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Junior Umbraco Developer
3 years of experience

Rochelle is a creative Software Developer seeking a position in a fast-growing organization to utilize her expertise in software development. She is a. . .

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Senior Umbraco Developer
7 years of experience

Has 7-year experience in the IT industry as a systems developer. Handled a variety of web-based application projects, using different technologies lik. . .

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View Ericson's CV


Junior Umbraco Developer
3 years of experience

Worked as an Applications Developer where he created/enhanced web-based applications using Microsoft .NET technology. He also created Web-APIs and Aut. . .

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Mid-level Umbraco Developer
4 years of experience

He is a software developer with four years of professional experience in building business applications.His last role was as a .NET developer in a big. . .

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View Ericson's CV


Junior Umbraco Developer
3 years of experience

Worked as an Applications Developer where he created/enhanced web-based applications using Microsoft .NET technology. He also created Web-APIs and Aut. . .

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Senior Developer £55 £20 £5,984

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Mid Level Developer
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How to Hire the Best Umbraco developers

Before you start hiring Umbraco developers, it is best to learn more about Umbraco and how it works. When developing or revamping your website, it is important for you as well as the developer to produce a website that is up-to-date, visually appealing, adaptable and offers great user experience.


At Cloud Employee, we help small startups to bigger tech firm find the best tech talent for their business ventures. With our assistance, you can hire the best Umbraco developers who cater to your needs as you both work on your web development at competitive rates.


With Umbraco, you benefit from experiencing a content management system (CMS) known for its flexibility and smooth editing experience. It is the perfect framework for an endless amount of creative projects, from the simplest to the most complex.


As discussed earlier, Umbraco provides a blank-sheet foundation where you can do just about anything with it. The following will show why you should choose Umbraco as your CMS in your project.


Beautiful User Interface

Umbraco is striving to seamlessly enhance the flows of creating and managing the content in your website.


Doesn’t mess with your HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Umbraco allows you to use any front-end code you prefer and doesn’t interfere with your customised written code.



As a flexible and open system, developers are given full control over data, output and delivery. Umbraco can power anything from responsive websites and mobile apps to digital signages and IoT devices.


Markets faster and supports agile processes

Umbraco is designed to have the ability to fit all the workflows of your team of developers along with editors. As a result, it is faster to get a project out there compared to alternative systems.  Also, Umbraco supports the agile processes of modern digital projects where it is important that editors publish at any time and anywhere without the risks of “Content Freeze”, as well as constantly providing solutions to developers for issues.



Umbraco makes it possible to constantly build and add anything, from an e-commerce platform, customer relationship management, a third-party personalisation engine or your on-premise legacy business systems.


Creative Developer Experience

Since Umbraco is an open source with a huge ecosystem of talented developers, it has always aimed to make the platform enjoyable and accommodating for developers. Whether you are working in Visual Studio on Windows or Sublime/Atom on MacOS, Umbraco is finally a CMS that works with your development flow—not against it.


Why should you hire an Umbraco developer?

An Umbraco developer helps businesses with various development tasks such as monitoring and altering existing solutions to creating entirely new websites. For employers who are seeking to find developers to work on their websites, hiring an Umbraco developer is highly recommended. Having an Umbraco developer in your project can help you create a website that is visually appealing and provides a user-friendly experience.


Umbraco developers assists businesses by carrying out the following tasks:

  • Delivers technical solutions regarding core business systems
  • Integrates user-interface elements
  • Creates reusable codes
  • Migrates data and scripting, and undertakes transformations
  • Tests and optimises applications
  • Collaborates within a cross-functional team
  • Designs and uses application programming interface (API)


Developers are able to make the most out of what Umbraco has to offer, as they have a better understanding and experience of the CMS. Umbraco offers a number of features that help make your website stand out amongst the rest. Here are just some of its features:

Preview Across all Devices

Umbraco has a unique Responsive Preview, where you can check your content before it goes live but also see how your content will look and feel across all devices. The Responsive Preview enables the developer to make adjustments if needed.


Scheduled Publishing

Umbraco enables developers to prepare news and campaigns in advanced by setting the date and time of when it needs to be published.


Versioned Content

In case your content has been lost or you’ve made a mistake, Umbraco has your back. Since all content in Umbraco is versioned, this means that you are able to rollback to an older version.


Manages Multilingual Content

Umbraco manages and creates multilingual content. All content  using Umbraco can have multiple variations at the same time. In one single Umbraco project, an Umbraco developer is able to build all the needed content variations. It is made simple with its up-to-date built-in features.


Content Apps

When using Content Apps, content companions help you create better content by providing information and feedback. Along with the information and feedback, the app also creates statistics and results on how well the content does once it is published. They even go further by giving suggestions on how to improve your content as you work on it.


Form Builder

Umbraco also features a Form builder, specialising in conversions and conversations. With Umbraco Forms, it is easier to build anything such as simple contact forms and advance questionnaires on your site made possible without any coding needed.


Umbraco has great user management that is able to accommodate a single editor to larger content team. It has been made easy to invite new team members and control how much access they can have. Also, another stellar feature, Umbraco Cloud, constantly updates your websites to the latest version without its user having to worry about it. With the platform’s various features, Umbraco web developers can only produce quality work.

What are some Best Practices in Umbraco development?

To get a better grasp of how Umbraco is used and what constitutes a skilled Umbraco developer, looking into the best practices for Umbraco development will help give you a better idea of what to look for as you go through your hiring process.


With Umbraco, it is important to pay attention to how naming conventions are and should be used, keeping a consistent naming condition is important as you will need to recall and understand the code you wrote weeks or months later. Here are some best practices to keep in mind whilst writing code:          

  • Document Types: Use lowercase for the first letter of the aliases followed by capitals for the new words. It is helpful to use descriptive names.
  • Templates: If the template is specifically for a document type, use the same name for the template, if it relates to multiple document types name it logically i.e. "Master Template" or "Left Menu".
  • Macros: Prefix the macro-alias with uppercase TSD to avoid conflicts with other macros. Prefix the name with [Source of the macro] i.e. [XSLT] or [User Control].
  • XSLT Files: Prefix the name with the site's abbreviation.
  • When writing new codes, it should be written as unit testable code using constructor dependencies wherever possible, instead of relying on global singletons to access services. This is done in order to produce clean and unit testable codes.
  • With Umbraco, est projects using NUnit, new and updated codes should have unit tests written for them. While doing so, you are able to identify what you need to improve on the APIs you are writing.
  • Make sure when obsoleting an old code that references are removed throughout the codebase, as well as update the codebase to using new classes and methods.

What technical skills should you look for when hiring Umbraco developers?

To hire the best Umbraco developer for your business venture, it is important to assess the developer’s technical skills and capabilities with software development. Skilled Umbraco developers are known to have experience in the following:

Microsoft.NET stack

.NET a cross-platform open source developer where different applications are built. It enables you to use multiple languages, editors and libraries to develop for the web, mobile, IoT and desktop.



A simple multi-paradigm, modern, object-oriented, and type-safe programming language.



Model-View-Controller, an architectural pattern known for developing user interfaces, dividing an application into three interconnected parts.


Here are other front-end platforms and technologies to look for when looking at an Umbraco developer’s CV:

  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript


When it comes to web development, it is also important to examine their portfolios where they showcase their previous projects. Seeing their body of work will help in deciding whether or not they are a right fit for your team.




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