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Hire the Best UK-managed Offshore Swift Developers

Build your offshore development team with Cloud Employee, fast and risk-free. Custom recruitment, direct management, and full client support provided.


With the demand for tech professionals steadily rising especially for new technologies such as the Swift programming language, IT companies from Australia, the US, and the UK turn to outsourcing or offshoring developers. The shortage in tech talents is a problem faced by many IT companies in the UK, and the US because of the challenges it poses for the companies. Shortage in Swift developers results to difficulties in locally finding the right person without high salary standards. Due to the low cost and convenience of having an offshore Swift developer, companies opt to outsource a developer or even a whole tech staff. With hundreds of thousands of tech and engineering graduates every year, the Philippines has continuously become a top IT business process outsource destination with startups and large firms from the UK, US, and Australia investing in competent IT professionals.

Cloud Employee, a UK-managed outsourcing firm based in the Philippines, connects IT companies to highly skilled Filipino Swift developers. With other offices located in Cebu, the UK, and Australia, there will be no problem in reaching out to us. Simply get in touch with one of our account managers and send us your job requirements such as tech expertise, years of experience, and so on. Our custom-recruitment process ensures you the control, speed, and flexibility in outsourcing your dedicated Swift developer. After scouting from a deep pool of developers, our team forwards a shortlist of qualified candidate CVs. You then choose the ones you deem fit to move forward for an interview and technical testing. The candidate who passes based on the qualifications and your judgment will be hired as your dedicated Swift developer.

Meanwhile, Cloud Employee does not stop after hiring. We make sure that you and your offshore Swift developer or development team can work efficiently and cohesively as if both of you are in the same room together. Cloud Employee provides its Swift developers with clean and comfortable modern workspaces along with high-end hardware and complete software. You and your developer will also be fully supported by our After Care Team and in-house IT team. Your dedicated Swift developer works exclusively for you and your business. Your offshore Swift developer or team will run under your directives, and under your company standards and processes.

For a more focused management and development of your business, Cloud Employee also provides services in handling general admin and HR, payroll, permits, licensing, taxes, work space facilities and other paper works. This eliminates unnecessary tedious tasks for you, directing your time and energy to more important matters.

With Cloud Employee you can hire Swift developers with a broad range of skill sets including Objective-C, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, Xcode, RestKit, Core Data, APNs and third party integration, and other related technologies. 

Why Hire Offshore Swift Developers with Cloud Employee

  • Access to the best UK-managed tech talent
  • End-to-end Client Control from custom-recruitment to direct developer management
  • 100% Dedicated Developers working at the same time-zone
  • Full Client Support with our After Care Team
  • Savings of up to 65% or more

Hire Developers

Beyond Value

AVG Cost

UK Developer

£40 per hour

AVG Cost

Cloud Employee Developer

£14 per hour

Clients save on average £60,000 per annum

Beyond Simple

Beyond Benefits

Beyond Expectations


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