The rise of digital transformation across industries has contributed to the demand for DevOps, a set of skills now fast becoming a core competency requirement for developers, systems engineers, and IT specialists. Job search engine listed DevOps as one of hardest tech jobs to fill in North America. Likewise, there is a high demand for DevOps engineers in the UK and Australia. The shortage of local talent has prompted companies to turn to IT outsourcing.

With a large, young, and tech-savvy workforce, the Philippines is among the world’s top destinations for IT outsourcing. Here at Cloud Employee we connect you to the best offshore tech talent, including DevOps engineers, that the Philippines has to offer. Looking to hire an offshore DevOps for your team? Let Cloud Employee help.

Simply get in touch with us about your DevOps job requirements - essential skills, years of experience, tech specialties, and so on. Our team sources for the best qualified candidates and sends you a list of pre-screened CVs to review. You select the people you want for interviews and free technical testing, after which you get to hire the best candidate. Our custom-recruitment requires no fees and there’s no obligation to move forward with us if you don’t find your ideal candidate.

Once you hire your dedicated DevOps engineer they work as a full-time member of your team, working with you on the same time-zone, and reporting directly to you from our Philippine-based offices. Cloud Employee sees to it that your offshore DevOps team is fully-equipped to get the job done: designated workspace, hardware, software, fast internet connection, as well as provided with IT support and more.

Cloud Employee also has an After Care team that provides on-site daily support for you and your DevOps team should the need arise. They also facilitate regular feedback and performance reviews to ensure that your offshore team is performing according to your expectations. We handle office management, licensing, HR, payroll, general administrative tasks, and employee retention activities - leaving you free to focus on running your team and growing your business.

A portmanteau of the phrase “development operations”, DevOps is a set of practices that brings together the best of software development and IT operations. It integrates development and operations teams by automating the processes between them such as infrastructure and workflows so they can build, test, release, and monitor software faster and more reliably. Companies that practice DevOps empower their development and operations teams to become more efficient and innovative, delivering better business products, and higher value to their customers.

Hiring an offshore DevOps engineer with Cloud Employee can help you with the following services: systems engineering, infrastructure automation and maintenance, artifacts and configuration management, build automation and troubleshooting, deployment management and automation, source code and bug management, test automation, continuous integration and monitoring, cloud migration, DevOps documentation, and more.

With Cloud Employee you can hire dedicated DevOps engineers who are also skilled in other related technologies: Linux/Unix administration, shell scripting, Python, MySQL, MongoDB, NoSQL, nginx, Vagrant, VMWare, Amazon AWS, Bugzilla, JIRA, REST APIs, OpenStack, Git and Github, Jenkins, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Cobbler, SaltStack, New Relic, Docker.

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  • Access to the best tech talent in the Philippines
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  • 100% Dedicated Developers working at the same time-zone
  • Full Client Support with our After Care Team
  • Savings of up to 65% or more


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