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Handpick the tech talents you want from our pool of expert Embedded Software Engineers and build your remote development team with Cloud Employee today!

Hundreds of startups and tech firms have trusted us to build their highly-skilled remote development teams. From recruitment to management of your remote team, we make sure you get full after-care support.

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Mid-level Embedded Software Engineer
5 years of experience

Ellis is an AWS Certified with experience in Development, Deployment Operations and QA. Ellis is DevOps for almost 5 years now. Strongly advocate auto. . .

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Senior Embedded Software Engineer
8 years of experience

Proficient at working independently, handling simultaneous projects, and meeting deadlines. Proficient in oral and written communication skills, Fi. . .

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Junior Embedded Software Engineer
3 years of experience

Experienced Database Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Visual Basic, In. . .

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Embedded Software Engineer
1 year of experience

Experienced Systems Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Linux/Unix, Google. . .

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Why Hire Remote Embedded Software Engineers with Cloud Employee?

  • You get to work with expert UK-managed tech talent offshore

  • You gain full control from recruitment to direct management of your outsourced development team

  • You gain a team of dedicated developers working 100% exclusively for you at the same time-zone

  • You receive full client support from After-Care Team

  • You enjoy up to 65% savings or more

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Hire a team of 3 developers and we will even provide flights and a hotel for you to take a trip to the Philippines and meet your team in person!

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What You Get?

(Inclusive of our hourly rates)

Zero Recruitment
Agency Fees

Full After-Care

Dedicated Developers

High Spec
Office Facilities

Hardware and

Western On-Site

Same Time-Zone
Office Hours

Data Protection
& Confidentiality

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