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Hire Offshore Unity3D Developers

Hire your offshore Unity3D development team with Cloud Employee, fast and risk-free. Custom recruitment, direct management, and full client support provided.

We are a UK-managed company that offers access to top-notch tech talents from the Philippines.

Zero risk trials, no set-up cost


In the booming industry of game development, competition for skilled tech talent among companies is fierce. With the limited supply of game developers, including Unity3D developers, companies turn to IT outsourcing from other countries which provide them with skilled offshore developers at competitive prices.

As an offshore service provider in the UK, Cloud Employee offers UK tech firms access to a pool of creative and skilled UK-managed Unity3D developers in the Philippines. With Cloud Employee as your IT outsourcing partner in the UK, you get offshore infrastructure, custom-recruitment, and full client support on-the-spot, freely allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Hiring your offshore game developer is made simple with our business process. Just send us your staffing requirements, essential skills, years of experience that you need and other important details. Our team does the sourcing of skilled Unity3D developers and provides you with a shortlist of candidates who meet your qualifications. You can hold interviews and technical testing with the candidates to ensure that you find and hire a Unity3D developer that you want, without paying any recruitment fees.

Your dedicated Unity3D developer now becomes part of your team, working exclusively for you and your company at your preferred time zone. They report directly to you from our UK-managed, high-spec offices in the Philippines. Cloud Employee takes care of all administrative functions and IT support for your offshore game developer, so you can focus on managing your business.  

Unity3D is primarily used in creating video and simulation games in 2D and 3D. Because of its realistic game environments and cross-platform capabilities, Unity3D is not only the popular choice for many game developers but also the leading game development software globally. With Unity3D, game developers can create games across devices as well such as smartphones, desktops, Android, and iOS. Aside from games, Unity3D is also used for social integration services, creating animations and other interactive content.

If you’re a game development company struggling to hire locally, turning to IT outsourcing in the UK and building your offshore Unity3D developer with Cloud Employee can be a practical and easy solution.

Our offshore Unity3D developers are experts of the platform, who help you build stunning 2D/3D games, augmented reality games, virtual reality games, cross-platform games as well as game backend development and social integration services.

With Cloud Employee you can hire Unity3D developers with a broad range of skill sets including: UnityScript, Unity C#, Boo, C#, C++, SQLite, mobile game development, Android, iOS, Windows, APNs integration, Maya, Adobe Fuse, Adobe After Effects.


  • "Been with Cloud Employee for years and I’m very happy with Clarence, he is doing great. He is very polite, and confident in giving suggestions and feedback."

    Steven Brown, Justfone
  • "It was such a pleasure having Roi and Dennis here in Sweden. It was a great idea inviting them here as we got to know them a lot better. They’re doing so well and they’re very easy to communicate with, never had any problems with them."

    Martin Augustsson, QLogic AB

Beyond Value

AVG Cost

UK Developer

£40 per hour

AVG Cost

Cloud Employee Developer

£14 per hour

Clients save on average £60,000 per annum

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Beyond Benefits

Beyond Expectations


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