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Senior Sitefinity Developer
9 years of experience

Solutions-driven Microsoft Certified Professional with a track record of commended performance in web development and modular and object-oriented prog. . .

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Mid-level Sitefinity Developer
7 years of experience

Over 7 years of experience in Software Development and 2 years as Instructor. Proficient in development using C#, ASP.Net MVC and WebAPI, Azure, Angul. . .

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Sitefinity Developer
11 years of experience

He is proficient in C#.Net, ASP.Net, MVC 3.0 - 5.0, Entity Framework, Web API, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS. He is also knowledgeable in Boots. . .

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Junior Sitefinity Developer
3 years of experience

A results-driven Software Engineer who can think "out of the box". Strong in design and integration problem solving skills. Experienced with C#, ASP.N. . .

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View Frank's CV


Mid-level Sitefinity Developer
7 years of experience

Over 7 years of experience in Software Development and 2 years as Instructor. Proficient in development using C#, ASP.Net MVC and WebAPI, Azure, Angul. . .

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How to Hire the Best Sitefinity Developers

Developed by Progress Software, Sitefinity is an ASP.NET-based content management system that is used by various businesses to create and manage commercial websites, intranets, and community portals, among many others.


The platform’s architecture uses .NET’s development patterns such as the templates, themes, CSS, Master Pages, and more. Sitefinity can also support a wide range of database systems, integrate external applications, and provide unlimited page layout. The platform was comprehensively designed with both the developer and end-user in mind.


With Sitefinity, developers and marketers can easily create and drive innovative and multichannel user experiences. According to their site, the platform can increase customer engagement by three times, grow marketing team productivity by three times, and make site updates 60% faster. As such, Sitefinity has become one of the most popular CMS platforms available and is being used by big brands such as Mercedes Benz and Coca-Cola to power their websites.

Why should you hire a Sitefinity developer?

Content Management
Despite its multichannel approach and countless features, Sitefinity is simple and user-friendly, allowing both business owner and developer to easily produce content and work around its platform.


Some of its content management features include:

  • Drag and Drop Layouts
  • Inline Editing
  • Digital Asset Management
  • SEO Tools
  • Form Builder
  • Multi-site and Multilingual Management
  • Quality and Governance
  • Content Personalisation


Multichannel Management
To deliver an engaging and consistent customer experience, Sitefinity allows businesses to seamlessly manage and share content for various digital channels. Using the platform, marketers and developers can easily and flexibly generate, personalise, and manage content, improve visibility and interaction, increase customer retention for higher ROI, and simplify workflow with just one interface.


Sitefinity’s multichannel management features:

  • Asset sharing across multiple channels
  • One-click sharing of content on all channels
  • One simple interface to manage all channels
  • Sharable and reusable templates, among many others


Sitefinity allows to easily gain insight on a users behaviour and customise your campaigns or strategies according to the given data. With Sitefinity, you can tailor the messages you send to your audience, and build target segments, among others.


Its features include:

  • 360 contact profiling
  • Google Analytics within Sitefinity
  • Email marketing
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Identifying new audience, among others


Digital Commerce
The platform gives a complete digital experience by providing catalogues, targeted promotions, payment processing, and multiple storefronts among others. As such, this can help you increase revenue.

What technical skills should you look for when hiring Sitefinity developers?

When hiring Sitefinity developers, employers must carefully evaluate whether a candidate’s technical and soft skills are compatible with your project needs. Aside from having a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, IT, or other related tech fields, here are recommended technical skills that employers should list down and look for when hiring a Sitefinity developer:

  • Solid understanding of the .NET and ASP.NET technologies
  • Knowledgeable of the Sitefinity platform, its features, and the latest version
  • Good understanding and experience with handling content management systems
  • Familiarity with C#, LINQ, MVC, IIS, and SQL server
  • Preferably with a Sitefinity certification


Remember that the technical requirements above may still vary depending on your project scope and specifications.

