The emergence of smartphones created another platform for businesses to capitalize on. With the fast adoption of mobile, it also created a demand for skilled mobile devs, including PhoneGap developers, worldwide. Labor markets in western countries such as the UK, US, and Australia now have a significant shortage of tech talent. As such, companies turn to IT outsourcing, partnering with offshoring firms in countries where there’s a deep pool of IT talent such as the Philippines.

This is where Cloud Employee comes in. We connect startups and SMEs to highly skilled PhoneGap developers in the Philippines. Our hybrid IT outsourcing model aims to provide a personalised approach, giving our clients end-to-end control from recruitment to project management.

Simply get in touch with us for your tech staffing requirements - skills, years of experience, stack expertise, and so on. Our team headhunts locally and comes back with a shortlist of candidate CVs. You pick out whom you want to interview and do technical testing. Based on these results, you hire the best PhoneGap developer you want on your team. Our custom-recruitment ensures that any offshore developer you hire with Cloud Employee has the skills and experience you require.

Once your dedicated PhoneGap developer is onboard, they work exclusively for you from our modern Philippine-based offices. They report directly to you on your work hours and according to your processes, making them an extension of your in-house team. Equipment & software, tech support, workspace are provided. HR and payroll, insurance, licensing, office space, general administration - Cloud Employee takes care of these, enabling you to focus on your development project. Our on-site After Care team provides you with all-around support should you or your offshore PhoneGap developer needs help.

A mobile application development framework, PhoneGap allows developers to use web technologies in building mobile apps that are cross-platform. As its name suggests, PhoneGap bridges the gap between native mobile APIs and web apps, empowering developers to code once and implement it on a variety of mobile platforms. An open-source tech, PhoneGap is backed by a large developer community.

If your business specialises on providing mobile solutions, outsourcing your PhoneGap development can be practical. A skilled PhoneGap developer can help you you deliver mobile e-commerce projects such as gaming apps, social chat apps, and other cross-platform apps.

With Cloud Employee you can hire dedicated PhoneGap developers with a broad range of skill sets including: Android development, iOS development, Windows phone development, Titanium, Apache Cordova, Sencha Touch, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

Why Hire Offshore PhoneGap Developers with Cloud Employee

  • Access to the best tech talent in the Philippines
  • End-to-end Client Control from custom-recruitment to direct developer management
  • 100% Dedicated Developers working at the same time-zone
  • Full Client Support with our After Care Team
  • Savings of up to 65% or more

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