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Senior PrestaShop Developer
7 years of experience

In more than eight (8) years, Isaiah has already led several projects from different companies. He has mentored developers and fixed bugs his seniors . . .

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Mid-level PrestaShop Developer
4 years of experience

Enrico is an energetic all-around team player with a wealth of experience from his more than four years of web development experience, working  across. . .

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Junior PrestaShop Developer
3 years of experience

A PHP Developer with experience as software developer in web development With over 3 years of experience in PHP Development  Has very strong probl. . .

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Arianne M.

Mid-level PrestaShop Developer
5 years of experience

A PHP Developer with experience as software developer in applications development, testing, troubleshooting and implementation. With over 5 years o. . .

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View Isaiah's CV


Senior PrestaShop Developer
7 years of experience

In more than eight (8) years, Isaiah has already led several projects from different companies. He has mentored developers and fixed bugs his seniors . . .

View Isaiah's CV

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How to Hire the Best PrestaShop Developers

Published under the Open Software License, PrestaShop is a free and open-source e-commerce platform used by small to large businesses, similar to WooCommerce and Shopify. The online platform is written in PHP and supported by the MySQL database management system.


PrestaShop boats over 300 integrated features used for various business functions such as payments, product listing, and shipping, among others. By default, the online platform provides a basic responsive theme, but using its web template system, businesses can easily customise themes according to their brand or preference.


In addition, businesses can flexibly add new features through the available add-on modules. Using these modules enables businesses to extend PrestaShop’s functionalities. The platform’s PrestaShop Addons marketplace allows third-party developers to sell their own themes and modules to PrestaShop users.


PrestaShop is currently available in 60 different languages and is used by 0.5% of websites, according to W2Techs. For open-source e-commerce websites, its overall market share is 9% according to BuiltWith.

Why should you hire a PrestaShop developer?

Build a brand-consistent online store
Hiring a PrestaShop developer enables businesses or independent sellers to fully customise a template or to create an online store from scratch according to the business’ brand or preference. In addition, your PrestaShop developer can easily and quickly add new and interactive features that can further attract and engage potential customers. A visually appealing online store is more likely to attract and to retain more users who will eventually convert into customers.


Test your online store before going live
With an PrestaShop developer, store owners can be sure that a website is fully functioning and visually appealing before it goes live. A dedicated PrestaShop developer can test, debug, and quality check your site to ensure that the site works and responsive to multiple and that all content is correct.


Easily develop and maintain your online store
Having your own PrestaShop developer ensures that an expert is dedicated to developing and maintaining your website. As a business owner, you don’t have to continuously focus or worry about technicalities especially if you’re not familiar with web development. As long as you know the direction you want to take for your online store, your PrestaShop developer can execute it according to your needs. On the other hand, you can focus on managing your remote team, selling your products, and growing your business.

What technical skills should you look for when hiring PrestaShop developers?

When you hire PrestaShop developers, employers must prepare a list of technical requirements based on your business needs to properly assess if a candidate’s technical skills. Aside from having a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or any related field, here are must-have technical skills employers should look for when hiring an PrestaShop developer:

  • Good knowledge and experience with the PrestaShop platform, themes, and development
  • Well versed with PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Smarty framework
  • Familiar with jQuery, MySQL and server administration
  • Knowledge of the following technologies is an advantage: Magento, OpenCart, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
  • Good eye for design
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills


Remember that technical requirements may still vary depending on your project scope and specifications.

How much is the usual rate for PrestaShop Developers?

To give you an idea of how much is a PrestaShop developer’s salary, here’s a quick list of a PrestaShop developer’s average annual salary and hourly rate based on these four countries. All salaries and hourly rates are based on IT Jobs Watch, PayScale and Indeed.


  Average PrestaShop Developer Annual Salary Average PrestaShop Developer Hourly Rate
United Kingdom GBP 35,000 GBP 20
United States USD 74,380 USD 46
Canada CAD 97,500 CAD 50
Australia AUD 65,549 AUD 28.97


To significantly reduce operational and recruitment costs, many businesses from small to large firms across industries prefer to outsource their software development by availing services and partnering with a reliable IT offshore provider.


At Cloud Employee, we offer efficient and cost-effective solutions to companies that want to flexibly scale their operations without the risk, high cost, and hassle. As such, to make IT outsourcing more convenient to various businesses in the UK and abroad, we provide competitive industry rates when you hire offshore PrestaShop developers with us.


For more about various offshore IT rates, here’s a helpful article on offshore developer rates from the top outsourcing regions.

What interview techniques should you use to hire the best PrestaShop developers?

When you hire PrestaShop developers, keep in mind that your goal as a recruiter or hiring manager is to evaluate a candidate’s technical and soft skills and not to intimidate them with challenging questions. As such, here are recommended interview techniques and questions that employers can ask to hire the best PrestaShop developers.


Ask candidates to describe the structure of their recent project
Have the candidates discuss the most recent application or project they finished. If needed, candidates can also use a whiteboard or sheet of paper to further elaborate or illustrate their project. By asking candidates to do this, recruiters or hiring managers can determine two things:


First, you can quickly tell if the candidate at least has a solid understanding of web development or the PrestaShop platform. Recruiters can also see what other technical or soft skills a candidate might possess that is not included in their application form. In addition, having candidates explain their project will demonstrate how committed or involved they were during the project.