How much is the usual rate for Sitefinity Developers?

To help you have an idea of how much is a Sitefinity developer’s salary, here’s a quick table comparing their average annual salary and hourly rate in the UK, and the US. All salaries and hourly rates are based on IT Jobs Watch, Neuvoo, PayScale and Indeed.


  Average Sitefinity Developer Annual Salary Average Sitefinity Developer Hourly Rate
United Kingdom GBP 42,500 GBP 20
United States USD 86,360 USD 53


Many businesses around the globe prefer to outsource their software development in order to significantly minimise costs, especially on operations and recruitment. The key to a successful outsourcing service is to partner with a reliable offshore IT provider.


At Cloud Employee, we provide efficient and cost-effective means for companies that want to grow their business without the added risk, high cost, and hassle. As such, we offer competitive industry rates when you hire offshore Sitefinity developers, thus making IT outsourcing more convenient and accessible to companies in need of software developers in the UK and across the globe.


For more information about IT offshore rates, here’s a helpful guide on offshore developer rates from popular outsourcing regions.

What interview techniques should you use to hire the best Sitefinity developers?

When hiring Sitefinity developers, remember that your goal as a recruiter or employer is to carefully evaluate a candidate’s skills in just the short amount of time given, and not to intimidate candidates with challenging questions or activities. As such, here are a few suggested interview techniques and questions that can be applied or asked to hire the best Sitefinity developers.


Have them describe the structure of their recent project
Ask the candidates to explain the most recent software or project they finished. Candidates may also illustrate their project using a sheet of paper or a whiteboard, so be sure to have these at hand just in case the candidates might need it. By using this method, recruiters or employers can determine two things:


First, a recruiter or employer can immediately recognise if a Sitefinity developer has a good background about content management systems and Sitefinity’s platform. Aside from this,  employers can see what other skills a candidate may possess that is not stated on their CV. Having the candidates discuss their project will show recruiters or employers the level of involvement and commitment that the developer had during the project.


Second, a recruiter or employer can check if a developer has the crucial ability to clearly and accurately discuss a technical concept. Was the discussion understandable from a non-tech person’s point of view? Also, try to keep an eye on a candidate’s gestures or non-verbal cues when discussing and check for ideal soft skills such as confidence and good communication skills. The ability to explain difficult technical concepts to a non-IT person is a crucial skill to look for especially if you are hiring for a senior or lead developer role.


Conduct technical tests
A process often overlooked by many companies, conducting technical tests should be a necessary part of the recruitment process when hiring developers. To thoroughly screen candidates, developers must demonstrate their expertise by passing a technical test. Employers may use a free or paid online coding test to conveniently assess how a candidate thinks and works. When you hire the best Sitefinity developers, you should hire developers who are not only good coders, but also great at problem solvers.


If you are unable to currently conduct a technical test, asking the candidate to write two to three sample codes, or roughly 5-10 lines, would be a good alternative instead. This would already give employers good insight into the developer’s background in the Sitefinity platform.


Here is a quick sample test that you can ask your Sitefinity candidate to code.


Q: Can you give a full sample code on syncing custom items, specifically the ISiteSyncSnapIn interface. 


using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using Telerik.Sitefinity.SiteSync;
/// <summary>
/// Interface for a snap-in that will handle syncing of an items from a specified type(s)
/// </summary>
  public interface ISiteSyncSnapIn
    /// <summary>
    /// The supported type for this snapin
    /// </summary>
    string SupportedType { get; set; }
    IQueryable<ISiteSyncLogEntry> GetPendingItems(ISiteSyncExportContext context);
    int GetExportItemsCount(ISiteSyncExportContext context, Guid? siteId = null);
    IEnumerable<ISiteSyncExportTransaction> Export(ISiteSyncExportContext context);
    void Import(ISiteSyncImportTransaction transaction);

How can Cloud Employee help you?

