technologies that would be essential to SharePoint developers are C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, REST API, and jQuery.


Understands UX (User Experience)

Since SharePoint’s architecture is primarily geared towards creating solutions rather than just developing features, the ideal SharePoint developer must-have good understanding of end-user experience. They must be able to properly diagnose issues from the end user, provide a solution, and the identify the right methods to use to come up with the right features.


Just a reminder that these are just recommended technical skills and this may still change depending on your project’s requirements.





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