Second, you can check whether a candidate has the important ability to clearly communicate or explain a technical concept. Was the discussion discussed in a way that a non-technical person would be able to understand it? Aside from this, it is also recommended to check on the candidate’s non-verbal cues while presenting and try to notice if they possess ideal soft skills such as leadership and communication skills. The ability to explain technicalities to a non-tech person is a must-have trait especially if you are hiring for a senior role.


Conduct technical tests
Unfortunately, this is a process often overlooked by some companies when hiring developers. In order to thoroughly check a candidate’s abilities, recruiters must conduct a technical test wither using a free or paid online programming tests. In addition, conducting a test can give you an insight into the candidate’s critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. When you hire the best PrestaShop developers, look for someone who’s not only good at coding but also solving problems.


If you are unable to conduct a technical test, recruiters may instead ask candidates to write a sample code with 5-10 lines of code or 2-3 sample codes. This gives recruiters an idea on the developer’s expertise in his or her language or framework.


Here is a sample test question that you can ask your PrestaShop developer to code.


Q: Can you create a sample header.tpl file for the themes directory.


<title>Prestashop Site</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{$css_dir}bootstrap.min.css">
{if isset($css_files)}
{foreach from=$css_files key=css_uri item=media}
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{$css_uri}">
{if isset($js_files)}
{foreach from=$js_files item=js_uri}
<script src="{$js_uri}"></script>
<div id="head">
<div id="menu">
<div id="banner">
<img src="http://nettuts.s3.amazonaws.com/2169_prestashop/{$logo_url}" alt="Header Image">

How can Cloud Employee help you?

As the leading UK-managed It offshore firm in the UK and across the globe, Cloud Employee connects startups and companies in various industries to the best offshore software, web, and mobile developers. Hiring offshore PrestaShop developers enables small to large businesses establish their online presence and easily grow their business while reducing costs on operations and development. With us, hiring offshore PrestaShop developers can save businesses from losing time, money, and effort.


To start hiring your offshore PrestaShop developer with us, simply get in touch with us and send your IT staffing needs which include the technical expertise you need, years of professional experience, and other technical or professional requirements. Our dedicated recruitment team will then source for the best available PrestaShop developers who match your qualifications. Afterwards, we forward a shortlist of CVs and from this list, you personally handpick the PrestaShop developers whom you would like to move forward to the online interview and technical testing. Our recruitment process ensures that no commitment will be made until you are fully satisfied with your chosen offshore PrestaShop developer.


Upon onboarding your team, your offshore PrestaShop developer will directly and exclusively report to you during the same time zone as yours inside our modern offices. As your reliable offshore partner, Cloud Employee will also support your offshore PrestaShop developer with the necessary OS, software, tools and hardware based on your technical requirements.


We also provide your offshore developer with full day-to-day technical support by providing a fast internet connection, among many others. This ensures that both in-house and offshore team will have seamless communication and collaboration.


What also separates Cloud Employee from other IT outsourcing agencies is that we go beyond providing recruitment and technical support. We also provide and handle all back-office and general administrative tasks such as HR, licenses, payroll, taxes, and more. We take care of all your technical and back-office needs, so you can continue to focus on growing and managing your team.


If your business runs on the PrestaShop platform, having a dedicated PrestaShop developer can help you out. Our PrestaShop developers are also skilled in PHP, SQL, MySQL, WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, Magento, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Linux, Unix, SSL, UI frameworks.

What is the dedicated hiring model?

Regarded as one of the best engagement models for businesses with offshore teams, the dedicated hiring model allows both in-house and offshore team to seamlessly communicate and collaborate by working together during the same time zone. As a result, businesses can minimise miscommunication and remote work issues on both teams. In addition, this allows the offshore PrestaShop developer to become a part of the in-house team’s infrastructure and methodologies.


Another advantage the dedicated hiring model offers is that it enables in-house teams to flexibly request additional offshore developers at any given time during the project’s development. Because of this practical arrangement, companies can easily grow or reduce their offshore team members depending on their business needs.



  • Highly recommended for projects that have a long-term but undefined project scope and unclear requirements.
  • The budget can be fully approximated despite its undefined project.
  • This is recommended for managers or business owners who prefer to directly work with their offshore developer or team.
  • Directly working with the offshore team allows the in-house team to closely check and monitor product quality and progress.
  • By making the offshore developer an extension of the in-house team, the offshore PrestaShop developer better understands the project’s objectives and expectations.
  • The offshore developer or development team work exclusively for you.


The dedicated hiring model is recommended for businesses that:

  • Prefer to directly communicate and collaborate with a dedicated offshore PrestaShop developer
  • Prefer to reduce operational and recruitment costs
  • Prefer to have a scalable and flexible offshore team during the project


Merging the dedicated hiring model’s benefits and Cloud Employee’s 20 years of experience in the IT outsourcing industry, our dedicated team offers a truly efficient, effective and unique business model unlike any other. Our dedicated developer model has simplified the difficult and hassle recruitment process, made working practices more flexible and efficient, and bridged the gap between the in-house and offshore teams—all for a competitive industry rate. As such, Cloud Employee believes our business model actually works better than IT outsourcing.



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Cloud Employee Developer

£14 per hour

Clients save on average £60,000 per annum

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