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Hundreds of startups and tech firms have trusted us to build their highly-skilled remote development teams. From recruitment to management of your remote team, we make sure you get full after-care support.

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Leo M.

Mid-level MATLAB Developer
5 years of experience

A competent professional with an experiences in Software Development, Application Maintenance and Client Servicing, Project Execution and Team Managem. . .

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View Andrea's CV


Junior MATLAB Developer
1 year of experience

She enjoys turning designs to actual working codes. She is a strong proponent of clean, valid, maintainable, and semantically correct HTML/CSS, includ. . .

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View Christopher's CV

Christopher J.

Senior MATLAB Developer
8 years of experience

Christopher John has over a years in Java Development and has been exposed in Java 8 for almost a years, same years of experience with Lambda, Stream . . .

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View Raim's CV

Raim J.

MATLAB Developer
5 years of experience

Over his 6 years in web application development utilizing Java, SQL, Spring, JUnit, Bash, Jenkins. Has 4 years of experience with Oracle, MySQL, To. . .

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Why Hire Remote MATLAB Developers with Cloud Employee?

  • You get to work with expert UK-managed tech talent offshore

  • You gain full control from recruitment to direct management of your outsourced development team

  • You gain a team of dedicated developers working 100% exclusively for you at the same time-zone

  • You receive full client support from After-Care Team

  • You enjoy up to 65% savings or more

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Hire a team of 3 developers and we will even provide flights and a hotel for you to take a trip to the Philippines and meet your team in person!

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What You Get?

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Zero Recruitment
Agency Fees

Full After-Care

Dedicated Developers

High Spec
Office Facilities

Hardware and

Western On-Site

Same Time-Zone
Office Hours

Data Protection
& Confidentiality

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