Cloud Employee is a UK-managed IT offshore company providing various startups, SMEs, and large firms across the globe that aims to connect global startups and companies to the best offshore web, mobile, and software developers. As the leading IT offshore partner in the UK and abroad, we enable businesses of all sizes to easily and flexibly grow their business without the added costs on development, recruitment, and operations. Hiring your offshore Sitefinity developer with us can save you and your business from wasted money, time, and effort.


To start hiring your offshore Sitefinity developer with us, simply contact us and let one of our account managers know your IT staffing needs. You may include your preferred technical expertise, required years of professional experience, and other skills requirements. Our dedicated recruitment team will then scout for the best available Sitefinity developers who match your criteria from our large pool of tech talents. Afterwards, we provide a short list of candidate’s CVs and from the list, you choose whomever you would like to move on for an online interview and technical test. Our policy ensures that no commitment will be made until you have found your ideal offshore Sitefinity developer.


Once your offshore Sitefinity developer is onboard, he or she will directly report to you and exclusively work with you under your own rules and guidelines during the same working hours as yours. As your dedicated offshore partner, Cloud Employee will also support your offshore Sitefinity developer with your required operating system, programs, technical hardware, and more.


In addition, we also give a daily full technical support such as a fast internet connection and standby IT staff to provide or troubleshoot any technical requirements your offshore developer might need. This further enables both in-house and offshore team to establish a seamless communication and collaboration.


Aside from these, what makes Cloud Employee unique and efficient from other IT outsourcing providers is that our job goes beyond finding and hiring developers and supporting their day-to-day activities. We also handle all necessary general admin and back-office tasks including human resources, payroll, taxes, and licenses, among many others. We take care of these tedious and time-consuming tasks, so you can freely focus on managing your team and growing your business.


With Cloud Employee, you can hire offshore Sitefinity developers with a broad range of skill sets including ASP.NET, C#, .NET, .NET framework, MVC, WPF, REST, SOAP, client-side rendering, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Xamarin, Git, Visual Studio.

What is the dedicated hiring model?

A recommended business model for those planning to outsource, the dedicated hiring model enables an in-house and offshore team to seamlessly communicate and collaborate. In turn, this minimises communication issues and remote work problems and allows the offshore Sitefinity developer to become an extension of the in-house team.


Due to these advantages, it is considered one of the best engagement models to adopt for companies working with an offshore developer or team. One of its lesser-known advantages is that it gives in-house teams the flexibility to request or hire additional offshore developers at any given time during the project’s development. This flexible arrangement enables companies to easily expand or minimise their offshore team members.



  • Best for long-term projects with no defined project scope and requirements.
  • The budget can still be estimated even without clear details.
  • Recommended for hands-on business owners who prefer to directly work with their offshore team.
  • Managers or business owners can fully monitor the offshore team’s progress and the product’s quality
  • Offshore Sitefinity developer gains a deeper understanding of the in-house team’s goals and expectations, thus making them an effective and efficient part of the in-house team.
  • The offshore developer or development team works exclusively for you.


The dedicated hiring model is perfect for businesses that:

  • Would like to directly communicate and collaborate with a dedicated offshore Sitefinity developer
  • Would like to significantly reduce recruitment and operational costs
  • Would need to flexibly and easily scale their team during development


Integrating the dedicated hiring model’s advantages and Cloud Employee’s 20 years of expertise in the IT offshore industry, our dedicated team offers businesses an efficient, flexible, low-risk, and cost-effective business model. Cloud Employee’s own dedicated developer model has streamlined the tedious and time-consuming recruitment process, made working practices efficient and flexible, and easily bridged the gap between the technical in-house and offshore teams—all for a competitive industry rate. As such, Cloud Employee believes our business model proves to work better than any IT outsourcing model.



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AVG Cost

UK Developer

£40 per hour

AVG Cost

Cloud Employee Developer

£14 per hour

Clients save on average £60,000 per annum

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